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Published August 28, 2015 by giddyfan2015

There is three bits of news today. The first is that there is a new chapter of Temptation Falling up now. Click on the link below to go to it. Don’t forget to comment. You can comment even if you don’t follow me. Speaking of following me, We now have nine followers on this blog!! Thanks so much for all your support. The last bit of news is that after this chapter of Temptation Falling there are only two chapters left. 😦 That means (including this one) you only have three oppertunities to comment left. Savor those oppertunities before they are gone. I am still in need for a beta for my Sookie/Godric story Immortal Lovers. PLEASE contact me if you are interested. Thanks again. 

  Chapter 7 of TF

Order and Requests

Published August 24, 2015 by giddyfan2015

Hey everyone, 

I just wanted to let you know the order I will be posting stories. If you have looked at my Coming Soon lately you will notice a few changes. After I am done posting Temptation Falling (which will be soon) I plan on finishing The Wolf and The Genius. The reason I am doing that one is because I have had a request to continue that one. I take all what you guys send me in consideration. Since no one else has requested me to finish Seeing I will not continue that until someone does or I have no more projects left. Next I will be posting Immortal Love which is my Godric/Sookie story. I need a beta for that story if you are interested please contact me ASAP. After that I plan to write the dark Supernatural story and the from Cas’s Pov new Cas/OC story. Hope that all makes sense to everyone. If you have any complaints or requests contact me. Plus if you want to Beta me contact me please. 




Published August 21, 2015 by giddyfan2015

Hello everybody, 

The link to the next chapter of Temptation Falling is at the bottom of this post. Don’t forget to comment!!! Willing to beg for reviews. After this chapter there are only 3 more chapters of this story left so you are running out of chances to comment/review. Also I have updated my Coming Soon page so check that out. I have started working on Immortal Love and would love someone to be my Beta for the story. If you are interested contact me. I have also decided I will work on The Wolf and The Genius and try to comoplete that. This was decided because a person contacted me saying they would really love for me to continue that story. Yes I am talking about you Vanessa!! Thanks for the contact!! Hope you all love this new chapter!!

Chapter 6 of TF

Happy and Sad

Published August 14, 2015 by giddyfan2015

I don’t think I told you guys in the last post but I have decided that I will no longer be posting the prequel to Tempation Falling because the lack of response to the story. I again thank the two who have supported the story from the begininng. You know who you are. So that is the sad part of this post here is the happy part. There is a new chapter for TF. The link is below. Go ahead and click it, you know you want to!!!! 

Chapter 5 of TF  

Sorry and gifts

Published August 8, 2015 by giddyfan2015

I’m so sorry I forgot to post this yesterday!! To make it up to you I have a cool picture for you.

peter and Hook

Found this online and thought it was cool. Here is the next chapter of Temptation Falling. If no one actually comments on this one (except my two fav people, you know who you are) I won’t make the prequel which will leave a lot open.

TF Chap 4


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