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Published May 27, 2017 by giddyfan2015


I want to ask you all something. Please answer on this post because this question is so I can make your experience on my blog more enjoyable. Is there anyone on here who is reading my Powering Up story? It is popular on my site but I was wondering if anyone was reading on here. If not I will only post it on and try to start the third Vampire Sookie story. If there are people on here reading that story then I will continue to post it on here. Please respond so I know what to do. Thanks. 


Reassurance and Recommendations 

Published May 1, 2017 by giddyfan2015


I am posting this for two reasons. First, I have just sent my beta the next chapter of Powering Up so that should be posted on here as soon as she is done editing it. After that chapter is done I will discuss with her possibly editing two stories for me at the same time. If she says no then I will continue to write Powering Up and then move on to The Past and the Future. The second reason I am posting this is because of something I would like to reccomend to all of you. If you have read my Coming Soon page then you know I am a fan of the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service. The trailer for the sequal to that movie recently came out and it looks like it is going to be a fantastic movie. However, I have to remind myself to go into the movie with low expectations. I have found that if you do that with movies (especially sequels) then most of the time you will be surprised at how good it is or how much you absolutly love the movie. I would recommend all of you to watch Kingsman: The Secret Service movie. It is a great movie with good acting, funny and serious parts, and a great story. Be aware that it is rated R because of violence, swearing and some sexual content (although it is not too explicit on all fronts). I would especially reccomend this movie if you are a fan of James Bond (like I am). Lastly in terms of movies, never judge a movie just based on a critic or person’s review. I like a lot of movies that critics and a lot of people hate. There are also movies I like that didn’t make a lot of money and weren’t very successful. So I hope you all are well and take my reccomendation/advice into consideration. 


Good News

Published April 23, 2017 by giddyfan2015

Hello everybody, 

So I have some good news. I have officially finished college!!! This means I will have more time and energy to write. I will try to write a little bit everyday so stuff will get out faster. Now I know a lot of you are waiting for the third story from the Vampire Sookie series to start. I just want you to know that Powering Up is doing pretty good on my page so I will continue working on that story. However, if that story is coming along nicely and if my beta is willing to take on two of my stories at the same time, I might start writing that as well. That story has a lot of loose ends to tie up so it is a big project for me. Also if I do start it there wouldn’t be as quick of updates as Powering Up because I started that one first. Also be aware that I do have to work and have other events in my life planned. I know how frusterating waiting for an update from your favorite story is so I will try to be good with updates whether it is a new chapter or just an update about what is going on. If you have any ideas or preferences on what you would like to see in the third story please leave a comment below. Thanks so much for all your support. 


Published April 10, 2017 by giddyfan2015

I want to start out this post by apologizing to all of you. After I got out of my funk I got really busy (and still am) and haven’t had time to write. I promise I will try and finish the next chapter of Powering Up as soon as I can. While you are waiting for that I want to pose some questions to you. If you could please answer them then it would allow me to give you more of what you want. 

1) Should I do every episode of The Flash or just certain episodes where I am planning big things?

2) What are your ideas (I have some of my own but I would like your opinions) about what to do with Ronnie (like when he comes back)?

3) Should I include interlude chapters in between episodes (chapter completly written by myself)? 

Let me know your answers. Thanks


Can Someone Say Whoops

Published February 26, 2017 by giddyfan2015

Well this is embarrassing. Apparently the way I was having people comment on my pages didn’t allow me to reply and wasn’t the normal reply format. Maybe that’s why not a lot of people commented. From now on I will have the normal reply format where you don’t have to put your email or anything on it. I am so sorry everyone. This just shows me that I still have much to learn even though I have been using this wordpress for a while now. If there is anything else any of you have noticed that I can improve on or need to update please let me know. Your also probably not the only one who has noticed. I want to give a shout out to a couple of people. suzyminen and galwidanatitud are two blogger who commented/liked my new chapter/post first. Thanks a lot!!! Also I want to give a shout out to perfecta999 who has helped spread the word about my blog and these stories. You are so awesome!!!!! Again please forgive me for my stupid, oblivious behavior with the comments. Thanks.  

Is it too late?

Published February 15, 2017 by giddyfan2015

Is it too late to say I love you? Happy late Valentine’s Day. I meant to post yesterday but I didn’t feel good. I am working on Generation Troubles so bare with me. As a Valentine’s Day present to all my followers I am going to show you the poster for my next story. My next story will be a Flash story. The reason I am not doing the third and final Vampire Sookie story is because I have not gotten any indicator from all of you that you want that story and I need some time to think about how I am going to tie up all the loose ends in the story. Let me know if you want that third story and if you have any special requests for me. I have some time off coming up so I will try to work on Generation Troubles then. Enjoy your treat!!!! 

Waiting Sucks

Published January 25, 2017 by giddyfan2015


Just wanted to update everyone on the progress of the story. The next chapter is being edited right now. I’m so sorry it took so long. I went through (I don’t want to say depressed because depression is a serious thing) sad phase and then I got a really busy. I plan to do another chapter after the one that is being edited and then a epilogue. If you my followers would like I will write the 3rd story I have planned (tying up some loose ends). However I really want to write this other story first so I will do that first. I hope you like this next chapter because this is where changes start happening. Hope you all have a good day. Giddyfan

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