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Published April 10, 2017 by giddyfan2015

I want to start out this post by apologizing to all of you. After I got out of my funk I got really busy (and still am) and haven’t had time to write. I promise I will try and finish the next chapter of Powering Up as soon as I can. While you are waiting for that I want to pose some questions to you. If you could please answer them then it would allow me to give you more of what you want. 

1) Should I do every episode of The Flash or just certain episodes where I am planning big things?

2) What are your ideas (I have some of my own but I would like your opinions) about what to do with Ronnie (like when he comes back)?

3) Should I include interlude chapters in between episodes (chapter completly written by myself)? 

Let me know your answers. Thanks


Can Someone Say Whoops

Published February 26, 2017 by giddyfan2015

Well this is embarrassing. Apparently the way I was having people comment on my pages didn’t allow me to reply and wasn’t the normal reply format. Maybe that’s why not a lot of people commented. From now on I will have the normal reply format where you don’t have to put your email or anything on it. I am so sorry everyone. This just shows me that I still have much to learn even though I have been using this wordpress for a while now. If there is anything else any of you have noticed that I can improve on or need to update please let me know. Your also probably not the only one who has noticed. I want to give a shout out to a couple of people. suzyminen and galwidanatitud are two blogger who commented/liked my new chapter/post first. Thanks a lot!!! Also I want to give a shout out to perfecta999 who has helped spread the word about my blog and these stories. You are so awesome!!!!! Again please forgive me for my stupid, oblivious behavior with the comments. Thanks.  

Is it too late?

Published February 15, 2017 by giddyfan2015

Is it too late to say I love you? Happy late Valentine’s Day. I meant to post yesterday but I didn’t feel good. I am working on Generation Troubles so bare with me. As a Valentine’s Day present to all my followers I am going to show you the poster for my next story. My next story will be a Flash story. The reason I am not doing the third and final Vampire Sookie story is because I have not gotten any indicator from all of you that you want that story and I need some time to think about how I am going to tie up all the loose ends in the story. Let me know if you want that third story and if you have any special requests for me. I have some time off coming up so I will try to work on Generation Troubles then. Enjoy your treat!!!! 

Waiting Sucks

Published January 25, 2017 by giddyfan2015


Just wanted to update everyone on the progress of the story. The next chapter is being edited right now. I’m so sorry it took so long. I went through (I don’t want to say depressed because depression is a serious thing) sad phase and then I got a really busy. I plan to do another chapter after the one that is being edited and then a epilogue. If you my followers would like I will write the 3rd story I have planned (tying up some loose ends). However I really want to write this other story first so I will do that first. I hope you like this next chapter because this is where changes start happening. Hope you all have a good day. Giddyfan

Update soon 

Published December 3, 2016 by giddyfan2015

Hello everyone, 

I am so sorry I haven’t posted or done anything in a long time. I was working on Generation Troubles and then I got busy, my beta got busy, my beta didn’t have internet. Good news though, chapter 1 is complete and I will be posting it soon. I also have chapter 2 written and will send it to my beta right after I post the first chapter. The earliest I will post the first chapter is December 7th. Lastly, I want to put out there again about chapter banners. I would love love love to have some but unfortunately my photo capabilities are limited. If anyone would like to make me some that would be great! You of course will get credit as I will probably gush about you in my posts and author’s notes. Respond on this post or send me a private message if you are interested. What will happen is that after my beta is done with a chapter I will send it to you so that you can use it as inspiration. Then I will post the banner and the chapter after you are done. So let me know if there are any takers out there. Hope everyone has a good day or evening or whenever you are reading this. 


Changes Revealed

Published October 17, 2016 by giddyfan2015

Hello everyone, 

Now that I have gotten over my sadness and have had a little bit of time, I can finally announce the changes I am making. So I have decided not to write the two Supernatural stories I originally thought of. I did some thinking and I don’t want to write the same thing over and over again with just different settings/circumstances. That is what it felt like I was doing with those stories. This doesn’t mean that in the future I won’t write anything Supernatural, I am just not doing so now. This means I am planning to write the sequel to Immortal Lovers next. The page and main character page are already up. However, I still have to contact my beta and see when/if they are available so please be patient. I hope these changes haven’t upset anyone and if they have don’t hesitate to tell me. Thank you so much to everyone. 

Love all around, 



Published October 10, 2016 by giddyfan2015

Hello everyone, 

Well I didn’t get into the final round for the You Want Blood Awards. :(((. Because of this you guys won’t find out what the changes are until at least the weekend. I am thinking waiting a week. It is just so sad because that was my only chance to win the newcomer award. So while I go cry myself to sleep this week all of you can continue to speculate about what is going to be changed on my site. Thanks to everyone who did vote for me though. 


Changes Afoot

Published September 18, 2016 by giddyfan2015


Sorry I haven’t posted. School started again and with that and work it is hard. That is one of the things I have come 2 talk to you guys about. Until the You Wnat Blood Awards are over I think I won’t have time to post anything. But that gives you guys time to vote for me again and again. No one has contacted me telling me that they voted for me so I hope that means you guys are voting for me but don’t want to tell me. After the You Want Blood Awards changes will be coming on this site. Hopefully you will like these changes and not unsubscribe. I will tell you what the changes are when they occur. Please vote for me!!!!!!

Links and Vote

Published September 6, 2016 by giddyfan2015

Here is the link to vote for the You Want Blood Awards. Remember if you take a picture of you voting for me I will give you a sneak peek of the sequel to Immortal Lovers. Vote for me for the newcomer award and vote for my beta tj6james6. Here are a few people I voted for in all the other categories,

Kittyinaz, American Andriod, Gyllene, CaliforniaKat, QueenofAreaFive

Vote, vote, vote!!!!

You Want Blood Awards

You Want Blood Awards Update

Published September 2, 2016 by giddyfan2015

Hello everyone, 

I am informing you of the progress of the You Want Blood Awards. I got an update today about how the orgainizer of the awards is swamped with getting everything together. She should at the earliest post for voting to start tomorrow. No matter what she decides to do I will post something about it sometime tomorrow. So get ready to vote, vote, vote!!!!! I love you all. If you want to see who I really am I have posted a couple of videos on YouTube. Here is the link to my page. Thanks a lot. 


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