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Information and Immortal Lovers

Published May 5, 2016 by giddyfan2015


How is everyone? I am good but busy. I have some information that effects both you and me. Since this WordPress account is a free one I have limited amounts of space to post things. I believe this is why my links that I try to create now are not working. This just means you all will have to do a little more work then usual to get to my stories/chapters. I’m sorry for the inconvenience and I hope you won’t abandon me over it. I had already written this chapter and it just needed some editing. This is why it is up so early. Don’t expect thing to be posted so fast in the future because I am working and going to school this summer as well as doing this. However since I am focusing on one story and I don’t have as much on my plate as last summer it should be better then that. So anyways Immortal Lovers Chapter 1 is up. Just a reminder that my author notes are important so you should read them. I try to put the disclaimer at the end of them so you don’t get bored. So read, review and enjoy!! P.S still need a beta for this story. 

Promises Kept and Lessons Learned

Published April 29, 2016 by giddyfan2015

I am keeping my promise for a new chapter before the end of April. The links today don’t seem to be working but it is up. Also to save space I need to delete some pictures. I’m sorry. This will be the last chapter of The Wolf and The Genuis. Some lessons I have learned from this experience is 1) Always fully plan out the whole of my stories. If I don’t they will either will take a long time(this one) or be discontinued (Seeing). 2) I am a procrastinator. I spent all of March doing nothing and all of April scrambling to finish this for you. So if there are inconsistencies let me know and I will fix them. The next story I will be working on is Immortal Lovers which is a True Blood AU story. Hope you enjoy.

Extra Extra

Published March 3, 2016 by giddyfan2015

I have been meaning to post for a while. There is a lot of news that I have. 

  1. I am closing Seeing and Karaoke Adventures. No one sent me anything about saving them and I need to focus on one or two stories only at a time. 
  2. I promise to post a chapter by the end of April. Usually I plan out everything that will happen in my stories before I begin writing it. Unfortunately for what is probably my hardest story to date “The Wolf and the Genius” I didn’t do that. This is why it is taking so long. Speaking of that story I am making this last chapter the final chapter. 
  3. I have decided that I will begin posting on my fanfiction profile again. Don’t worry though, you guys as my blog followers will get posts and chapters at least a day ahead of them. 
  4. The next story I will write is Immortal Lovers. I already have part of th first chapter written so it shouldn’t take long for that. 
  5. Lastly I was thinking of using my YouTube account to post videos of me talking about story ideas and more. Let me know if you think this is a good idea.bi would post links for when a new video is up on here. However my concern is that it would connect me to closely with you guys and you might not like me if you see more behind the person of giddyfan. So let me know. 

That is all the news so far. Let me know what you think. 


Holiday Present

Published December 21, 2015 by giddyfan2015

I have an early Holiday present for all of you. I have posted the newly edited version of Dean Baby. This is based on the song Santa Baby that I edited to be Dean Baby. I once gave it to one of my big fans on fanfic dot com so if you have seen it on there that is why. I don’t know if I will be able to post again before the holidays are over so Happy Holiday’s to all. P.S I totally knew it was Lucifer sending Sam those messages and not god right when the cage was mentioned. My dad and I call those psychic moments!!!

Dean Baby

Finally a New Chapter

Published December 13, 2015 by giddyfan2015


Is anyone still out there? I finally have a new chapter for The Wolf and The Genius. I have had a few requests to continue this story so I am. I also need to know if anyone is interested in me continuing to write Seeing. If I don’t get any responses I will do something I vowed never to do and shut it down permanently. Hope you review this next chapter and tell me about my other story. Thanks!!! 

The Wolf and The Genius Chapter 4

Failures and second chances

Published October 23, 2015 by giddyfan2015

So the contest I entered into was a bust. I couldn’t get it up in time. But now the site has a new contest I entered my story in. The link is below. Just try and search for my name giddyfan or The Fantasy Series. Vote for me tell your friends to vote and vote for me a million times. Also if you know of a contest where one of my stories will qualify tell me so I know at least you will vote for me if I enter. Thank you!!  

 Dreamlands contest


Published September 11, 2015 by giddyfan2015

Hey everyone, 

I am sad because this is the last chapter of Temptation Falling. It might take me a while until I post the next chapter of The Wolf and The Genuis. I have started another semester in college, have a job, have homework etc. Please be understanding and patient. Thank you. Link is below. 

 Last Chapter of TF

Chapter 8 of TF is here

Published September 4, 2015 by giddyfan2015

Hello everybody, 

I am proud to present chapter 8 of Temptation Falling. There is only one chapter after this one so you are running out of chances to comment, review, reblog, like and all of the above. I would really apprieciate the love since a new school year has started for me and posts and writing will be less frequent. You will also get a special shout out if you do. It will just be your name so it won’t be like you could be stalked by people who read my post. Enjoy and share the love!!!! 

Chapter 8 of TF


Published August 28, 2015 by giddyfan2015

There is three bits of news today. The first is that there is a new chapter of Temptation Falling up now. Click on the link below to go to it. Don’t forget to comment. You can comment even if you don’t follow me. Speaking of following me, We now have nine followers on this blog!! Thanks so much for all your support. The last bit of news is that after this chapter of Temptation Falling there are only two chapters left. 😦 That means (including this one) you only have three oppertunities to comment left. Savor those oppertunities before they are gone. I am still in need for a beta for my Sookie/Godric story Immortal Lovers. PLEASE contact me if you are interested. Thanks again. 

  Chapter 7 of TF

Order and Requests

Published August 24, 2015 by giddyfan2015

Hey everyone, 

I just wanted to let you know the order I will be posting stories. If you have looked at my Coming Soon lately you will notice a few changes. After I am done posting Temptation Falling (which will be soon) I plan on finishing The Wolf and The Genius. The reason I am doing that one is because I have had a request to continue that one. I take all what you guys send me in consideration. Since no one else has requested me to finish Seeing I will not continue that until someone does or I have no more projects left. Next I will be posting Immortal Love which is my Godric/Sookie story. I need a beta for that story if you are interested please contact me ASAP. After that I plan to write the dark Supernatural story and the from Cas’s Pov new Cas/OC story. Hope that all makes sense to everyone. If you have any complaints or requests contact me. Plus if you want to Beta me contact me please. 




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