Reminders and Questions

Published July 16, 2016 by giddyfan2015

Do you ever need like a thousand reminders in order to remember things or to do something? I am like that all the time. So because of that I need your help. There is this contest called The You Want Blood Awards set up by Kittyinaz that I believe hasn’t happened yet. I really want to enter Immortal Lovers into the contest but I am scared that I will miss the deadline to enter or someone will enter me without knowing it. So I need everyone’s help in giving me tons of reminders about it. When it starts, to enter it, if I am already entered etc. If I do enter it I will need all of you to vote for me like 100 times!!! I hope this isn’t too big of a request. P.S. I just liked this pic so I added to the post.

The last thing I want to talk about is a question. Do you (my followers) read these posts more or the Author’s Notes more? If you read these posts more then I will get rid of the Author’s notes (unless of course you are reading it on fanfic dot net). But if you read the Author’s Notes more it will put important information there. Any information I give to you is important to both you and me so it is vital you get it. I am just trying to figure out the best way to get it to you. Thanks again to all who have followed, commented, favorited etc. It means more to me than you know. Let me know the answers to my questions. 

7 comments on “Reminders and Questions

    4padfoot is the one who runs the YBA. She’s currently going through all the answers to the survey she put up a couple of weeks ago so we haven’t even gotten to the nominations phase quite yet, YOU’VE STILL GOT TIME!
    If you’re a member of the kittyinaz or fanfiction minions Facebook groups or the Minions WordPress email community you will receive your reminders, lol.
    The minions posts go out Sunday mornings at 9:00 am central time and the Facebook group is updated by anyone who has an updated story or a new story has started.
    My memory is like a sieve as well so I might not remember to remind you, lol. The reminder will be in the places I mentioned though.
    Good luck.


    • Thanks so much!! You didn’t answer my second part though. Do you read the posts more or the author’s notes? I would really appreciate you telling me so I am not repeating myself in both when I post new chapters. Thanks again!!!


      • Lol, oops.
        I read both, actually. The author’s notes are great for those who are late to the game so didn’t catch the post.
        ie. someone just finding you after the story has been complete for two years. They probably wouldn’t even be able to find the post but the information would still be there in the author’s notes.


  • I read your notes in both places but if I am running late I check my mail first than posting later that nite. Sometimes I miss the posting time frame before I started getting your email notes. I know it takes up alot of your time. So I will say this, do what you have to do to make it easier on yourself. I will follow you where ever you go. Thank you for thinking of all of us.


    • Oh you are so sweet!!!! I just want to make it better for all of you (and not sound like an idiot). I have to put an author’s note in there for my fanfic dot net readers so maybe because of your response I will continue to have both.


  • Reblogged this on Kittyinaz's Reblog Page and commented:
    Lol Thanks, while I was one of the ones who founded the You Want Blood Awards, 4Padfoot is the one running them. You need to be nominated into the contest to get your story, and I am not sure if she is running this year since she got a low response for the contest.

    If it is for immediate circumstances, put them in the post. If it is relating to the story, then put them in Author Notes. In five years no one will know what you are talking about in most instances if it does not relate to the story.


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