The Wolf And The Genius Chapter 3

The Wolf and The Genius

By: Giddyfan

Chapter 3 Meetings and Phone calls

Rose is unlocking her flat door when she hears a noise. She pauses and turns around scanning the hallway. There doesn’t appear to be anything there. However, she knows from experience that looks can be deceiving. Rose sees movement on the edge of her vision and goes to attack. Her fist is caught by a man’s hand. She goes to punch him with the other but that one is caught too. Rose is pressed against her flat door and her attacker comes into view. It is none other than Sherlock Holmes.

“Very good Ms. Tyler. But not good enough,” Sherlock evaluates.

“You should see when I am actually trying to hurt,” Rose teases. He looks like his old self again. Or at least the self Rose had seen in the papers before he ‘died’. They are silent for a minute. “Well if your going to attack me you might as well come inside,” Rose offers. Sherlock lets her go giving Rose just enough room to open the door. She unlocks the door and holds it open for Sherlock.

As he enters the flat he observes it. It is very clean and organized, reflecting the aspects that Sherlock already knows about her. There is not a lot of personal items in the flat indicating that Rose doesn’t spend a lot of time here. It is a simple two bedroom layout. Yes he can defiantly see that this is Rose’s flat because it reflects the came from less, soldier, works a lot woman he knows. Sherlock turns back to Rose to see her throw her bag and keys on the kitchen counter then face him. Rose has figured out that Sherlock is not much for conversation and a question pops into her brain.

“Why are you here?” she asks.

“I’m back,” Sherlock simply states.

“Oh wonderful. How did John take it?” Rose inquires. Since she came back from the trip and meeting Sherlock she has done research on him. In her original universe she had read the books as a child but, sadly can’t seem to remember them. Rose had read John’s blog and, used her clearance to find out all she could. Of course she would never tell this to Sherlock.

“I haven’t contacted anyone yet,” Sherlock reveals to her.

“You came here first?” Rose questions not believing what he just said. Sherlock merely nods to answer her. Why would Sherlock visit her first? Why would he visit her at all?

“I have come to tell you that I believe your story but, I will be investigating it further,” Sherlock conveys not knowing the mental process going through Rose’s head.

Rose smirks and replies, “I’d expect nothing less from you, Sherlock Holmes.” Sherlock narrows his eyes at her as if she was unsolvable. “Would you like some tea?” Rose wonders preparing to get herself some.

“No thanks I must be off,” Sherlock declines and heads for the door.

“Goodbye,” Rose says as Sherlock walks out the door. Rose sits down on the couch drinking her tea thinking about the strange detective. He was very much like the Doctor. Insanely smart, mostly antisocial, scarred from previous battles, are just a few similarities that come to her mind. Despite those similarities, she found that the reasons that she liked him, if she looked deep down inside herself and was honest, were not because he reminded her of the Doctor. She is most definitely going to have to think more about it.


It was two days later when Rose ran into trouble again. She had seen in the papers and on social media the buzz of Sherlock’s return. Micky had asked her about Sherlock’s but, she kept her and Sherlock’s meeting a secret. Rose’s day had started out like any other. She had gotten up, gotten ready, and went to work. It was there that they discovered someone trying to hack into the Torchwood files.

“Who is it?” Pete/Dad asks. Rose looks at the name and laughs, Mycroft Holmes.

“What’s funny?” Mickey wonders.

“I’ll take care of this. No need to worry,” Rose assures her father.

Mickey sees the name and makes the connection, “Say hi for me.” Rose gets in a cab instead of taking a Torchwood car.

Finally, it pulls up to the curb and comes to a stop. Rose quickly pays the driver and gets out. Looking up she is awed at the ordinariness of the famous address. Gathering herself, Rose walks up to the door and knocks. After about a half a minute when nobody answers Rose tries the door. She is somewhat surprised to find it unlocked. Closing the door she goes up the stairs. As she is climbing the stairs she can hear a violin playing. The door at the top of the stairs is wide open for anyone to come in. When she steps in the violin music stops as if Sherlock know who is there. He probably does. The flat is messily scattered with papers, experiments, and other object. Taped to one wall there are pictures, articles, other evidence like items. Rose deduces that this is the information on the case he is currently working. Even though Sherlock has stopped playing he has not turned around to face her.

“Sherlock Holmes you are in a lot of trouble,” Rose teases. Sherlock straightens up even more.

“Oh I am?” Sherlock fakes.

“Don’t play stupid Sherlock and could you please turn and face me when I talk to you,” Rose commands. Sherlock turns around to face her. He is wearing what she knows from reading John’s blog, is his normal suit. “You tried to use Mycroft’s name to hack into where I work,” Rose states.

“Well I told you that I was going to get more information,” Sherlock seemed unfazed. Rose can see through the facade to see that he is surprised and embarrassed that he was caught.

“Sherlock even Mycroft doesn’t have the clearance to know about Torchwood or what I have already told you,” Rose explains to him.

“Clearly that is the case since you are here and I was unsuccessful,” Sherlock responds.

Rose smirks and shakes her head, “Don’t do it again or I will have to arrest you.”

“I shall endeavor to refrain,” Sherlock returns. “Ms. Tyler, I wonder if you might want to assist me in some minor cases that have come up since my return?” Sherlock inquires after a moment of silence.

Rose smiles, “I appreciate your generous offer Mr. Holmes but I am afraid I can not take time away from my work at the moment.”

“Pity,” Rose barely hears Sherlock whisper.

“Goodbye Mr. Holmes,” Rose turns to leave.

“Goodbye Ms. Tyler,” Sherlock says and Rose walks down the steps. Rose doesn’t notice the hidden paparazzi man taking her photo as she leaves the flat and gets in a cab. The next morning the front page of the paper is her leaving Sherlock’s flat. The headline says “Famous Heiress inquires help from Detective”.


John can’t believe what he sees in the paper. John had called Sherlock the day after he had relieved himself to John and apologized for his behavior. It didn’t do that much good because Sherlock wasn’t one for apologies. Now he was staring at an article that claimed the heiress to the Tyler estate had gone to Sherlock with a case. Even though him and John had not officially made up he found it unlikely that Sherlock would not tell John about a case like this. Sherlock often called John asking him if he would join him on a case so it could be like before. John had refused so far not ready to get back into the game with his friend. Picking up the phone, John calls Sherlock.

“Sherlock Holmes,” Sherlock answers the phone.

“Sherlock, what is this about you taking on a case for the Tyler heiress?” John questions.

“What? I am not taking on a case from Ms. Tyler,” Sherlock replies.

“Well it is all over the papers,” John tells Sherlock.

“Well they are wrong. Ms. Tyler and I met while I was away and she was on a trip. She simply came over to inquire how I have been since my return,” Sherlock informs John.

“So your friends?” John asks.

“John as you know I don’t have friends. I just have you,” Sherlock responds and then hangs up the phone. John hangs up and contemplates in his mind what his friend could be up to.


It was a while before Rose even thought about Sherlock again. She had been very busy at work negotiating with one of the more peaceful races that she had come across in her travels with the Doctor about resources and settling on this planet. Fortunately, they look enough like humans for them to be able to blend in. Rose turns on the news and is shocked at what she sees. There is a clip of Sherlock and (from her research she knows) John’s girlfriend/fiancé pulling John out of a bonfire.

“Sources still have no information about how or who put John Watson in the bonfire. Sherlock Holmes and Mary Morstan were unavailable for comment,” the news anchor reports. Turning the telly off Rose quickly dials Sherlock’s number.

“Sherlock Holmes,” Sherlock formally answers.

“Sherlock, it’s Rose. I just saw it on the news. Is John okay?” Rose inquires.

”Yes,” Sherlock curtly replies.

“Do you know what happened yet?” Rose questions.

“No,” Sherlock responds. Rose is curious why he is answering so shortly. Even though he is who he is, she doesn’t think that he would be this rude.

“Is someone there listening?” Rose finally asks.

“Yes,” Sherlock confirms what she thought might be the case.

“Well then I will let you go. I just wanted to make sure you and John were okay,” Rose knows she should end the call.

“Good,” Sherlock states. They say there goodbyes and hang up. Rose knows that Sherlock can’t explain there friendship because he doesn’t understand it yet. This is probably why he doesn’t want to mention it to anyone.


Torchwood had been on high alert based on the treat to parliament. They had no reason to suspect that it was there field so they let the police handle it. However, in high priority situations like these ones Torchwood monitors what secret service and police to make sure nothing was messed up. Tonight was the night parliament was to vote on the new terrorist bill so Rose’s money was on tonight being the night any action occurred. It was getting late when Rose’s phone chimed. It was a text message.

“Tomorrow if convenient come to Baker’s street,” the text read. After that were the initials SH. Rose smiled and then thought for a moment.

“Celebrating something?” Rose texts back with a RT after it.

“The not blowing up of parliament,” Sherlock texts.

Rose smiles again and texts, “I’ll be there and congrats.” Rose can’t wait to go. The next day, Rose dresses in some black pants and purple shirt. She knows the papers will arrive at Sherlock’s flat soon so she heads over to Baker’s street a little early. She walks in the door and find that she is the last to arrive.

“Looks like I am the last one here,” Rose makes her presence known. They all turn to stare at her. Rose is not unused to people staring at her since she came to this universe but she can tell from the looks on there faces that they are surprised to see her there. Rose turns to Sherlock and asks, “Did you not tell them I was coming Sherlock?”

“No,” Sherlock says in a tone that tells her that he didn’t really know or care that he was suppose to. Being the oldest one in the room Rose went over to Mrs. Hudson first.

“Hello. You must be Mrs. Hudson. I’m Rose Tyler,” Rose introduces herself.

“Nice to meet you dear,” Mrs. Hudson responds shaking Rose’s hand. Rose did the same with all the others except Lestrade. Rose had known him from a few cases where some stalkers tried to get too close to her. She saw surprise on Sherlock’s face when he realized that her and Greg knew each other. Soon they were all talking again. Periodically, Rose would glance over at Sherlock but he was usually far away in his mind palace. Although, she didn’t know that when she wasn’t looking at Sherlock he would glance at her.
Author’s Note: I am putting this story on hiatus until I can figure out where this story is going and I get some other project done. If you have any suggestions I would be open to hear them. Write a comment below with it. Also you can review the chapter or hate on me for not continuing this story right away in a comment below. Thank you for reading. Please follow my blog. These things make the world go round. I don’t own Sherlock. I don’t own Doctor Who.



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