The Wolf and The Genius Chapter 4

The Wolf and The Genius
By: giddyfan

Chapter 4

Rose was very surprised when she got a text from Sherlock from saying to meet him for lunch. Sherlock knew not to believe the papers that said they were dating and playing into it without intending on actually dating would be cruel. She had gotten an invitation to John and Mary’s wedding in the mail earlier much to her shock. Even though she has spent more time with them over the last few weeks she suspected she was getting invited for also another reason. Sherlock was already at the restaurant when Rose got there.

“Sherlock I didn’t expect to get a text from you about having lunch,” Rose told him as she approaches.

“Well I thought since the tabloids already thought we are dating and I needed to talk to you so why not indulge them,” Sherlock responds. Rose sits down across from Sherlock and before she could ask what he wanted to talk to her about the owner of the restaurant came up.

“Sherlock anything you want free for you and your girlfriend. I ain’t like the critics who thinks your stupid miss,” Angelo declares.
Rose doesn’t bother correcting him on her being Sherlock’s girlfriend,

“Thank you Angelo.” He gave them a menu and left.

“So what did you do for him?” Rose asked.

“I got him off a murder charge,” Sherlock conveys. Rose smirks and looks at the menu. After ordering and getting their food, Rose decides to get to it.

“Sherlock why do you need to talk to me?” Rose wonders.

“John has asked me to be his best man,” Sherlock reveals.

“Oh that’s great! I did get an invitation to the wedding in the mail,” Rose exclaimed.

“I was wondering since we are both going to the wedding if you would like to go together?” Sherlock inquires. Rose couldn’t really believe what she was hearing. She was sure that she would always have to make the first move in there friendship and here Sherlock was asking her out on a date.

Rose smiles her tongue peaking out a little from her teeth, “Are you asking me out on a date Sherlock?”

Sherlock sighs and says, “If you want to put a label on it.” Most woman would probably be offended or put off by the way he said that like she was dumb, but having dealt with the Doctor, Rose wasn’t.

“Sherlock I would love to go to the wedding with you,” Rose answers. Rose saw a hint of a smile on Sherlock’s face and then it was gone. They continue their meal with Rose making a little small talk just to fill the silence. When they were done Sherlock paying for the meal, they decided to go for a walk. Unfortunately it came that time were Rose and Sherlock had to split off and go in different directions.

“I hope your okay with all the tabloids that are going to have us on the front page?” Rose inquires.

“I am quite use to being in the papers. I don’t see how this is any different,” Sherlock responds. Rose smiles and raises on her tip toes. Giving Sherlock a quick kiss on the cheek she says goodbye and walks away.


Sherlock was surprised that Rose had kissed him on the cheek. As he walked home in the opposite direction he could still feel where her lips had touched his cheek. When he got back to Bakers St. he tried to refocus his attention on the case he was working on. However, every so often Rose would creep back up into his thoughts making it impossible to concentrate. If he wasn’t a genius he would have not been able to take it. The next morning, he saw a picture of Rose kissing Sherlock on the cheek on the front page of the newspaper. He shrugged it off the only thoughts about it being ‘Don’t they have better things to report about?’ and ‘I wonder when I will see her again’.


Rose and Sherlock had actually seen each other a couple more times before the wedding. Rose wasn’t really sure what they were but she was happy. Of course their work schedules interfered a lot with the amount of time but, that didn’t really bother them since they were both dedicated to them. Every time they were in public together there was a photo in the paper the next day. John still didn’t understand what was going on between them but since neither of them had put a label on it they couldn’t help John. Mary was quickly becoming a good friend to Rose. Mary would often go to Rose when she needed a girls opinion on details of the wedding or even when the boys were driving her crazy. Time seemed to move quickly and the day of John and Mary’s wedding was finally here. It was unusually warm for the spring time so Rose didn’t wear a coat as she went to the wedding. She was getting there alone since Sherlock had to be there early because of him being part of the wedding. The ceremony was beautiful and Rose felt a tear roll down her cheek. She always was a sucker for weddings. Rose was currently watching the photographer taking pictures outside of the church when she spots Sherlock. He is standing next to the maid of honor. A little green monster inside Rose raised it’s eyebrow at the scene. Deciding to be bold she walked over to them. Rose took Sherlocks hat and put it on her head then she put her arm through Sherlocks.

“Hey handsome man,” Rose greets.

“Hello Rose,” Sherlock replies. Rose can see a little bit of relief in his features but anyone else would have missed it.

“Rose this is Janine, Mary’s maid of honor,” Sherlock introduces her to the woman next to him.

“Rose Tyler,” Rose uses her manners and holds out her hand.

“Wow, it’s so nice to meet you. I love your dress,” Janine compliments Rose. Rose simply had on a light blue halter dress and flats that matched. She didn’t want to wear anything that would outshine the bride.


“Thank you so much. I love your dress too,” Rose compliments back finishing the handshake. Janine was called away for pictures so she left Rose and Sherlock alone.

“What you did was unnecessary,” Sherlock tells Rose in a low volumed voice.

She turns to him faking ignorance, “I don’t know what your talking about.”

Sherlock and Rose spent most of their time at the wedding together until it was time to eat and Sherlock had to sit next to John. The food was delicious and everyone seemed to be having a good time. It was time for the speeches and Rose was wondering what Sherlock had planned. The speech had gone better then she thought it would. At first he was a little bit shaky but then she cried a little. It was clear something was wrong when Sherlock kept going on and on. Rose felt completely useless when it turned out that there was an attempted murder at the wedding. Afterwards Sherlock and her practiced dancing.

“Is it always like this with you?” Rose asks him.

“Like what?” Sherlock wonders.

“Is it always this dangerous?” Rose clarifies.

“Would you like it any other way?” Sherlock again replies with a question. Rose smirks at Sherlock. The rest of the night was going smoothly until Sherlock accidentally revealed that Mary was pregnant. Rose comforted the bride telling her that she was married to a great man and started a family together was what they both wanted. Rose danced for a while when she noticed Sherlock wasn’t there. Looking for him she finally found him leaving.

“Sherlock,” she called. Rose runs up to him. Sherlock had stopped when he heard her call his name. “Why are you leaving? We haven’t even danced together,” Rose tells him. Sherlock stares at her with a look like he is trying to figure her out. Rose shivers it having gotten cooler now that it was night time. Sherlock takes off his jacket and puts it around Rose’s shoulders.

“Thanks,” Rose whispers. She can feel a tension in the air. Sherlock nods at her thank you. What feels like an eternity later but was probably just a few seconds Sherlock leans in again and taking Rose by surprise kisses her. Not on the cheek but full on the mouth. Rose savers the few seconds of bliss before Sherlock pulls away.

“Well now Mr. Holmes you’ll have to be my boyfriend now,” Rose jokes. Sherlock gives Rose one of his rare genuine smiles and gestures for them to leave the wedding together.

Author’s Note: Sorry this is so short. I wanted it to be longer but I couldn’t find a good site where I could use the transcript of the episodes like I have for Supernatural and OUAT. Please review. I am in need for some love.

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