The Wolf and The Genuis last chapter

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The Wolf and The Genius
By: giddyfan

Chapter 5

Rose is writing a report on her latest field mission when her mobile rang. When she sees who is calling Rose gets curious. “Rose Tyler,” Rose answers the call.

“Rose it’s John, are you with Sherlock?” John asks her. Curiosity and concern began to rise in Rose.

“No I’m at work why?” Rose says. Rose had told John that she had worked for the government. It wasn’t a complete lie because Torchwood is a government organization but she didn’t tell him where and he seemed to understand that she couldn’t tell him. It was a good lie that would explain most things without the whole truth coming out.

“Well he’s missing,” John informs her.

“That’s ridiculous John, I just saw him last night. He probably just hasn’t gotten up yet,” Rose reasons as she checks the time to see that it is already late morning.

“Mrs. Hudson went to check on him this morning and he wasn’t at the flat. Do you know if he is on a case right now?” John wonders.

Rose thought for a minute, “Not that I know of.”

“I am going to check in with his homeless network,” John plans.

“Text me if you get anything and I will meet you there,” Rose tells him.

John agrees and they hang up. Rose quickly finishes her report and packs her stuff. She gets a text from John with an address. It is early afternoon when she hops into a cab and gives the driver the address. John is waiting for her when she gets there. She gets out and runs to John. The old multistory building in front of them was obviously abandoned and had been for a while.

“Apparently this is a popular place for junkies,” John explains to Rose. She nods at John and waves at Mary in the car. Rose sees that John has a tyre lever with him in case there is trouble. Rose always has her standard Torchwood weapon but she doesn’t plan on using it. They both go towards the house and knock on the door. A scruffy looking man answers the door.

“Go away,” the man mumbles. John and Rose share a look and force the door open. However, the man wouldn’t get out of their way.

“Please get out of the way,” Rose pleads calmly.

“No,” the man replies. John manages to sneak past him but the man is determined not to let Rose pass. As John checks the downstairs rooms Rose use her training to sprain the man’s arm.
He slides down the wall and starts complaining, “You broke my arm.” John comes back over and stares at them confused.

“No I didn’t,” Rose tells the junkie. John kneels down next to the man.

“It feels squishy. Should it feel that way,” the junkie continues to complain.

John feels the arm, “She’s right it’s only a sprain.” Rose looks and sees that the steps upstairs are in tack. She looks at John and nods towards the upstairs. They both silently head upstairs. As they go through the rooms looking for Sherlock, John seems to recognize someone.

“Issac,” John runs over to boy and starts looking him over.

Rose comes over to them and asks, “How do you know him?”

“He’s my neighbor’s kid,” John answers.

Suddenly they hear, “John, Rose, what are you doing here?” They both turn and see Sherlock laying on an old mattress in a dirty hoodie. Rose takes a deep breath in and then out. As they all walk out John and Sherlock begin to arguing. Sherlock complains that he’s undercover but now he can’t be. They all head to St. Bard’s so that Molly can test Sherlock. Rose and Molly now had a wonderful friendship. Immediately upon meeting her, Rose knew Molly was in love with Sherlock. They actually had a good conversation about it.

Flashback: “I know you like Sherlock, so if you want to pursue him I will back off,” Rose expresses. Molly looks at her with shock on her face.

“I had so many chances to be with him and it didn’t work out. I think I am going to move on. Beside, I think your good for him,” Molly responds.. Rose smiles and there is a hint of a blush.

“You really think so?” Rose asks Molly.

“Totally,” Molly giggles. End flashback.

Right now Molly is finishing up the test. “Is he clean?” John asks.

Molly takes off her gloves, “Clean??” Molly walks over to Sherlock standing right in front of him. Then she slaps him in the face three times. “Do you want a go Rose?” Molly inquires.

“No I think you about covered it,” Rose mumbles back.

“How dare you betray your friends. How dare you worry them and your girlfriend. And how dare you ruin the mind that God gave you. Say your sorry,” Molly demands.

“Well I am certainly glad you broke off the engagement. No ring,” Sherlock says. Molly goes to slap him again but Sherlock quickly says,

“I am sorry for worrying everyone.” The junkie who Rose has learned is named Billy starts to complain again and then deduce John.

“Yes we all know that he bikes to work and then changes into the cloths he packed when he gets there,” Rose is exasperated.

Sherlock turns from her and back to Billy, “Nice observation Billy.”

“Your girlfriend didn’t do so bad either,” Billy comments. Sherlock looks over to Rose and she can see he is hiding a smile. While everyone is figuring out rides Rose phones Mycroft.

“Can you get some volunteers to search the flat?” Rose wonders.

“Yes of course I can,” Mycroft answers her in a bored like tone.

“Well we’ll be leaving soon so you better make it quick,” Rose tells him getting irritated at Mycroft’s attitude. Mycroft hangs up his mobile and Rose heads off to rejoin the rest of the group. As Rose, John, and Sherlock are in the cab Sherlock just notices that some of the people that were with them earlier are gone.

“Oh goody my brother is here,” Sherlock exclaims when they get to Baker’s street.

“How do you know that?” John inquires as he pays the cab driver.

“He straightens the door knocker every time he come over because he is ocd,” Sherlock explains to them. He ‘fixes’ the knocker and Rose smirks at his child like bickering with his brother. Speaking of which Mycroft was sitting at the bottom of the steps.

“Well if it isn’t my little brother,” Mycroft states.

“Why are you here?” Sherlock asks.

“I called him here,” Rose admits. Sherlock looks at her with a mixture of emotions trying not to reveal themselves.

“It’s a good thing your ‘girlfriend’ called. So help us out and tell us where you hid it,” Mycroft says.

“Where’s what?” Sherlock questions.

From up in the flatter they hear, “Oh Sherlock.” It’s Anderson. All four of them go up the steps to find Sherlock’s fan club combing through the flat. Then Sherlock starts complaining.

“Where’s my chair?” John wonders seeing the space empty.

“It was blocking my view of the kitchen,” Sherlock mumbles as he goes to lay on the couch.

“I told him to just move it but he decided to remove it all together,” Rose comments.

Obviously ignoring the little conversation that just went on Mycroft points out, “Your bedroom door is shut. Now why is that?”

Sherlock jumps up off the couch, “Ok stop.” Mycroft stops walking towards the bedroom. Rose realizes something in that moment and takes control of the situation.

“I will look through Sherlock’s bedroom and get rid of what I find,” Rose commands. After John does a little more a little more to convince everyone, Mycroft and the fan club leave the flat. “What the bloody hell was that?” Rose questions Sherlock.

Sherlock turns to her, “Your angry with me. Why are you angry with me?”

“Because I didn’t think it would take you this long to tell people,” Rose replies almost yelling now.

“Excuse me tell people what?” John wonders.

“Why do you want my brother to know?” Sherlock asks ignoring John. Rose’s emotions are too much and she feels a tear roll down her cheek.

“Are you ashamed of me?” Rose finally gets out.

“What are you talking about?” John asks louder.

Sherlock finally acknowledges him, “Rose and I have been living together.” John is speechless for a bit.

“Look I have to go back to work,” Rose voices quickly and heads out the door. As Rose was working the rest of the day she thought about what had happened. She realizes that she might have too hard on Sherlock. It wasn’t right that she should hold him to the same standards as an other man because he wasn’t like any other man out there. after a tiring afternoon Rose finishes all of her work. Paying the cabbie, she gets out an walks up to the flat. Sherlock is standing by the window just staring out. Rose know he has heard her come in. “I’m sorry about today,” Rose apologizes. Sherlock turns and walks the few steps so that he is in front of her.

“I should have at least told John about us. You were right about that,” Sherlock responds.

“I would have been happy with that,” Rose tells him.

“You were also wrong. I am not ashamed of you,” Sherlock declares. Rose smiles as that warm feeling in her chest and cheeks bursts. She raises to her tip toes and Rose and Sherlock kiss. Since Sherlock had obviously showered and cleaned up, Rose pulls him to the couch to talk.

“So honey how was your day?” Rose jokes. Sherlock smiles that private little smile he so rarely uses. As they discuss there day Sherlock tells Rose that he will need her help tonight with the case he is working on. Rose is touched and honored that he is asking her for help. They both have this rule that they generally stay out of each other’s work lives. He explains his case against Magnessun to her. Rose has to admit that even though not the worst person Sherlock has ever gone after, Magnussuun’s newspaper has spread some particularly nasty rumors about her since arriving in this universe. She is also curious if this archive has any Torchwood or Torchwood like information that might be useful to have. Later that night, they went to Magnussun’s headquarters. Sherlock goes ahead to talk to John. Rose comes in a few minutes later.

“Hey John,” Rose greets.

“Rose, what are you doing here?” John wonders.

“I’m here to help,” Rose replies. Sherlock hands her the key card and they head to the lift.

“Make sure you stay out of the camera’s view,” Sherlock warns John. Rose gathers herself and prepares for what she is about to do. She makes some fake tears fall from her eyes. Finally, Rose scans the key card and the camera turns on.

“Rose is that you? What are you doing here?” The voice on the other end asks.

“Janine? I’m sorry I know you are at work but I need to talk to someone,” Rose cries. She looks down and then back at the screen, “It’s about Sherlock.” Out of the corner of Rose’s eye she can see John’s shocked expression and see him glance at Sherlock. Sherlock is unfazed by her comment most likely expecting her to use this excuse.

“Can’t you talk to Mary about this?” Janine suggests.

“She is too involved in the situation. Please Janine I really need someone to talk to,” Rose turns on the water works even more.

“Okay you can come up. Just this once though,” Janine agrees.

“Thanks,” Rose whimpers. They all get into the lift and as it closes Rose smiles.

“That was amazing,” John states.

“Thank you John,” Rose thanks him. The lift ride is mostly silent after that except for the elevator music. When they get off Rose turns into the office to find that Janine isn’t there. Rose signals that the boys can move forward and they start to look around the room. Spotting Janine, Rose runs over to her. She is laying on the floor unconscious. “John,” Rose calls the doctor over. As John and Rose examine Janine, Sherlock starts mumbling about perfumes and wonders off.

While John stays with Janine, Rose continues to explore. Suddenly, she hears a gun go off. Rose rushes towards where the sound came from. When she gets into the room Rose observes several things at once. First that Magnussun is on the floor having been knocked out. Two, Sherlock is bleeding on the floor with a gunshot wound. Lastly, a retreating figure dressed in all black running away from the scene. Rose rushes over and kneels next to Sherlock. Seconds later, John comes running in with his gun drawn. He notices Sherlock on the ground and puts his gun away.

“Call an ambulance,” John tells Rose as he kneels down. Rose nods standing up. She fumbles with her phone because the mix of adrenaline, fear, and shock makes her clumsy. Rose drops the phone twice before being able to dial for the ambulance. The ambulance gets there rather quickly and Rose with Sherlock in the ambulance because John insists it should be her and not him. Rose starts to pace as Sherlock goes into surgery as soon as they get to the hospital. John arrives shortly after they get there and Rose explains to him that because of the gunshot surgery had to be started immediately.
As they wait Rose realizes, “I should call his family. Plus I should probably call Mickey and my parents.”

“I called Mycroft and Mickey. Mycroft promised to inform Sherlock and his parents and Mickey said he would take care of everything from your end,” John tells her.

“Thanks so much John,” Rose says. They hug each other briefly. A little while later the doctor comes out and informs them that Sherlock is out of surgery. He flatlined during it but seemed to miraculously bring himself out of it. Shortly after that John and Rose see two figures approaching them. “Mickey,” Rose says as she is enveloped in her best friend’s hug.

“How is he Rose?” Mickey asks her.

“He’s out of surgery. He flatlined once but came back,” Rose explains allowing tears to leave her eyes in the comfort of Mickey’s presence. Rose and Mickey hug for a few seconds longer and then Rose and Mary hug.

“You and John look exhausted.Why don’t you and Mickey go get coffee for everyone,” Mary suggests. Rose nods and turns towards the cafeteria. Mickey didn’t talk or ask questions which suited Rose just fine. As they get the coffee the only thing Mickey really said was that he had called her parents to let them know what had happened. Rose’s parents weren’t crazy about Sherlock but, they knew Rose could take care of herself. When they get back Mary wasn’t there.

“They are only letting him see one person at a time,” John explains. After a few minutes Mary comes back out.

“He is still a little drugged up but I think you should go see him next,” Mary says to Rose. Rose smiles and takes more drink of her coffee. Handing it to Mickey, Rose walks towards Sherlock’s room. When she enters the room Rose sees Sherlock laying there with his eyes closed. As if sensing her there, Sherlock opens his eyes and perks up. Rose comes and sits on the side of the bed as Sherlock turns down the morphine and moves the bed into a sit up position. Rose leans down and they share a long, soft kiss.

Keeping her forehead leaning on his Rose says, “God Sherlock I almost lost you.”

“It’s alright. I’m here,” Sherlock responds wiping away a stray tear from her cheek.

“Don’t ever do that again,” Rose demands.

“Of course,” Sherlock promises. They share another soft kiss and Rose sits back up.

“So Mary?” Rose brings up.

Sherlock smiles, “Why am I not surprised you know about Mary?”

“Because your smart and you know me,” Rose smiles back. There is silence for a moment.

“I need your help,” Sherlock confesses. Sherlock tells Rose his plan and although Rose thinks it is cruel she realizes that it needs to be done.

So Rose goes back to Baker’s street to shower and change. Grabbing some things she goes back to the hospital. Mickey had left after Rose said she was going home. Mary had also gone home John promising to follow her after he talked to Lestrade and got everything situated with Sherlock so he was gone. Rose drops off Sherlock’s cloths and helps him escape out of the hospital through the window. After that she goes back to Baker Street designating herself as the one who will contact the others if Sherlock comes home while the others search. It’s very late when John, Mary, and Sherlock walk into the flat. Rose gets up and hugs Sherlock first then John. She hesitates before hugging Mary but does it because she probably needs it the most right now.

Skipping to the point Sherlock proposes, “All right John who is she?”

“My lying wife,” John answers.

“No who is she,” Sherlock tries again.

“The woman who is carrying my child,” John responds.

“No John who is she? Not in this flat? In general, who is she,” Rose clarifies. John looks at both Sherlock and Rose.

“Alright,” John accepts. He gets a chair and places it in front of the two main chairs. “Sit here,” John tells Mary pointing to the chair.

“Why?” Mary asks.

“Because that’s where the sit when they come here. The clients. That’s what you are now Mary. A client,” John explains. Mary sits in the chair and John sits in his designated chair. Sherlock slowly walk over and sits in his chair. Rose strolls over and stands behind Sherlock’s chair. Mary puts her hand in her pocket and places a flash drive on the table. On it are some letters. “What that’s?” John inquires.

“All the information about who I am. I beg you, if you love me don’t read it,” Mary responds.

“Why?” John wonders.

“Because you won’t love me when your done,” Mary voices.

“What do the letters mean?’ Rose questions.

“Their my initials,” Mary answers. There is a pause.

“How much do you know?” Mary asks Sherlock.

“I know that you are or were an intelligence agent. You befriended Janine when you found out that Magnussun knew your secret so you could access him. I also know that you were planning on killing Magnussun but couldn’t when we appeared because then your own husband would become a suspect. Thanks for saving my life,” Sherlock speaks for the first time in a while.

“How did she save your life?” John inquires.

“She phoned the ambulance,” Sherlock replies.

“Rose phoned the ambulance,” John declares.

“She phoned first because the ambulance would have been too late if it was your call,” Sherlock tells John. Just then some emergency medical technicians burst through the door. “Oh thank you. Do you have morphine?” Sherlock wonders.

The next few months were hard and yet strangely somewhat normal. It soon came around Christmastime and Rose was excited about having her first one with Sherlock. They agreed that she would spend Christmas Eve and morning with her family and then come to Sherlock’s parent’s in the afternoon. Rose was nervous about meeting Sherlock’s parents. Well she had met them briefly but that was just an introduction and a hello. Rose knows that Sherlock doesn’t care what his parents think of her but she does. When Rose heard Mary and John were going to be there she knew that something was going down. John and Mary hadn’t talked since that night. Like Rose thought Sherlock told her the plan a few days before Christmas. However, now sitting at the table Mycroft at the other end, Sherlock sitting in a chair off to the side, and Mrs. Holmes working in the kitchen, Rose wasn’t reassured.

“Why are we doing this?” Mycroft asks sounding bored.

“It’s Christmas,” Rose replies.

“So? What are you doing here anyway?” Mycroft questions.

“Micky, we are celebrating Sherlock’s return from the hospital and be nice to the girl, she is Sherlock’s first girlfriend,” Mrs. Holmes tells Mycroft. Rose felt weird around Mrs. Holmes. Not only was there this awkward ‘I’m your son’s girlfriend’ vibe but it was clear that the boys had gotten their brilliant intellect from her which made Rose feel like an idiot.

“It’s okay Mrs. Holmes. I’m sure Mycroft is just looking out for Sherlock like any good big brother would,” Rose responds. Mycroft makes that sarcastic smiles at her. Rose got everyone but Sherlock and herself some punch but decided to give Mary some tea. Rose nods at Sherlock as he goes outside for a smoke. Mycroft goes outside to do the same and probably talk about whatever. Rose doesn’t want to be in Mrs. Holmes way so she decides to go into the living room where Mary is. On the way she bumps into Mr. Holmes.

“Oh I’m sorry Mr. Holmes,” Rose apologizes.

“It’s alright my dear. Best not go in there though,” Mr. Holmes voices.

“Why not?” Rose wonders.

“Bit of a reunion for John and Mary,” Mr. Holmes explains. Rose was more comfortable with Mr. Holmes then she was with his wife. After another tense few minutes the sedatives Rose had put in almost everyone’s drinks finally took effect. Sherlock and John come into the kitchen and John is freaking out about Mary.

“John do you really think I would give Mary something that would hurt the baby or leave her here herself?” Rose asks. She opens the door and Billy walks in. “Billy here is going to monitor everyone while we are out,” Rose tells him.

Sherlock turns to Rose after grabbing Mycroft’s laptop, “Rose you aren’t coming.”

“Yes I am,” Rose states.

“No it’s too dangerous,” Sherlock reasons.

“Sherlock he’s only a man,” Rose points out. With him knowing what she does for a living Rose didn’t think Sherlock could argue with her.

Sherlock sighs, “Alright.” All three of them go outside and get into the helicopter. On the way to Appledore they don’t really talk except Sherlock telling John how big the consequences are. They arrive at Appledore and are escorted up to a sort of den area. Magnussun is having a drink and watching a video.

“I’d offer you a drink but it’s very rare and expensive,” Magnussun remarks. After the man who escorted them upstairs leaves, Sherlock sits on the couch and puts the laptop in between himself and Magnussun. “Ms. Tyler, I didn’t expect you to be here today,” Magnussun expresses.

“Yeah well you know me, full of surprises,” Rose replies. They all look at the screen where the video is playing. It is a video of Sherlock and Mary pulling John out of the bonfire.

“Oh so it was you,” Sherlock comments. Rose sees Sherlock’s eyes flick to her but his mask not change.

John must realize what the video means because he turns to Magnussun and say, “You put me in a fire.”

“Oh I would never let you burn John. I had people standing by,” Magnussun assures. He gets up and closes the video. Rose is standing in between Sherlock and John and almost takes a step away when Magnussun faces John. “Let me tell you how leverage works, Mycroft is a powerful figure in the British government. His weakness is his junkie detective brother Sherlock, one of Sherlock’s weaknesses is his best friend John Watson. Finally, John Watson’s weakness is his wife Mary. So if I own Mary Watson then I own Mycroft,” Magnussun explains. He goes and sits back on the couch, “He is what I am getting for Christmas.”

“It’s an exchange not a gift,” Sherlock states and pushes the laptop towards Magnussun. Sherlock get up and stands with John and Rose. “It’s password protected. If you grant my request I will give you the password,” Sherlock proposes.

“And what is it that you want?” Magnussun asks.

“Show me the Appledore vaults and destroy all the files on the woman I know as Mary Watson,” Sherlock answers.

“You want to see the vaults. Alright follow me,” Magnussun stands up. They all walk over to a door and stop. Magnussun opens the door too reveal a white room with only a chair in it. “This is the Appledore vaults. The vaults are my mind palace,” Magnussun reveals.
Shocked, plans start to form in Rose’s head. Her gaze flickers up to Sherlock and sees him just as stunned as she is. The group moves outside to wait for Mycroft and his people. Rose stands next to Sherlock while Magnussun and John are up further. She grabs Sherlock’s hand when Magnussun starts flicking John’s face. Rose glances up at Sherlock as he turns and stares at her. They seem to silently communicate and Sherlock inconspicuously shakes his head no. Mycroft’s helicopter and troops finally arrive.

“Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, and Rose Tyler step away from that man,” Mycroft announces as the troops surround them. Rose lets go of Sherlock’s hand and walks up to stand next to Magnussun.

“It’s fine their harmless,” Magnussun shouts. Mycroft repeats his command.

“So just to clarify, the Appledore vaults only exist in your mind?” Rose questions.

“Their not real. They never have been. I’m not a villain, I’m a businessman,” Magnussun confirms not really paying attention to her.

“Well since I have a suspicion that you know about Torchwood more then you should.. That makes you an enemy of them and that means I can do this,” Rose voices. She takes our her standard Torchwood weapon and shoots Magnussun in the head.

John backs up with his hands up, “Why the bloody hell did you do that?”

“So Sherlock didn’t have to and so Mary is safe,” Rose responds. Rose was arrested and taken in for questioning. After pulling the Torchwood card, hours of waiting, and some phone calls to her father she was released. As she comes out she sees John and Sherlock waiting for her. She hugs John briefly and then hugs Sherlock longer. Rose keeps a hold of Sherlock’s hand as they talk.

“What happened and what is Torchwood?” John inquires.

“Well let’s just say I have a position in the government that allows me to kill people I deem dangerous to the government. Torchwood is a name you should forget but I guess we can discuss it in private some other time,” Rose tells John. As they head back, Rose’s adrenaline still hasn’t warn off. Looking to Sherlock she says, “So what’s our next adventure?” Sherlock just gets a big smile on his face.

Author’s Note: I like to think of Rose as like the 007 of Torchwood. She has a license to kill people just like he does. Please review and I hoped you liked the last chapter!!!!



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