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Chapter 3

“I can’t believe that the most kind, accepting people I’ve ever known just rejected the person that unites all of us,” Sibyl expresses after Charming, Snow, Elsa, and Killian have told her what happened with Emma. They had spent all night searching for her and Sibyl was at the apartment when they got back. They all hang their heads in shame seeing Sibyl angry and disappointed in them. “You know I had trouble with my powers too. They use to constantly plague me. I would go days without sleep. The only…only way I got though it is that the people closest to me accepted me and my powers. This led to me accepting my powers. Now she is ripe for the Snow Queen’s picking,” Sibyl lectures them.

“Sibyl’s right we need to go back out and find her,” Snow replies. The door opens and Henry walks in.

“You don’t have to look anymore,” Henry announces.

“Henry. We thought you were asleep upstairs. We told you to stay here. What happened?” Snow asks.

“I snuck out, okay? I’m sorry, but I found her,” Henry tells them.

“How is she? Is she okay? Is she hurt?” Charming inquires.

“She’s out in the woods. I thought I could help calm her down, but when I showed up, it just made things worse,” Henry informs us. He reaches his hand to the back of his head and when it comes back there is blood.

Snow walks up to him and says, “Come with me. I’ll clean you up in the bathroom.” They leave to do just that.

“This is bad news. If anyone can calm her down, it’s Henry,” Charming rationalizes.

“When your powers are out of control, everything’s upside down. You don’t want to be anywhere near the people you care about,” Elsa uses her own experience.

“Wonderful. Well, shall we send Sneezy after her, then? Or happy? Which is the dwarf she despises?” Killian gets frustrated.

“I was so scared that I would hurt Ana until I finally realized you can’t run away from the people who love you because, in the end, they’re the only ones who can help you,” Elsa thinks out loud.

“I’m going to search for her. Maybe I will have some luck because of my powers. Don’t do anything stupid while I’m gone,” Sibyl warns them. She gives a look to each of them and lingers a second longer on Killian. Sibyl spends all day searching the small town. It shouldn’t be this hard. She closes her eyes and tries to focus her magic. An image of Emma in Rumple’s shop pops in her brain. Immediately she opens her eyes and starts heading there. The shop comes into view when she sees Killian leaving it and heading away looking worried. As soon as he leaves Sibyl runs into the shop. No one is there. Going up to the counter she sees a burnt handprint that obviously came from Emma. Next to that is a map. On the map there is a drawn red circle where the house Sibyl has been staying at is.

Sibyl sighs and says to herself, “Of course it would be the one I am staying at.” Figuring Killian must have seen the map and is heading that way, Sibyl goes out the door and follows. By the time Sibyl gets there it is fully dark. Sibyl gets there in time to see Rumple capture Killian.

“Death can wait. How about before you depart, I’ll treat you to a front-row seat and we can watch her use that hat on herself?” Rumple mocks.

“No,” Killian protests.

“Oh, and, in case you were counting on Emma getting your message…don’t,” Rumple declares holding up Emma’s cell phone. Killian grunts trying to get loose. “No. I’m not one for loose ends. Don’t worry. You’ll get over her…just like you got over Milah,” Rumple says. “How many centuries did that take?” Rumple wonders. Dismissing it Rumple continues, “Oh, it matters not. This might even add a little fuel to your fire. Don’t tell me you haven’t missed the taste of vengeance.”

“She’s mother to your grandson, Gold! Don’t do this,” Killian argues.

“I wish I didn’t have to. But I need miss Swan. Surely you understand that,” Rumple replies. Suddenly, Sibyl gets a vision. It’s of Elsa helping Emma accept her powers. Sibyl breathes a sigh of relief that she won’t have to choose which problem to interfere with and that Emma will be safe. Just as her vision ends the magic emanating from the house dies down. “No,” Rumple mumbles.

Killian chuckles and says, “Well, I’m guessing she didn’t go through with it. So sorry. Oh, but I do love the look of loss on your face.”

Rumple laughs and turns to Killian, “I may not have the savior, pirate. But I assure you, today won’t be a complete loss. I need to fill that hat with power, yes, but that was only part of the equation. Because I need something else, a secret ingredient, one I didn’t know about…until an associate clued me in. A heart”.

“Well, if you need my help procuring it, know the only help I give you is with your demise,” Killian threatens despite still being tied up.

“Oh, you’re gonna help me, all right. Ah. You see, this spell is gonna finally separate me from the dagger so it no longer holds power over me. But to cast it… I need the heart of someone special, someone who knew me before the dagger…Before I was the dark one. Unfortunately, everyone who fits that description is already dead, but one still lives,” Rumple points out.

“That’s not exactly true,” Sibyl finally makes her presence known. She walks up to Killian and Rumple. They seem surprised to see her there.

“What are you doing Sibyl?” Killian questions.

“Saving you again. Now be quiet,” Sibyl answers.

“What do you know?” Rumple asks Sibyl.

“You know I use to have a twin sister who had seer powers as well. Unfortunately, she was killed because of me. You see I had told the future to a man who later became evil. He used his magic to kill her thinking she was me. I can’t remember his name,” Sibyl pauses. “Oh that’s right his name was Rumpelstiltskin,” Sibyl reveals.

“You knew me before I became the Dark One,” Rumple states.

“Yeah and I will probably be a lot more useful to you then Killian,” Sibyl agrees. Rumple pushes his arm into her chest grabbing her heart. The pain is immense, more than she thought it would be. Rumple rips out her heart and she falls to the ground in pain. “Now let Killian go,” Sibyl tells Rumple.

“He would tell them what I have planned,” Rumple disagrees.

“He won’t I’ll make sure of it,” Sibyl says implying she will use her powers. Rumple leaves taking Sibyl’s heart with him. Sibyl gets up and unties Killian.

“I won’t take away your memories because at the right time you need to tell the others what Rumple is planning. Not right now though,” Sibyl explains.

“How are you still alive?” Killian inquires.

Sibyl tilts her head to the side and says, “Magic.” Killian runs into ‘my’ house to find Emma. They both hug and kiss.

“Sibyl? What are you doing here?” Emma wonders when she sees her there.

“Well this is the house I have been staying at,” Sibyl excuses. She walks up to Emma and gives her a hug. “I knew you would make the right choice,” Sibyl whispers to Emma.

They break apart and Killian says, “Let’s go outside. I’m sure there are a lot of worried people out there for you.” As they go out Sibyl gives Killian a discreet nod. Once everyone is gone Sibyl goes to the other room and picks up the ‘magic hat’. Sibyl goes outside to join the others.

“I know. Hey, kid. How are you?” Sibyl hears Emma ask Henry as she gets there.

“Just glad you’re okay,” Henry responds.

“So, your magic…are you in control of it again?” Snow questions.

“Absolutely,” Emma answers. She points her hands to the sky and makes fireworks go off. We all watch as they continue popping.

“Mom, when did you get that?” Henry asks when he sees a yellow ribbon on Emma’s wrist.

“I don’t know,” Emma replies.

“Emma, what’s happening? It won’t come off,” Elsa says as she tries to get hers off.

“Mine won’t, either,” Emma confirms as she tries to get hers off. “Aah,” Emma grabs her stomach.

“I feel it, too. It’s like it’s funneling all my magic away, like it’s… Harnessing it somehow,” Elsa also puts a hand to her stomach.

“Any idea what this is?” Sibyl asks concerned.

“No. But I have a pretty good idea where it came from,” Emma concludes.

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