Chapter 1

Author’s Note: This story just popped into my head. What if there was a girl who use to be a lost boy with them when they went to save Henry. This story has smut in it. That is why it is rated M/R.  A lot of this story is dialog from the show. I did not write it and those words belong to the people who did. I don’t own OUAT.

Temptation Falling
By: giddyfan

Killian’s POV
“Where is that? Where did they take Henry?” the former evil queen asks.
“Neverland,” I say.
“Well what are we waiting for?” Emma wonders. She gives me the last bean.
“Wait a minute Swan. If we are going to Neverland we need to bring one more person with us,” I tell her.
“Who?” Snow inquires.
“Audrey,” I answer.
“I heard my name,” a young woman’s voice is heard. Everyone goes to the edge of my ship. I see Audrey standing there.

Audrey’s POV
I had been following Greg and Tamara since they came to Storybrooke. When they took Henry there was nothing I could do. Although I was older then Henry he was my very good friend. He knew I had spent time in Neverland but when I was reluctant to talk about it he didn’t push me. I let his family have their moment. When they all go onto Killian’s ship I start to approach. Belle is still standing there. She glances over at me but otherwise ignores me. When I hear Killian say my name I know it is time for me to reveal myself.

“I heard my name,” I call. Everyone comes over and stares at me. My long red hair bounces as I come abroad the ship. Pan use to say that my hair was magical even for a redhead. He said at night it looked like a dark blood red but in the sunlight is was an auburn color. As I come aboard I walk over to Killian. My smile reaches my emerald green eyes. I hold out my arms waiting. Killian picks me up in a hug and spins me around. I laugh as he puts me down. “You’re not going on an adventure without your little sister,” I comment.

“Everyone this is Audrey. She was an honorary lost boy,” Killian explains.

“Are you Wendy?” Emma questions me. I move more in front of the group so I can see everyone.

“That’s a lovely compliment Emma but no. I am going to help you get Henry because he is my friend. Also you will need all the help you can get,” I exclaim. Emma nods and everyone starts to prepare to sail through. Killian throws the bean and the portal opens.

“So who are we up against? Who are Greg and Tamara?” Charming asks.

“They’re merely pawns, manipulated by forces far greater than they can conceive. They have no idea who they are truly working for,” Rumplestiltskin expresses.

“And who’s that?” Emma inquires.

“Someone we all should fear,” Rumple conveys. The ship plunges into the portal. In the next moment we come through.

“Is that it?” Emma wonders looking at the island.

“Aye,” Killian delivers.

“Neverland,” I whisper. My heart beats faster at the sight of my former home. I go down to Killian’s cabin. In the corner I see a small chest. I go over to it and open it. Inside are my former bow, quiver, and Neverland clothes. They are a short sleeved green shirt and a green knee length pants. Then a brown cloak to top it off. I put on the outfit. Since it has only been a few years they fit like a glove. Coming up on deck I see Emma talking to her parents and Killian talking to Regina. I go up to Killian. “You saved my stuff. That was sweet of you,” I remark. Killian gives me a look that says ‘ruining my pirate image’.

“No, you won’t,” Rumple announces appearing on deck. He is now wearing an all-black leather outfit that I assume is his ‘Dark One’ outfit.

“Oh that’s a great use of our time, a wardrobe change,” Killian mocks.

“I’m gonna get Henry,” Rumple reveals.

“We agreed to do this together,” Regina mentions.

“Actually we made no such agreement,” Rumple declares. In my mind I think that is was an unspoken agreement. That concept probably isn’t even in his vocabulary.

“Why are you doing this?” Emma questions.

“Because I wanna succeed,” Rumple discloses.

“What makes you think I’m gonna fail?” Emma asks.

“Well, how could you not? You don’t believe in your parents, or in magic, or even yourself,” Rumple points out.

“I slayed a dragon, I think I believe,” Emma responds.

“Only what was shown to you. When have you ever taken a real leap of faith? You know, the kind where there’s absolutely no proof? I’ve known you some time Miss. Swan. And sadly despite everything you’ve been through you’re still just that bail bonds person, looking for evidence. Well dearie, that’s not gonna work in Neverland,” Rumple communicates.

“I’ll do whatever it takes,” Emma declares.

“Well you just need someone to tell you what that is. Sorry dearie, our foe is too fearsome for hand-holding. Neverland is a place where imagination runs wild. And sadly, yours doesn’t,” Rumple voices. He spins his cane which falls to the deck. The next second we look up and Rumple is gone. Killian goes down to talk to Emma who has gone below deck. Snow and Charming take the helm. I know Peter’s history with Rumple and he is right. Not about Emma not being able to win but about imagination running wild. I feel like it would be best if I left too. Maybe if I could get to Peter before any of them I could convince him to let Henry go. Suddenly, the ship starts banging about. The wind picks up and starts gusting violently.

“What the hell are you two doing?” Regina inquires.

“Trying to keep it steady,” Snow replies. Killian and Emma appear from below deck and Killian rushes to the helm.

“Hold on,” Charming adds.

“Prepare for attack,” Killian yells.

“Be more specific,” Regina requests. Of course how could I be so stupid?

“If you got a weapon, then grab it,” Killian commands. Emma runs to the edge of the ship.

“What’s out there? A shark? A whale?” Emma questions. Charming and Snow run to the edge next to Emma.

“A kraken? What?” Charming wonders.

“Mermaids!” Killian and I shout at the same time. The mermaids continue to shriek and hit the ship.

“Mermaids?!” Emma repeats.

“Yes and they’re quite unpleasant,” Killian comments. I go over to helm and try to help Killian get control.

“You think,” Regina mutters.

“I’ll try to outrun them,” Killian states.

“How many of them are there?” Emma asks.

“I will not be capsized by fish!” Charming says. He starts preparing the cannon putting chains inside.

“Emma!” Snow calls moving towards the nets. She picks one up.

“What are you doing?” Emma questions her.

“Fishing,” Snow answers. Charming lights the cannon and aims it. It fires and hits some of the mermaids. “We caught one,” Snow announces as her and Emma pull up the net.

“One? There are dozens of them,” Regina points out. “Enough of this,” she states. Regina starts throwing fireballs at the mermaids and the screech in pain as they swim away. “There. They’re gone,” Regina concludes.

“Not all of them! What about that one?!” Snow yells. With a wave of her hand Regina brings it on deck. It wiggles trying to get away. I walk closer to the group.

“Get that thing off my ship!” Killian demands.

“No. Now we have a hostage,” Regina reasons.

“I hate to say it, but I’m with Hook. Those things just tried to kill us,” Charming agrees.

“And perhaps we should find out why,” Regina remarks.

“How? By torturing her?” Snow inquires.

“Well, if need be. Sure,” Regina replies. We all cover our ears as the mermaid blares her shell.

“What the hell is that?” Emma asks.

“A warning. Let me go…or die,” the Mermaid responds. Thunder starts to clap.

“What is this? What did you do?!” Charming gets in the Mermaid’s face.

“Let me go,” the Mermaid repeats.

“Not until you tell us. Or we make you tell us,” Regina threatens.

“Threatening her isn’t the way to motivate her,” Snow disagrees.

“Well, I’m all out of fish food,” Regina retorts.

“Doesn’t matter if you get her to talk. You can’t trust her. All mermaids are liars,” Killian tells us.

“Of course they are,” Emma says sarcastically.

“Maybe they’re just scared of Pan. If we let her go, maybe they’ll be on our side,” Snow theorizes.

“They don’t care about Pan. Her and her friends will just kill us,” I argue.

“Oh, I don’t need my friends to kill you. You’ll kill yourselves. Now let me go,” the Mermaid discloses. The thunder gets louder and the ships starts thrashing.

“What the hell?!” Charming wonders.

“It’s a storm. She called it. Don’t let her go! She’ll swim off and leave us all to die. At least with her, we’ve got leverage,” Killian strategizes. Charming unsheathes his sword and puts it at the Mermaid’s throat.

“Stop the storm. Then we let you go,” he proposes. The mermaid tries to get free of his grip but can’t.

“That’s more like it, Charming. Filet the bitch,” Regina laughs. Charming looks up at Snow and changes his mind.

He steps back, “No. We’re not barbarians.” The storm is starting to get out of control now.

“What we’re going to be is dead,” Regina remarks.

“Hold on! I’m gonna turn her around. I’ve outrun many a storm,” Killian announces. He spins the wheel and the ship turns around.

“Make it stop or die,” Regina continues to threaten.

“We are not killers!” Snow shouts.

“Yes, you are. And you’ve brought this death upon yourselves,” the Mermaid conveys.

“This is why we should free her!” Snow claims.

“That feel-good nonsense, Snow, might play in the Enchanted Forest, but this… this is Neverland,” Regina states. The storm continues to get worst and the ship takes a violent jerk. I head over to the helm to try to help Killian.

“Keep your grip, pirate!” David insults.

“It wasn’t me, mate! It was the ship! We’re taking on water!” Killian explains.

“Now may I resume killing her?!” Regina asks.

“No!” Charming and Snow yell at the same time.

“You kill her, and her kind have a personal vendetta against us,” Snow points out.

“Look, the queen is right. They’ve already tried killing us,” Killian reasons.

“Stop! That’s enough! We need to think this through!” Emma speaks.

“I already have,” Regina says. She waves her hand in front of the mermaid and turns her into wood. “There. That should stop the storm,” Regina confidently remarks.

“Regina! What did you do?!” Emma inquires. We look up and see a huge wave about to overtake the ship.

“No,” Regina can’t believe.

“What have you done?!” Emma shouts. I let go of the helm and grab a rope. Feeling Killian behind me, I know he is there to prevent me from falling backwards. We all hold on tight as the wave crashes down on us. When that wave is done Killian and I return to the helm. Emma comes over.

“I thought you said you could outrun a storm!” she second guesses Killian.

“This isn’t a storm. It’s bloody damnation!” Killian replies.

“Why would you do this?” Snow inquires.

“You’re going to blame me?” Regina questions.

“You turned the mermaid into wood!” Snow exclaims.

“I did something about it, which is more than what you can say!” Regina yells.

“Undo your spell! Bring back the mermaid!” Snow demands.

“And what, you’ll win her over with your rainbow kisses and unicorn stickers?!” Regina insults.

“Considering that your plan failed, at least we could try!” Snow shouts.

“You’re such a naive princess!” Regina makes fun.

“And you are such a…,” Snow starts but then punches Regina instead.

“Is that your best?” Regina questions.

“Not even close!” Snow replies. They start fighting. “I am so tired of you ruining my life!” Snow whines.

“I ruined your life?” Regina inquires. They continue to physically beat each other.

“Hey!” Charming tries to call to them.

“Hey, let the slags go. I need you at the mast,” Killian commands moving away from the helm. Emma joins me there us both trying to steady the ship.

“Don’t call my wife a slag!” Charming remarks and elbows Killian. They start fighting.

“Stop it!” Emma shouts. The storm gets worse and the ships starts to sustain damage from the water, thunder, and lightning. Emma and I must realize what is really causing this storm at the same time because we share a look. “It’s not the mermaid. It’s us! No. If you don’t stop fighting, we’re all gonna die! Don’t you see we’re causing the storm?!” Emma tries to get their attention. She leaves and stands on edge of ship. “Hey! Stop! You need to listen to me!” Emma yells. They are too wrapped up in their fighting to stop. Emma turns around and dives into the water.

“Emma!” David cries. We all run over to the ledge.

“Emma!” Snow shouts for her.

“Emma!” Charming repeats. A pulley rope snaps and falls into the water nearly hitting Emma in the head.

“Emma!” Snow continues to call for her.

“Idiot!” Regina mutters.

“Regina, get her up here!” Snow suggests.

“I…I…I can’t! Not in this storm. I…I can’t even see her. I’ll just bring up water and half her leg,” Regina informs us. Charming goes to dive in.

“Wait!” Killian stops him.

“She’ll drown!” Charming responds.

“And so will you! Let us help. Here, tie him,” I say. I give Snow one end of a rope that has a lasso on in. They put it around Charming’s waist and he dives in. After about a minute he reappears with Emma in his arms.

“He has her! Pull!” Killian commands. Snow, Regina, and I pull as hard as we can. “I’ve got it,” Killian tells us as he ties it off. Slowly Charming and Emma are pulled on deck.

“Oh!” Snow exclaims.

“Emma?” Charming tries. Emma is lying in their laps unconscious. I am standing next to Killian hoping Emma will wake up.

“No,” Snow whispers. Suddenly Emma spits and coughs up water. She looks up at the now calm sky.

“I told you,” she says. Relieved she is okay Killian and I are able to maneuver the ship to shore despite the damage.

“We don’t have to do it this way. I can fix the “Jolly Roger.” My magic is powerful enough. We can execute the pirate’s plan,” Regina remarks as we walk onto shore.

“Sneak attack? Let’s not be naive. Save your magic. We’ll need it later, because Pan already knows we’re here. It’s time we stop running. Gold was right. This land is run on belief. All of us have been too busy being at each other’s throats to be believers. I was as wrong as anyone else. It’s time for all of us to believe… not in magic, but in each other,” Emma tells us.

“You wanna be friends? After everything that’s happened between all of us?” Regina asks.

“I don’t want or expect that. I know there’s a lot of history here and a lot of hate,” Emma starts.

“Actually, I quite fancy you from time to time, when you’re not yelling at me,” Killian comments. I hit him in the shoulder to shut him up even though I am smiling to contain my laughter.

“We don’t need to be friends. What we need to know is the only way to get Henry back is cooperation,” Emma discloses.

“With her? With him? No, Emma, we have to do this the right way,” Charming disagrees.

“No, we don’t. We just need to succeed. And the way we do that is by just being who we are…a hero, a villain, a pirate. It doesn’t matter which, because we’re gonna need all those skills, whether we can stomach them or not,” Emma conveys.

“And what’s your skill, “savior”?” Regina wonders.

“I’m a mother, and now I’m also your leader. So either help me get my son back or get out of the way,” Emma declares and starts walking away. Charming unsheathes his sword and follows. I go to walk in a different direction.

“Where are you going?” Snow asks. Everyone freezes and looks at me.

“Emma’s right Pan already knows were here. He might already know that I’m here. I may be just as much of a hinder to you as I am a help,” I reply.

“You know how Pan operates. We will need your help. I’ll take my chances. Please,” Emma almost begs. I think for a minute. Saying a silent prayer to all the Gods I have ever heard of and all the ones I have never heard of I make my decision.

“Alright, I’ll come with you,” I tell them. We all head into the forest.

Author’s Note 2: Please read and review/comment. Again I will post faster if you review. Hope you enjoyed it!!!!

Chapter 2


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