Chapter 2

Author’s Note: Here is chapter 2. Hope you enjoy it. A lot of this story has dialog from the show. That dialog is not mine and belongs to the people who wrote it. I don’t own OUAT.

Temptation Falling
By: giddyfan

Chapter 2

As we trek through the forest the order goes Charming, who is cutting through with his sword, Killian, Emma, myself, Snow, and then Regina.

“The ridge is just a few hundred paces up ahead,” Killian tells everyone.

“You really think we’re gonna be able to see Pan’s hideout?” Emma questions.

“From there, we should be able to see everything, including where he’s keeping Henry,” I confirm.

“You know, I could have just poofed us up there in an instant,” Regina complains.

“Where? Have you any idea what’s up here or anywhere? There are dangers all about. Only Audrey and I can guide us past them,” Killian argues.

“He’s right. They’ve lived here before. If they says hiking up is the best way, then we listen,” Emma supports. Charming continues to cut through but Killian stops him.

“No. No!” he holds Charming’s arm. I look and see dreamshade.

“I can handle a couple of thorns,” Charming excuses.

“That’s dreamshade. It’s not the thorns you have to worry about. It’s the poison they inject you with. This plant is the source of the toxins I used on The Dark One,” Killian explains.

“The poison that almost killed Gold?” Emma asks.

“Indeed. I used a concentrated dose,” Killian answers.

“In its natural form, death would be much slower and far more painful. I’ve seen Pan use it on a lot of people,” I reveal.

“I suggest we go this way,” Killian suggests.

Pointing the other way Charming says, “We’ll go this way.” As we walk Snow comes up to me.

“You never found any issue with what Pan did to people?” she inquires.

“No. You must think of me as such an awful person. Before coming here I had no family. Then I am the only girl on the island. I felt…special,” I voice.

“How did you and Hook become ‘siblings’?” Snow wonders.

“That’s a story for another time,” I dismiss not wanting to open that wound more than it already has by being here. We arrive at the ridge and look over the entire island. The forest has grown since I’ve left.

“Up here! We made it,” David calls. Killian and Emma arrive.

“Pan’s lair should be just right…,” Killian starts.

“Where? All I see is jungle,” Regina interrupts.

“Aye. The Dark Jungle,” Killian replies. He takes out is spyglass and looks through it. After a minute he gives it to me. I look through it where Peter’s camp was before. It is not there. “It’s, uh, grown so much since I last stepped foot in Neverland,” Killian voices my thoughts from before.

“Pan must have changed the location of his camp since I’ve last been there,” I communicate and give Killian back his spyglass.

“So this nature hike was for nothing,” Regina whines.

“Hook may have led us astray, but at least we’re in a good position to start combing the jungle,” Charming strategizes.

“Not exactly. The Dark Jungle’s the last place you wanna set foot. We’ll have to go around it. In order to do that, we’re gonna need our strength. I suggest we make camp,” Killian proposes.

“You wanna sleep while my son is out there suffering?” Regina questions Killian.

“If we want to live long enough to save him. Yes,” I support. We find a clearing in the forest to set up a camp. As everyone gets ready for bed I walk over to Killian. He was the only one I’ve ever told everything about what happened when I was here the last time. “Can I sleep near you?” I ask him. He nods but he has a curious look on his face.

“What’s wrong?” he inquires.

“I am worried about seeing him again,” I confess not looking Killian in the eye. He puts his good hand on one of my shoulders. This causes me to look up.

“It’s gonna be okay,” he tries to reassure me. I nod and go back to looking at the ground. “I’ll be right back,” Killian says. I unroll my blanket next to Killian’s. Looking up I see Killian talking to Emma. Two times she flicks a glance towards me. He is evidently explaining out brother sister like relationship.

A few minutes later I lay down next to Killian and fall asleep dreaming of memories of long ago. I wake up and Emma tells us about her encounter with Pan. My body tenses and I can see Killian notice. Snow and Charming go out to see if Peter left a trail. He never does.

“He so likes his games,” Killian expresses.

“What game? There’s nothing there,” Regina exclaims.

“If he said there’s a map on this parchment, then there is,” I respond.

“Great. So if I just stop denying who I really am, whatever that means, then we’ll be able to read this thing,” Emma mutters.

“But how do we know Pan won’t use it to lead us straight into a trap?” Regina questions Pan.

“Because he doesn’t need to. This whole island’s his bloody trap,” Killian states. Charming and Snow come back from searching the jungle.

“There’s no sign of him anywhere,” Charming confirms what I thought would be the case.

“Any luck with the map?” Snow wonders.

“Don’t hold your breath,” Regina comments.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Emma inquires.

“Don’t you see what he’s doing? Every second we spend talking about this is another second we’re not looking for my son,” Regina remarks.

“You got a better idea?” Emma asks.

“Magic. If there’s a lock on there, I’ll find a way around it,” Regina says walking up to Emma. Emma puts her hand on the map to prevent Regina from grabbing it.

“Pan said it had to be me,” Emma reasons.

“I’d listen to Emma. Breaking Pan’s rules would be…unwise,” Killian declares.

“Sadly, I agree with the pirate,” Charming agrees.

“You’re winning him over,” I speak.

“And your magic doesn’t exactly have a gentle touch, Regina,” Snow points out.

“Use it on the map, it might blow up in all our faces,” Charming follows.

“Well, that’s a risk I’m willing to take,” Regina conveys.

“Well, I’m not. If I’m the one who’s supposed to figure out this thing, I need to do what Pan said,” Emma admits.

“Great,” Regina mutters.

“She’ll get there. Hey. Don’t give up. If he’s playing a game. You can win,” Snow says. Emma sits down and her parents sit across from her. Killian, Regina, and I continue to stand.

“Peter Pan never fails,” I whisper. Killian hears and gives me look that says he recognizes the phrase.

“My name is Emma Swan,” Emma says to the map.

“I’d wager the solution to Pan’s riddle is a bit more complicated than that,” Killian exclaims.

“Don’t hold anything back,” Snow encourages.

“I’m Henry’s mother. I used to live in Boston, and I was a bail bondsperson. I’m now the sheriff of Storybrooke,” Emma lists off.

“That election was a sham. Are we really doing this?” Regina wonders.

“Don’t you think maybe you’re leaving some things out?” Snow inquires.

“I’m the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, which apparently makes me the product of true love. I was born in the Enchanted Forest and I was sent through a portal in a tree so that I could break a curse,” Emma continues. I see Killian get a curious look on his face when Emma says she is the product of true love.

“And you were able to break the curse because you’re the…,” Charming prompts.

“Come on. You don’t need to be embarrassed to say it,” Snow adds.

“Say what?” Killian asks not following. Emma looks at Regina.

“The ‘s’ word,” Regina hints.

“I’m the savior,” Emma states. The parchment doesn’t reveal anything.

“I don’t get it. I said I’m the savior. There’s nothing I’ve denied more than that,” Emma discloses.

“No, it’s okay. We’ll figure it out,” Snow remains optimistic.

“No, you won’t,” Regina contradicts. She walks up and grabs the parchment.

“Regina!” Emma cries.

“But I can. I’m beginning to think there isn’t a map on here. That doesn’t mean it can’t lead us to Henry,” Regina thinks out loud.

“I thought we decided that using magic was a bad idea,” Charming repeats the discussion from earlier.

“For once I agree with the prince,” Killian agrees. Charming looks at him surprised.

“Well, she told you we’re getting along,” Killian remarks. Regina waves her hand over the map and it glows.

“What the hell are you doing?” Emma wonder.

“A locator spell. This parchment belonged to Pan. It’ll lead us to him,” Regina explains. The map floats away towards the dark jungle.

“So it appears we will be venturing into the Dark Jungle after all,” Killian observes.

“You mean the place you two told us never to set foot?” Emma inquires.

“That’s the one,” I confirm.

“Well, Emma, you said you wanted to be the leader. Lead,” Regina delivers. After walking for some time the map stops.

“Wait. He’s there. Pan. I can feel his smugness,” Regina holds up her hand stopping us. Charming pulls out his sword.

“Shall we? While we still have the element of surprise on our side?” he commands. I get out an arrow from my quiver.

“Careful. He may look like a boy, but he’s a bloody demon,” Killian warns Emma. As we approach the clearing Killian makes sure to block me. Emma calls out to a figure that has Henry’s cloths on. It turns around and it is Peter. I take in a breath. Of course he looks the same as he did before.

“Where the hell is Henry?” Emma demands.

“You broke the rules. That’s not fair. Bad form. I expected more from you, captain,” Peter taunts.

“Aye, and you’ll get it,” Killian answers.

“Give Henry to me,” Emma tells Peter.

“Sorry. Can’t. Don’t you know? Cheaters never win,” Peter refuses. Lost Boys surround us. Some have arrows and some have swords or sticks.

“Watch out for their arrows. They’re laced with dreamshade,” Killian warns everyone. As the fighting goes on I see Charming get nicked by an arrow and Emma struggle emotionally with Devin, one of the lost boys.

“Peter!” I shout. I see Peter’s eyes immediately find me. The lost boys stop. No one calls him Peter.

“Audrey?” Peter gasps.

“Let these people go and take me instead,” I offer. I have noticed that he has more lost boys then the last time I was here. Walking through the crowd towards Peter I recognize Devin, Felix and a few others. I walk right up to Peter and put my arms in front of me, ready for them to be tied. Peter raises one eyebrow at me.

After a moment he responds, “Deal. Felix tie her up.” Peter and I continue to stare at each other as Felix ties my wrists together. When he is done he moves us behind Peter. “Remember what I told you. That map will show you where Henry is. Only when you stop denying who you really are. I’ll make sure to send Henry your regards,” Peter says to Emma. Felix pushes me away but I am able to give one last look to Killian who looks worried about me.

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