Chapter 3

Author’s Note: Here is chapter 3. WARNING: this chapter contains smut. Hope you all love it. A lot of this story contains dialog from the show. I don’t own that dialog and they belong to the people who wrote it. I don’t own OUAT.

Temptation Falling
By: giddyfan

Chapter 3

As the boys shout and run back to the camp Felix and Perter hang back with me. After a few minutes Peter nods to Felix and Felix leaves us. I wonder why but figure it out when we get to the camp. Henry is not in sight. Felix must be distracting him. Peter leads me to his room in the tree. When he moves the cloth I see it is unchanged just like him. Peter unties my wrists and I nervously look up at him. He throws the rope on the floor and takes a step towards me.

Peter cups my cheek with one of his hands. I close my eyes at the warm feeling it provides, slightly leaning into it. Peter tilts my head somewhat and his lips press against mine. I melt as he wraps his arms around me. Opening my eyes I look deep into his eyes. When he licks my lips with his tongue I open my mouth to deepening the kiss. One of Peter’s hands goes into my hair and he pulls me against him. I moan as things start to get heated. Peter pulls away.

“I’ve missed you,” he whispers.

“I’ve missed you too,” I whisper back.

“I have to go but I’ll be back soon. Don’t think you’re off the hook about telling me why you’re here,” Peter tells me.

He gives me one more kiss and then leaves. I look around the bedroom. It is a large area. There is a bear pelt on top of a queen sized bed that Peter sleeps in. Climbing on it I cover myself with the pelt. I quickly fall asleep in the familiar place. A figure stirs me from my slumber.

“It’s alright it is just me,” I hear Peter say. He slides in next to me in bed. Peter’s arms wrap around me and I cuddle into him. “Go back to sleep,” he commands. I twist my neck and give him a sleepy kiss. Then my head falls onto Peter’s chest and I succumb to sleep once again.
I am awaken by an arm grabbing me and hauling me up. Felix is pulling me out of Peter’s room and into the jungle. For someone who is always ready for attack Peter always was a heavy sleeper. We get to a small area and Felix throws me down to the ground. I wince from the impact then get up.

“Why are you back? You will just distract Pan,” Felix growls. I dust myself off and say,

“You always were jealous of my relationship with Peter.” Felix quickly walks up to me and punches me in the face. I put my hand to my lip and see that there is blood. There is a rustle of branches and Devin appears. He looks at me and gets a distressed and confused look on his face. We were always good friends when I was here before.

“Pan told you to retie her wrists not beat her up,” Devin turns to Felix. Felix glares at Devin and grabs my wrists. He reties them together. Devin goes ahead as Felix pulls me along.

“Stay here,” Felix orders. I am still in the jungle but I can see inside the camp. However I am inside enough so that if you weren’t looking you wouldn’t see me. Peter cuckoos and throws an apple towards Henry.

“Wake up,” Peter walks up to Henry. Henry looks relatively unharmed. Hopefully I can get a message to him about his family being here without the others knowing.

“I don’t like apples,” Henry tells Peter sitting up.

“Who doesn’t like apples?” Peter questions.

“It’s a family thing,” Henry excuses. Peter smiles and crouches down to Henry’s level.

“Don’t worry. They’re not for eating. It’s for a kind of game. A really fun game,” Peter explains. He takes out a cross bow and aims it at Henry. “I call it target practice,” Peter reveals. Peter walks over to the lost boys who have gathered around. Henry gets up and stands somewhat away. Peter dips an arrow into a bowl filled with something.

“What’s that?” Henry asks.

“Dreamshade. A nasty poison. I’ve heard a story about a man who once shot an apple off his son’s head with an arrow,” Peter replies. He prepares the crossbow for shooting. This is how he trained all the lost boys including me. “Let’s find out if this is possible,” Peter conveys.

“If you’re shooting the apple what’s the poison for?” Henry inquires.

“A motivation not to miss,” Peter answers. He playfully he aims the crossbow.

“Felix,” he calls. Felix pulls me from the trees and towards Henry. Henry protests and then sees me.

“Audrey?” he gasps. Felix straightens me up.

“Henry it’s okay. Their okay,” I reassure trying to get him the message. Felix uses his stick and hits me in the stomach. I bend over in pain.

“Felix!” Peter warns. Felix again straightens me. The other lost boys start chanting for Henry to shoot. Peter whispers something in Henry’s ear as Felix puts the apple on my head. I keep my face blank to hide my fear. Henry aims at the apple. At the last second he changes targets and shoots the arrow at Peter. Peter catches it in midair. “Told you it was exhilarating,” Peter declares. The lost boys gather around Henry and Peter comes over to me. He guides me into the jungle. We walk for a little bit and then appear near some rocks. Peter unties my wrists and I rub them. He puts his hand Felix punched me.

“Let me heal this,” he remarks. I shake my head no. His expression is so different from the way it is with everyone else. It is soft and I can see the worry in it. I lift up my shirt slightly and see a bruise start to form where Felix hit me in the stomach. Peter doesn’t ask this time and just heals that one.

“Thanks,” I thank him. Peter cups my face and I instinctively lean into it.

“Why are you here?” Peter asks. Well that was not what I thought he would say right now.

“Henry’s my friend. I want to make sure he’s going to be okay,” I answer honestly.

“He’s safe,” Peter conveys.

I raise my eyebrows at him, “You forget that I know all your secrets Peter. Except what you are planning for Henry.” I paused before the last part. Peter takes his hand from my face and looks at the ground.

“Henry has the heart of the truest believer,” Peter discloses.

“What does that mean?” I inquire. Peter makes a face and I can tell he is getting annoyed. “I’m sorry. Let’s not fight right now,” I apologize looking down. Peter lifts my chin up and I meet his eyes.

Suddenly our lips are crashing against each other’s. Immediately, I open my mouth for him and our tongues start dancing. Peter’s hand moves from under my chin into my hair. My arms move wrapping them around his neck. This pulls us up against each other. Peter’s other arm goes around my waist. I can feel the heat radiating off him. Peter releases my lips and attaches his to my neck. I moan loudly in pleasure as he sucks on my pulse point. Peter lowers us down to the ground. The world around me is in a haze. Peter moves south and kisses the top of my breast. I arch up into him. He growls and grinds his dick into me. Our surroundings come back to me a little and I realize we are out in the open.

“Not here,” I say my breathing heavy. Peter uses his magic and we appear in his bedroom laying on his bed. He slithers back up my body and reconnects our mouths. My hands dive into his hair gripping it tight. He groans which is muffled by our mouths. Peter grinds his hips again. Just as he is about to take off my shirt there is a knock. Peter detaches his mouth from mine and closes his eyes for a second. He gets off me and pokes his head outside the curtain. I try to control my breathing. After a minute he turns back around. I prop myself on my elbows.

“I have to go but I will return soon,” Peter informs me. I sigh in disappointment. Peter kisses me again then pulls back. “Next time we won’t be interrupted,” he promises and leaves the room. I huff and lay back on the bed.

After my heartbeat calms down, I look around the room. A section has been blocked off with another pelt. I move it aside and find a large bathtub. Smiling I close my eyes and believe that when I open them the tub will be filled with hot water. When I open my eyes the tub is filled with water. I take off my clothes and sink into the warm water. I soak there for a while feeling truly at peace.

Eventually I scrub the dirt off of me and get out. The water disappears as I look for something to wear. I don’t want to put on my clothes again. So I just put back on my panties and one of Peter’s shirts. I lay back on the bed and wait. Instinctively I know that Peter wants me to stay in the room. Just as I am thinking about going to look for Peter he walks into the room. Peter sucks in a breath. I blush smiling kind of shyly. Feeling the bed shift I look up to find Peter crawling towards me. Our lips collide and we start off right where we left off. I grab his shirt and shed it off him. My hands move up his muscular chest and to his toned arms. After kissing some more Peter takes his shirt off me. He takes one of my breasts in his mouth and I groan loudly. Arching into him I can feel his dick against me.

“Peter,” I moan. He switches to my other breast and does the same sweet torture to that one. My center is soaking and throbbing for him. Bucking my hips, my center comes in contact with his dick. He growls and releases my breast. “Need you,” I beg. Peter temporarily sits up to rid himself of the rest of his cloths and my panties. He puts two fingers inside me to see if I am ready.

“Oh Audrey,” he moans when he feels how wet I am. Peter removes his fingers and lines himself up. I wrap my legs around his waist. He pushes into me slowly knowing we haven’t done this in a while. When he bottoms out he stops giving me a second to adjust to his (not at all disappointing) size. I give him a nod and a kiss telling him that I am ready. Peter starts moving and I relish in the heat and friction. As we get higher and higher Peter goes faster and faster.

“So close Peter,” I moan feeling myself on the edge.

Peter leans into my ear and whispers, “Me too. Cum now.” We both explode at the same time muffling our screams by kissing each other. Peter slumps and lays on top of me. After a minute he rolls over and pulls out of me. His arm comes around my waist and he pulls me to him. I snuggle into him and lay my head on his chest. Quickly I fall asleep. When I wake up Peter isn’t there. On his side there is a note.


I talked to Henry and he told me that you told him that you were here before. Because of this I think you can come out and be in the camp. Come and join the celebration.


I smile at the note. From outside I can hear drums and the lost boys dancing. I pick up my cloths and put them on. Smoothing out my hair I move to go out into the camp. Suddenly the music and shouts stop. Curious I peak outside without revealing I am there. I see Peter sitting and all the lost boys including Henry is lying on the ground. They are not dead just sleeping.

“We have a guest! No doubt someone who knows how much I like guessing games. Who could it be? I guess…,” Peter says. He flicks his hand and one of the torches lights. “The Dark One. Come to save Henry, have you, laddie? How exciting. The Dark One ready to sacrifice his life for his family,” Peter remarks as Rumple comes into view. “Speaking of family…,” Peter starts. He flicks his hand again and another torch lights. “You can come out now, Baelfire,” Peter finishes.

“Name’s Neal now,” I man comes out aiming a crossbow at Peter. I recognize him from Storybrooke.

“New name, but the same old tricks. It’s heartwarming to see father and son working together, especially after you abandoned him, Rumple. This is a real family reunion,” Peter mocks.

“What are you waiting for?” Rumple questions Bae.

“I got this,” Bae mutters and shoots. Peter catches the arrow before it hits him.

“Clever. But we’ve been through this before, Baelfire. Have you remembered nothing?” Peter gets angry.

“I remember plenty. That’s why I didn’t coat the tip,” Bae states as Peter drops the arrow. A purple glow surrounds Peter.

“Grab Henry,” Rumple tells Bae.

“Well, how about that? I’m impressed. But are you sure you’re really saving him, Bae?” Peter inquires.

“What could be worse than leaving him here with you?” Bae asks.

“Why don’t you ask your father? Sometimes the people we should fear the most are the ones closest to us,” Peter claims.

“W…what’s he talking about?” Bae wonders picking up Henry and putting him over his shoulders.

“Don’t listen to him,” Rumple replies.

“You mean you haven’t told him?” Peter inquires.

“Told me what?” Bae questions his father.

“Why, about the prophecy, of course,” Peter responds.

“What prophecy? What’s he mean?” Bae asks.

“The prophecy that says you’ve been tricked. Your father isn’t here to rescue your son. He’s here to murder him,” Peter answers. When Baelfire and Rumple leave with Henry I run out next to Peter.

“Are you okay?” I ask him. Peter’s expression softens when he sees how worried I am.

“It’s alright. The effects are only temporary,” Peter explains. I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding. “Can…can you move me so the lost boys don’t see me like this when they wake up?” Peter inquires. He has a vulnerable look on his face. How could I refuse? I half carry, half drag Peter into the jungle. Once we are a good distance away I stop making sure Peter is standing up right.

“What do we do now?” I wonder.

“Now we wait. It will wear off in a few minutes,” Peter answers. I nod and sit down on the ground. The minutes seem like an eternity but eventually they are up. I get up off the ground and hug Peter tightly. He briefly hugs me back and then pulls away. “We need to get back to the camp,” Peter exclaims. He takes my hand and pulls me along back to the camp. When we get there all of the lost boys are woken up. “Boys some people have taken something of ours. Let’s go hunting!” Peter shouts. The lost boys whoop grabbing their weapons and running into the jungle. Peter turns to me, “Stay here.” I nod and he cups my cheek for a few seconds before leaving. Sighing I go and sit on the log where Peter usually sits. It isn’t long before they return. Felix is carrying Henry with Peter close behind him. Felix lays Henry down where he was before.

“Is he okay?” I question Peter.

“He’s fine,” Peter answers. The lost boys start their party back up.

“Come and join us,” Peter remarks.

“I want to be here for when Henry wakes up,” I tell him. I look up and see a combination of sadness and anger on Peter’s face. Tilting my head to the side I say, “Come on now. Nothing to be jealous of.” Peter smirks and goes over to his lost boys. Henry groans as he wakes up.

“What happened?” Henry asks.

“You fell asleep,” I tell him.

“Audrey, what is going on?” Henry inquires.

“I am undercover here. Are you alright?” I communicate. Peter comes over.

“Wait. I…I remember something. My dad…when I was asleep, I… I could’ve sworn I heard him calling for me,” Henry remembers.

“Really?” I wonder glancing at Peter.

“It must’ve been a dream,” Henry rationalizes.

“Well, how can you be sure?” Peter asks.

“Because…cause my dad’s dead,” Henry reveals.

“I’m sorry, Henry. It makes sense for us to dream about the things we’ve lost and the things we hoped for, like your father being alive and your mother coming to find you. But eventually, you’ll find new things to dream about. And when you do, they’ll start to come true,” Peter speaks.

“How do you know?” Henry inquires.

“Because that’s what I did. And now you’re here. Neverland used to be a place where new dreams were born. You can bring that magic back, Henry. And we can be your family,” Peter conveys. Henry thinks about that. “I’d like to play a song, a song for our guest of honor…Henry,” Peter announces. He starts to play. As Henry joins in the dancing I move next to Peter. I keep my face neutral but inside I am panicking for myself and most of all for Henry.

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