Chapter 6 of Tf

Author’s Note: Another short chapter. Try to enjoy it anyway. A lot of this story has dialog from the show. I don’t own those words and they belong to the people who wrote them. I don’t own OUAT.

Temptation Falling
By: giddyfan

Chapter 6

When we get back to the camp Baelfire explains his plan. “Pan’s shadow? That’s your way off the island?” Emma questions.

“Unfortunatly, it’s the only way,” Baelfire remarks.

“We thought you learned how to navigate the stars,” Charming states.

“I know how to navigate the stars, but I can’t fly,” Baelfire responds.

“I’m guessing that’s where the shadow comes in,” Snow concludes.

“That’s why we have to capture it,” Baelfire replies.

“Capture it? We’ve never been within ten feet of Pan unless he wanted us to be. Sneaking up on him to steal his shadow? That sounds insane,” Emma protests.

“Except Pan’s shadow is rarely with him. It’s an entity unto itself. It can carry out his will from miles away,” I inform them.

“You look familiar have we met?” Baelfire inquires.

“Yes we’ve met before. A long time ago when you were on this island the first time,” I disclose.

“Audrey?” Bae can’t believe.

“Glad to see you again and on friendlier terms,” I respond.

“What does that mean for us?” Charming refocuses us.

“It means we can get his shadow without having to be anywhere near Pan…as long as you know where to look. I know where to look,” Bae reveals.

“Okay. You and I are on shadow duty,” Emma commands.

“As am I,” Killian volunteers.

“This trek won’t be easy. You could use another veteran of the island,” Killian explains.

“Thanks man,” Bae thanks Killian.

“Well in the meantime, we’ll give Tinker Bell a heads up, see if she can make good on her promise to get us into Pan’s camp since Audrey isn’t sure she can do it,” Charming plans.

“Okay we meet back at Tink’s. Then we get Henry and get the hell back to Storybrooke,” Emma conveys and we all go to get ready.

“You be careful Killian,” I tell him.

“I will,” he replies.

“I won’t be there to save you or babysit you,” I tease him even though our conversation is serious.

“I’ll be fine. So will you,” Killian remarks. We hug briefly and I go over to Snow and Charming. We split up and trek through the jungle. It is a quiet journey and I can feel the tension between Snow and Charming. I take a drink from my canteen and hand it to Charming.

He takes a drink (with the limited water we have all been sharing canteens) and hands it to Snow, “Here.”

“I’m okay,” Snow mutters.

“Are you?” Charming questions. “Because you’ve hardly said two words to me since the caves. Hell since yesterday,” Charming yells.

“Look, I know your upset I didn’t tell you I was poisoned. And even though it might seem like it wasn’t fair, that’s all I was trying to do…be fair,” Charming tries to explain.

“I think Tinker Bell’s is that way,” Snow points in a different direction.

As I walk besides Charming I whisper over to him, “Keep trying.” We continue to walk to Tink’s place in silence for a while. I go ahead but can hear Charming and Snow.

“I think we’re almost at Tink’s,” Charming comments. “I see why she picked this area. Nice quiet jungle. Might make a good spot for a hut, don’t you think?” he asks but doesn’t get a response. “Mary Margret. Snow!” Charming calls. I know they are about to have it out so I move ahead so they can’t see me. Unfortunately I can still hear them. “When are you gonna start talking to me again? When we’re storming Pan’s camp? When we’re grabbing Henry? When?! You need to say something,” Charming shouts.

“Why? You didn’t. You didn’t tell me anything,” Snow finally replies.

“At first, I was hoping that I could find a cure for the poison. And if I could, then I… I figured there was no reason to worry you,” Charming tries to explain.

“Okay. But then you did find a cure, and you still didn’t tell me,” Snow points out.

“I know,” Charming responds.

“So what, were afraid of worrying me again?” Snow asks.

“No. I…I…I didn’t think…,” Charming looks for the right words.

“No, you didn’t…you didn’t think? You didn’t think I had a right to know you could never leave this island?! Why didn’t you tell me?” Snow inquires.

“I was scared!” Charming yells.

“Did you think I wouldn’t stay here with you? After everything we’ve been through? Did you think I would ever leave your side?” Snow questions.

“No, I knew you wouldn’t. That’s what scared me. And I didn’t want that for you. I didn’t want you to be stuck on this island with me. The price of this cure was something I didn’t want to force on you,” Charming tells her.

“Love means being together,” Snow says.

“I know. It also means sacrifice. And protecting the person you love. How could…a part of me not want you to leave this place?” Charming proposes.

“I would happily build a tree house and spend the rest of my days dodging poison arrows and lost boys, as long as I had you by my side. But you should have told me,” Snow declares.

“I know. I’m sorry,” Charming apologizes.

“You didn’t believe, David. You needed to believe in us,” I hear Snow faintly say. A few minutes later they come through.

“Thanks,” Snow whispers her thanks to me.

“No problem,” I whisper back. We get to Tink’s hideout and wait. A little while later we hear foliage rustling. Tinker Bell comes out.

“I was wondering if I’d see you again. But if you’ve come to talk me into helping you before you’ve found a way off this island, I still…,” Tink starts.

“We found one, or we’re about to,” I interrupt.

“Audrey? Is that you?” Tink wonders.

“Nice to see you again Tink,” I greet.

“Pan’s shadow. Emma went with Hook and Neal to capture it. That’s our way off the island,” Snow states.

“Capture Pan’s shadow? Yeah, I’m not lifting a finger until I see some proof that you’ve actually succeeded,” Tink doesn’t believe.

“Hey. Here’s all the proof you need,” Bae says as he, Emma, and Killian come into view. “It’s been a long time Tink,” Bae remarks.

“Bae? Is it really you?” Tink inquires.

“Yeah. Most people call me Neal now,” Bae responds.

“We did it. Are you finally ready to do your part Tink?” Killian asks. Oh we are definitely going to have to talk about that attitude.

“Yes. Yes, I am,” Tink confirms. Tink leads us as Emma and Bae take up the rear talking.

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