Chapter 8 of Tf

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Temptation Falling
By: giddyfan

Chapter 8

Emma’s POV

Mary Margaret, Regina and I slowly walk to Pan’s ‘thinking tree’. We come up and see Pandora’s Box and Audrey lying unconscious.

“Look,” Regina draws our attention to it. Where is Pan? Knowing he is probably around somewhere I draw my sword as we all approach the tree. Mary Margaret sets aside her bag of arrow shafts on the ground and moves to check Audrey. “Careful. Pan wouldn’t have just left her and it behind for no reason,” Regina warns stopping Mary Margaret.

“She could be dying and that’s David’s only way home. Without Gold, we’re stuck here,” Mary Margaret argues. She tries to grab to go to Audrey and get the box, but vines ensnare her from behind.

“Mary Margaret!” I shout. Mary Margaret is flung against the tree and tied in place by the vines. Regina and I are suddenly dealt the same fate. In the process, I drop my sword. We all struggle against the vines, but it does nothing.

Pan walks out from behind the tree, “You’re still at it. Don’t you know, Peter Pan never fails?” Pan picks up my sword. I vaguely remember Audrey whispering that phrase while we were trying to find Henry. “I didn’t expect you to find me. Then again, I shouldn’t be surprised. You’re mothers. Quite tenacious about your offspring. Believe it or not, I understand that. But if you’re looking to see Henry again, I have to tell you there’s only one place you’ll be reunited, in death,” Pan mocks. Regina gets angrier at Pan and struggles against the vines harder. All three of us are trying to break through the vines unsuccessfully.

“Having trouble moving? Can’t be surprised given where you are. Do you see what is hastening your demise is your regret?” Pan teases.

“What are you talking about?” I ask confused.

Looking up at the tree Pan explains, “This tree is the site of a very important event for me. I abandoned my boy here.”

“You have a son?” Regina questions.

“I’m older than I look,” Pan comments.

“If you have a child, you must regret losing him, too,” I conclude.

“But I don’t. Quite the opposite, actually,” Pan starts. He picks up the box, “See, I have him all boxed up so I don’t lose him again.”

“Rumplestiltskin is your son?” Regina inquires.

“That he is,” Pan confirms.

“How’s that possible? You’re…,” Mary Margaret starts.

“Younger than him?” Pan interrupts smiling. “Not really. Just like you and your daughter,” Pan tells us.

“You’re a fraud. Your magic is weakened. You can’t even hurt us; let alone Rumplestiltskin,” Regina calls him out.

“You’re right. But that’s why I’m here. This tree will protect me till my powers restored. And then, well… then I get to have some real fun. Then I won’t ever have to worry about my child again. Something we will all soon have in common,” Pan admits.

“What about Audrey?” I wonder. Pan looks over at her and his expression soften in a way I didn’t think possible.

“Audrey just made some mistakes. But I have fixed that,” Pan says. He turns back around his hard face back in place. He holds up a purple rock.

“What’s that?” Mary Margaret asks.

“A nifty little stone that takes away memories. I came across it in my travels. I took away Audrey’s bad memories of me. Now she can rejoin the lost boys as if she never left,” Pan explains. He turns around and bends down next to Audrey. His plan, that look he has when he looks at her. He wants to be with her forever. He loves her. “So you see. You really won’t succeed,” Pan says standing up and facing us after setting the purple rock next to Audrey.

“There has to be another way,” I convey trying to lunge at him.

“You’re not going to get to me. See, this tree attacks the regret inside anyone who comes here, and you, you’ve got plenty,” Pan gets back to business.

“I regret not taking a better shot at you when I had the chance,” I state getting angrier.

“That’s not all, is it, savior? No. I have your son’s heart inside me. I can feel just how much you let him down time and time again,” Pan exclaims.

“Leave her alone,” Mary Margaret comes to my defense.

Coming over to Mary Margaret Pan addresses her, “Perhaps I should. After all, what chance did you have of being a good mother? Look at the example you set. Abandoning her for twenty-eight years.”

“Are you finished?” Regina asks fed up.

“Last words from the Queen. Perhaps a deathbed confession from the one who has the most regrets of all,” Pan comments.

“Yeah, there’s one problem with that. I did cast a curse that devastated an entire population. I have tortured and murdered. I’ve done some terrible things. I should be overflowing with regret, but, I’m not,” Regina states. She pulls herself, as well as us, free from the vines.

“Because it got me my son,” Regina declares. She goes over to Pan and rips out Henry’s heart from his chest. Pan collapses on the ground and the box falls out of his hands. He reaches for something but I am not sure if it is the box or Audrey. Regina picks the box up. “Now, let’s go save Henry,” she commands.

Audrey’s POV

All of a sudden I wake up with a gasp. I look around and see Rumple, Emma, and Killian all around me. Observing my surroundings I notice I am in the crew’s quarters. “What happened?” I ask.

“Pan took some of your memories and knocked you out,” Killian answers.

“How?” I inquire curious.

“This is a special type of magical rock made by rock trolls. It sucks memories out of someone’s head,” Rumple explains.

“Thank you,” I thank him knowing he was the one who put them back. Rumple nods his head and leaves.

“Why would Peter take my memories?” I wonder. I am comfortable calling him Peter now that it is just Killian and Emma.

“He said he only took the bad ones. Pan said that when he was immortal he would wake you and you two could live in Neverland together forever,” Emma discloses. I sigh absorbing the information with disbelief. “I think he really loved you,” Emma comments and leaves.

“Is Peter…gone?” I question not able to say dead.

“Yes luv he is,” Killian sadly answers. A tear falls down my cheek.

“Is it okay to cry about it?” I ask as more tears fall.

“Yes,” Killian says. My heart breaks as I feel the full impact of losing the man I loved. Killian pulls me into a tight hug letting me cry on his shoulder. After a few minutes I pull back. “Hey now. Dry those tears. Pirates don’t cry,” Killian jokes wiping my face. I giggle as he tries to make me feel better. “Do you want to stay here or come up on deck with the rest of us?” Killian inquires.

“I’ll come up,” I smile. I come up on deck just as everyone is getting ready for the Jolly Roger to fly. Directing the Lost Boys, Snow gets them to stand out of the way of the cannon. Bae holds the coconut containing the Pan’s shadow over a cannon. Emma has a lighter ready.

“Ready, Regina?” she calls to Regina. Regina nods. Emma lights the cannon fuse. Just before it fires, Bae opens the coconut and frees the Shadow. Regina quickly uses her magic to force the Shadow into the ship sail, which turns it black. “You think it’ll fly?” Emma wonders.

“It has no choice,” Regina assures us.

“Then let’s get the hell out of Neverland,” Emma declares.

“As you wish, milady. Weigh anchor!” Killian yells. I help the others get us successfully in the air. Once that happens I grab a plate of food and go sit near Killian. We talk while I eat trying to keep my mind from recent events.

The ship breaks through the clouds and I can see Storybrooke below. Killian at the helm cleverly operates us. We crash through the protection spell destroying it. Killian lands us down smoothly at the docks. Emma puts down the gangplank and Henry disembarks first.

“Nice landing,” I compliment Killian. He smirks and puts his arm around my shoulders. We both are the last to leave the ship. There is a large crowd greeting everyone. Killian and I get separated with everyone wanting to talk to me. When I find him again he is near Snow and Charming.

“How do you feel?” Snow inquires of Charming.

“Pretty good, actually. I think the water must be working,” Charming answers.

“Aye, it is. Dreamshade overtook my brother the moment we left Neverland,” Killian reveals. I grab his hand and squeeze it for a second knowing it is difficult for him to talk about his brother.

“Gold will find a cure. You’ll be okay,” Snow reassures Charming.

“I have to admit, there was a minute there I didn’t believe we were all going to make it out of that place,” Emma admits.

“Well, we did,” Charming declares.

“And we owe a lot of it to her,” Snow says loudly nodding her head at Regina. We all look over to Regina who is standing alone. “Regina helped save us all,” Snow finishes. I smile over to Regina. I have never really had a problem with her before. I knew of her brief history with Killian but that was when he was hell bent on revenge and I never got too much into that. The townspeople murmur in astonishment. Regina looks surprised at Snow’s open praise. The crowd eventually leaves and it is just Killian and I.

Nervously, I look up at him and ask, “I was wondering…can I stay with you?”

Killian smiles and shakes his head, “You don’t even have to ask. Yes. Your room is still there.” I smile and giggle a little at his sentimentality. I knew he was a caring person but it makes me feel special that he kept my room.

Running up the gangplank I go onto the ship. I go to my room which was once a large closet. Hanging up my bow and quiver on the hook on the back of the door I notice the small chest that was in Killian’s quarters. When had he moved it? I open it and find my old clothes from before coming to Storybrooke. Putting on my clothes I survey myself. I have on a long sleeved white shirt with a red leather corset. My black pants hug me much like the leggings or yoga pants of this world. On my feet are sturdy black boots. As I put on my long brown coat I reach for one more thing. It is a gold necklace with a ruby jewel. Killian gave it to me after my first boarding with the crew. I hook it around my neck and am ready to go. When I come back out Killian’s smile could light the whole town.

“Everyone is going over to Granny’s to celebrate,” Killian informs me.

“Let’s go,” I reply. When we get there the party is in full swing. Killian manages to convince Granny that I can have a drink and gets one for me and him. I walk up to Emma and we start talking.

“Nice outfit you got on there,” she comments.

“Well I needed something that reminded me of home. Of my other home,” I tell her.

“I just didn’t realize that Hook meant so much to you,” Emma replies.

“He’s the only family I have,” I respond. Emma smiles at me and someone calls for her. I look over and see Baelfire approach Killian who is staring at Emma. Knowing something bad could happen I make my way over too. I plop down on the other side of Killian just as Bae gets there.

“I don’t think they serve rum at Granny’s,” Bae conveys.

“Don’t worry, I’m not here to pursue the Lady Swan,” Killian replies.

“Yeah you’re just here to throw back a few with the dwarfs.” Bae responds.

“Come on Bae. I always make sure he behaves,” I exclaim.

“I’ve made a decision when it comes to Emma. I’m gonna back off,” Killian tells Bae ignoring my comment.

“Back off?” Bae questions surprised.

“For the sake of the boy. Let his parents have a fair shot without a…devilishly handsome pirate standing in the way,” Killian explains. He gulps down some of his drink.

“You’re serious?” Bae wonders.

“Yeah. I am devilishly handsome,” Killian jokes.

“Thanks, man,” Bae thanks and then takes a swig of his drink.

“Don’t thank me yet. You see, I’m in this for the long haul. You’ve already walked out on Emma once. Not so sure she’ll let you back in. Are you?” Killian states. Bae thinks for a moment and then leaves the counter. Killian looks over to me expecting me to be angry. I am actually proud that of him. He handled that well and realized that for Emma her boy comes first so if he wants to win her heart he needs to put the boy first. As the party winds down Killian and I leave to go back to the Jolly Roger. Killian looks sad.

“Don’t worry. You will be victorious,” I try to cheer him up.

“Why do you say that?” Killian asks knowing what I am talking about.

“I have yet to see you fail,” I say.

“I failed to avenge Milah,” he points out.

I scoff, “That was stupid and I didn’t approve. I like her.” Killian looks at me like I am a hard problem that needs solving. “Good night,” I voice and head to my room. After getting ready to sleep I blow out the lantern and fall asleep in my hammock.

The next morning I wake up refreshed. I go to Killian’s quarters and see that he is not there. It is impossible to tell if he slept in it because he never makes his bed. After getting dressed I head out. While walking to Granny’s I hear a scream. I run towards the sounds of the screams. When I get there I see Charming, Emma, Killian and Tink standing over Blue.

“What happened?” I inquire.

“The Shadow killed Blue,” Tink answers. I walk over and stand next to Killian. I sniff and can smell the rum wafting off of him. Emma makes some calls and eventually Snow and Neal joins us. As they cover Blue’s body Regina walks up with Henry holding her hand.

“What the hell happened?” Regina questions.

“The Shadow. It killed her,” Charming discloses.

“Pan’s shadow? I trapped it on the sail,” Regina remarks.

“Yeah, well, it got free,” Emma expresses.

“Look, let’s go back to the ship and get the candle. If it strikes again, we need to be able to capture it,” Bae plans. I leave with him, Killian, and Tinker Bell. When we get to the Jolly Roger we find the candle quickly. Before we leave to look for the Shadow I stop Killian.

“You were out all night drinking weren’t you?” I demand answers.

“Audrey look…,” Killian starts.

“Dammit Killian. What if I wasn’t here and something happened because you drank too much? I will hide all the rum if I have to!” I shout at him. I walk away passing by Tink and Bae In the background I hear Bae comment about how I keep him in line.

It is dark when we get to Regina’s vault after an unsuccessful day of searching for the Shadow. We find that the vault is locked and there is also magic protecting it. We see the group approach us.

“Is it really you?” Bae wonders. Henry and Peter seem to have switched bodies.

“Dad,” Henry in Peter’s body runs up to Bae and they hug.

“Did you find the Shadow?” Charming inquires.

“Not yet,” Tink delivers.

“Well, we’ll be ready for him when we do,” Killian adds holding up the coconut halves.

“I think its Pan we should be concerned about now. Why are we still up here?” Rumple comments.

“It’s locked up tight,” I tell him.

“Really?” Rumple doesn’t believe. He tries out magic on the vault and for a second we see a glow of the magic protecting the vault.

“She told you,” Bae mutters.

“Fair enough. This is going to take some time,” Rumple says. He begins working to break open the vault with his magic. As he does that I look over at Henry (or Peter).

“This is so weird,” I whisper.

“Imagine it from my view. Did you know he could do this?” Henry (in Peter’s body) questions me.

“No but he always said anything was possible if you just believe,” I convey. As we finish our conversation Rumple finishes breaking through the magic protecting the vault.

“Shall we?” Rumple invites. I stay outside the vault with Killian and Tink not really feeling like it is any of my business being down there. A few minutes later they come out and explain the situation.

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