Last Chapter of TF

Author’s Note: Here is the last chapter. A lot of this story is dialog from the show. I don’t own that dialog and it belongs to the people who wrote it. I don’t own OUAT.

Temptation Falling
By: giddyfan

Chapter 9

“It’s happening again?” Snow mutters.

“Gold, this curse, is it going to work like the last one?” Emma asks.

“The last one was created to service the Queen’s wishes. This will be done per Pan’s desire. I would count on something hellish,” Rumple answers.

“The curse was built to be unstoppable. There’s nothing that can be done,” Regina remarks.

“Well, it is possible to stop it,” Rumple reveals.

“What?” Regina says surprised.

“By using the scroll it itself. It can only be undone by the person who used the scroll. That’s you, Regina. You must destroy the scroll. Both yours and his curses shall be ended, but know this, there will be a price; a steep one,” Rumple explains.

“What do you suggest?” Regina inquires.

“Instead of going to him, bring him to us with a spell,” Rumple suggests. Regina and all of us give him a confused look. “One that will return Pan and Henry to their own bodies,” Rumple clarifies.

“If I’m back in my own body, that means I’ll have the scroll. I can bring it to you guys,” Henry (in Peter’s body) follows.

“Exactly right, Henry,” Rumple compliments Henry.

“Even you aren’t powerful enough to cast such a spell,” Regina points out.

“Well, given the proper tool, I could be,” Rumple declares.

“The Black Fairy’s wand. One of the most powerful fairies that ever existed. Well-versed in dark magic. The Blue Fairy exiled her, but before she did, she took her wand,” Tink informs us.

“I assume our dearly departed Mother Superior has it hidden in her residence,” Rumple voices.

“Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s hit the convent,” Charming speaks.

“Can I come? I should pay my respects to Blue, after all,” Tinker Bell asks. Charming nods in agreement.

“Then it’s settled. The rest of us should get back to my shop and prepare Henry for the spell,” Rumple announces. We all begin dispersing. I feel like someone is behind and turn around abruptly. I look around and up to the sky. There is no one there.

“Are you coming Audrey!” Killian calls for me.

“Yeah!” I yell back and jog to catch up. When we get to the convent there are a few nuns gathered around Blue in her coffin.

“Sorry to interrupt, but we need your help,” Tinker Bell communicates.

“With what?” one of the nuns asks.

“The Black Fairy’s wand is here. We need it,” Bae tells them.

Backing away slightly the same nun that spoke earlier reply, “We can never…”

“Yeah, yeah. It’s a terrible thing, but what’s coming is worse. Where is it?” Tink interrupts. Before the nun can answer, a pounding noise comes from outside. We all turn to see something flying at high speed around the windows.

“What the hell was that?” Charming inquires.

“Pan’s shadow,” I exclaim. We see the Shadow on the other side of a stained glass window. It is attempting to get in.

“What does it want?” the nun wonders.

“The wand,” Killian answers.

“Run, run run!” Charming shouts. The nuns usher out of the room just as the Shadow enters the convent.

“Get the hell out of here!” Charming yells at the Shadow.

“Stay covered! Over there!” Killian shouts. We run to hide behind the church pews. The Shadow keeps making dives towards us making us crouch down further.

“So all we have to do is light the candle, right? That’s how you trapped it in Neverland?” Charming questions.

“Yeah. This time I say we get rid of it for good,” Bae answers.

“I’ll draw it ire,” Killian volunteers.

“You sure you want to do this?” Tink asks.

“It’s the only way to prevent this bloody curse from obliterating us all, then it’s a risk I’m willing to take,” Killian responds.

“I thought you’d only risk your life for love or revenge,” Tink conveys.

“One other important thing, me,” Killian remarks.
As he passes by me I whisper, “Don’t die.” I don’t know if he hears me because he doesn’t acknowledge me.

“Hey!” he yells at the Shadow. Killian ducks as the Shadow lunges down at him. He flashes his trademark smirk. “That the best you got?” he mocks the Shadow. The Shadow roughly knocks him off his feet; sending Killian sprawling onto the floor. Charming rushes to pull him back behind a pew.

“Can you trap it?” Tinker Bell inquires.

“No, it’s too high. We gotta get closer,” Charming states.

“And I can’t fly up there. Tink,” Bae realizes.

“If you didn’t notice, I don’t have my wings,” Tink replies.

“Use pixie dust,” I tell her.

“It doesn’t work,” Tink says.

“Tink, you made it work once. You can do it again,” Charming convinces. Tinker Bell slides out of the pew and uncaps the container of pixie dust. It begins glowing a sparkly green. She closes her eyes and the dust begins working for her. Bae hands her the coconut. She lights the candle and flies into the air to entrap the Shadow inside. Once the lid is on, she comes back down and throws the coconut into an open fire. We all come out of the pews.

“Look who’s still a fairy,” Killian comments to Tink.

“Look who’s still a pirate. You all right?” Tink wonders.

“Well, I lost the hand once. It’s nothing,” Killian looks at his hand.

“For the record, I know why you risked your life back there, and it wasn’t for yourself or revenge. It was for Emma and Audrey,” Tink states.

“Well done, Green,” someone says. We look behind us to see Blue is back to life.

“Blue. You were…,” Tink can’t believe.

“Gone. I know. But when you killed the Shadow, mine was returned and I was revived. Thank you. You finally believed in yourself, Green. Tinker Bell. Welcome back,” Blue explains.

“I’m a fairy again? Even after I disobeyed all your rules?” Tink questions.

Laughing slightly Blue says, “I might have been overly strict. You deserved your wings, Tinker Bell. And you have earned them back many times over.”

“Thank you,” Tink says tearfully.

“As for the Black Fairy’s wand…,” Blue starts. She materializes it in her hand and holds it out to us.

“Go, save us all,” she declares. Blue hands the wand to Bae and all of us except Tink leave the convent to go to the pawnshop. We enter into the shop and go to the back room. Emma and Regina are sitting with Henry (in Peter’s body) in between them.

“She’s back. The Blue Fairy. She gave us the wand,” Charming announces.

“Do we need anything else?” Emma wonders.

“Only one more item,” Rumple conveys. He opens a cabinet to take out a bracelet.

“What is that?” Snow asks.

“This is one of the only useful things that I managed to pilfer from Greg and Tamara before they left for Neverland. It renders anyone with magic utterly powerless,” Rumple discloses.

“I haven’t forgotten about all that, by the way,” Regina remarks disdainfully.

“Let me see your wrist, Henry,” Rumple says. He cuffs it on Peter’s arm.

“I want to make sure when my dear old Dad awakes that he is weakened. This will lock his powers,” Rumple informs us.

“So what happens now?” Henry (in Peter’s body) inquires.

“I enact the spell, you fall into a deep sleep and when you awake, you’re back in your own body,” Rumple explains.

“Then you hang into that scroll and come find us as fast as you can,” Regina says to Henry. Bae hands the wand to Rumple.

Henry sighs and apologizes, “I gave my heart to Pan. I thought I was being a hero. I’m sorry.”

“You’re not the one who needs to be sorry. Pan does,” Charming reassures.

“It’s time,” Rumple announces. Henry lies down on the cot. Emma and Regina move away. “Keep your eye on the wand,” Rumple instructs. Henry closes his eyes as Rumple casts the spell. Peter’s body begins convulsing.

“What’s happening?” Emma wonders.

“Henry’s spirit is leaving Pan’s body,” Rumple answers. The shaking continues and eventually subsides.

“It worked,” Regina declares.

“Let’s go find our son,” Emma says to Regina. Everyone begins leaving the shop. Belle and Bae follow suit. They stop when they notices Rumple is not moving from his spot.

“You’re not coming?” Belle asks Rumple.

“No, no. I think not. My father and I have, some unfinished family business,” Rumple replies. Belle leaves him to it. Bae waits for a beat longer then leaves. Rumple glances at me out of the corner of his eye and I meet it. He nods and I nod back then exit the shop. I catch up with the group. I am standing next to Emma as Granny sniffs Henry out.

“I’ve got a scent. He’s nearby,” Granny tells everyone.

“The tower?” Emma wonders. We all approach the clock tower building as Henry, now back in his original body, runs out from the library.

“It’s me, it’s me! It worked!” he yells. Henry rushes to hug both his mothers.

“Mom, mom…I just saw you guys. You guys just saw me,” Henry pleads.

“But we didn’t see you,” Regina remarks.

“He’s got it,” Emma states. Henry hands her the scroll and Emma hands it to Regina. All of a sudden a burst of purple light comes from the scroll and Regina passes out onto the ground. Emma kneels down and we all gather around her concerned. “Regina! Regina!” Emma yells.

“Emma,” Regina mutters as she awakens. Regina gets up.

“What happened? You okay?” Emma asks.

“Yes, I’m fine,” Regina says unconvincing like.

“What is it? What happened when you touched it?” Snow inquires.

“I saw what needed to be done,” Regina answers.

“Mom, are you going to be okay?” Henry worries.

Regina place a hand under Henry’s chin as she tells him, “The important thing is you will be,” Regina assures. Henry grabs her hand in reassurance. Suddenly, the scroll is gone from Regina’s palm.

“No, he won’t,” someone disagrees. We look up and see Peter walking up to us.

“He has the…,” Killian starts. Peter waves his hand and freezes us.

“Curse? That I do,” Peter finishes holding up the scroll. “Look at you all. A captive audience. I could play with you like a pack of dolls, couldn’t I? I think I’ll start with these two,” Peter remarks. He walks over to Belle and Bae. “Hmm. You both look so adorable. Hard to tell who to kill first,” Peter teases. “No, it isn’t. You. You first,” Peter decides pointing to Bae. From behind, Rumple clamps a hand on Peter’s left shoulder and tugs him away from Belle and Bae.

“Stay away from them,” Rumple growls.

“How about this? The worm has teeth,” Peter jokes. “You’re here to protect their ‘loved ones’,” Peter say in mocking tone.

“I’m not gonna let you touch either one of them,” Rumple responds.

“Oh, I’d like to see that,” Peter challenges Rumple.

“Oh, you will. Because I have a job to finish, and I have to do whatever it takes. No loopholes. And what needs to be done has a price. A price I’m finally willing to pay,” Rumple states. He looks over to Bae. “I used the curse to find you, Bae, to tell you I made a mistake. To make sure you had a chance at happiness,” Rumple expresses. Peter openly laughs at his words. “And that happiness is possible. Just not with me. I accept that,” Rumple admits.

“Pretty, pretty words,” Peter mutters.

“I love you, Bae. And I love you, Belle, you made me stronger,” Rumple say his goodbyes.

“Stronger, yes. But still no magic,” Peter comments.

“Oh, but I don’t need it. You see, you may have lost your shadow, but there’s one thing you’re forgetting,” Rumple claims.

Peter steps closer, “And what’s that?”

“So have I. I sent it away with something to hide,” Rumple declares. He raises his hand into the air in what I assume is to summon his shadow. As Rumple takes hold of what I assume is the dagger, the shadow is sucked back into him. Then, Rumple forcibly holds Peter against himself.

“What are you doing?!” Peter asks struggling to get free.

“You see, the only way for you to die, is if we both die. And now…now, I am ready,” Rumple reveals. Rumple stabs the knife stabbing himself in the process and Peter screams in pain. Peter looks me with a look of sorrow. A cloud of black smoke covers them. As the smoke dissipates, Malcolm appears in Peter’s place. “Hello, Papa,” Rumple whispers.

“Rumple, please. You can stop this. Remove the dagger. We can start over. We can have a happy ending,” Malcolm begs.

“Oh, but I’m a villain. And villains don’t get happy endings,” Rumple states. He twists the dagger to embed deeper into both their wounds. Malcolm gasps in torment. A gold light comes out from the blade and starts to shine even brighter. Malcolm stops resisting knowing it is inevitable. Rumple places a kiss on his cheek and the light engulfs them making them both disappear. The scroll drops to the floor and the freezing spell on the group wears off. We are all visibly in shock over the turn of events. I see Belle collapse to the ground in a fit of despair. Unable to hold back her heartbreak, Belle begins crying. My own sorrow is unbearable but I am barely able to keep it together. I have to given present company.

“No… Rumple! He’s-he’s gone!” Belle cries. Regina slowly kneels to the ground and pick up the scroll.

“Regina? Are you okay?” Snow asks worried.

“I’m fine,” Regina responds and stands back up.

Emma goes over to Bae and apologizes, “I’m so sorry.” Belle continues to quivers as a tear slides down her cheek.

“My father did what he had to do. He saved us. Regina, don’t let him die for nothing,” Bae declares. Regina doesn’t say or do anything.

“Regina?” Bae tries.

“What?” she finally replies.

“We’ve here for a reason, luv. Pan,” Killian reminds her. I see him glance over to me.

“Is dead,” Regina discloses.

“His curse remains. Can you stop it, or shall we all start preparing our souls ’cause mine is gonna take some time,” Killian jokes even in the midst of the tragic situation.

“It’s here!” someone shouts. We all turn and see Leroy running towards us. “It’s here!! The curse, it’s here! It’s coming from all sides! There’s no escape,” Leroy informs us pointing towards the green smoke that is slowly advancing. Bae hugs Henry both worried.

“It’s not too late. We can still stop it, right? Regina?” Charming questions Regina.

“Yes. Yes,” Regina answers.

“What’s the price? Gold said there is a price. What is our price?” Emma wonders.

“It’s not our price. It’s mine,” Regina tells us turning to face everyone.

“What are you talking about?” Emma asks.

“It’s what I felt when I first held it. I have to say goodbye to the thing I love most,” Regina reveals. Emma turns to look at Henry, who approaches forward to stand beside her.

Facing Regina, “Henry?”

“I can never see him again. I have no choice. I have to undo what I started,” Regina is determined.

“The curse that brought us to Storybrooke?” Snow realizes.

“That created Storybrooke. It doesn’t belong here, and neither do any of us,” Regina clarifies.

“Breaking the curse destroys the town,” Charming exclaims.

“It will wink out of existence as though it were never here. And everyone will go back to where they are from. Prevented from ever returning,” Regina explains.

“We’ll go back to the Enchanted Forest?” Emma inquires.

“All of us. Except Henry. He will stay here because…he was born here,” Regina discloses.

“Alone?” Emma asks.

“No, you will take him. Because you’re the savior. And you were created to break the curse. And once again, you can escape it,” Regina replies.

“I-I don’t want to. We’ll both go back with everyone,” Emma says.

“That’s not an option. I can’t be with him. If I don’t pay the price, none of this will work,” Regina responds. The curse thunder’s in the distance.

“Emma, you have to go,” Snow voices.

“I just found you,” Emma mutters.

“And now it’s time for you to leave us again. For your best chance. For his,” Snow delivers.

“No. N-no. I’m-I’m not…done. I’m the savior, right? I’m supposed to bring back all the happy endings. That’s what Henry always said,” Emma complains.

“Happy endings aren’t always what we think they will be. Look around you. You’ve touched the lives of everyone here,” Snow smiles.

“But we’re a family,” Emma remarks.

“Yes, and we always will be. You gave us that,” Snow conveys.

“You and Henry can be a family. You can get your wish. You can be like everyone else. You can be happy,” Charming chimes in.

“It’s time to believe in yourself, Emma. There’s time for you to find hope,” Snow exclaims.

“I’ve known you for some time and all I wanted was for you to get the hell out of my life so I can be with my son. But really, what I want is for Henry to be happy. We have no choice. You have to go,” Regina says to Emma.

“Okay,” Emma reluctantly agrees. We all gather near the town line. Emma and Henry are going around saying goodbye to everyone. Henry comes up to me and gives me a hug.

“Take care of you mother,” I tell him.

“I will,” he answers and moves away. Next Emma comes up to me. I am surprised when she gives me a hug.

“Take care of Hook,” she asks.

“I will. You take care of yourself too,” I agree. Emma nods and steps away.

I move across the group to stand next to Killian. I jerk my head towards Emma and he goes up to her. They talk briefly and then he comes back to stand next to me. I watch crying slightly as Emma and Henry say there last goodbyes. Regina rips the curse from the scroll and crumples it into a ball. She uses the power and the green smoke mixes with Regina’s purple. Emma and Henry drive over the town line. Suddenly we are back in the Enchanted Forest. I look up and see a man and woman standing in front of us. I am still in the same outfit I was before because that was the outfit I was in when the curse came.

“Snow? What happened?” the woman asks.

“We’re back,” Snow answers. I am introduced to Aurora and Prince Phillip. I had heard of them through my travels with Killian but unfortunately (or fortunately) have never met them before this. I, Snow, Charming, Regina, and Killian gather around the gazebo.

“How’ve things been since we left? The Ogres?” Snow inquires.

“Defeated. We’re restoring our kingdom and our lives,” Aurora replies.

“And congratulations,” Snow nods to Aurora’s stomach. Killian looks at Aurora’s stomach and I contain my giggles.

Aurora smiles and responds, “Is it that obvious?”

“You are glowing,” Snow states.

“Why is she pregnant and I’m the one who’s sick?” Regina mutters.

“We have much to celebrate. And know that you and your friends are welcome in our kingdom. If you need anything we’re at your service,” Phillip remarks.

“Thank you, but all we need is horses. We have our own kingdom. Our own castle,” Charming thanks Phillip. Snow rests a hand on Charming’s shoulder.

“Our castle was destroyed in the curse,” Snow informs us.

“Well played, your Majesty. You laid waste to everything,” Killian comments and I slap him in the shoulder.

“Not everything. Her castle still stands,” Aurora discloses.

“Of course it does. I protected it,” Regina reveals.

“Well, technically, the castle doesn’t belong to her. It was Snow’s before she took it,” Charming states.

“Well, to be fair, I married into it,” Regina dismisses.

“That you did. And now, we’re taking it back. And you are coming with us,” Snow smiles and steps towards Regina.

“You can’t be serious,” Regina mutters.

“Everyone out there is scared and confused. They need hope. What better way to do that than to return united? You’re coming with us. I know you don’t like it. You’ll learn to. For our good. For yours,” Snow plans.

“Thank you again for your hospitality. We should begin preparations,” Charming thanks Philip and Aurora.

“Good luck to all of you,” Philip wishes us. We all leave. As Killian and I get horses we pack supplies for a journey. Charming comes over.

“That’s a lot of supplies you two have there,” Charming comments.

“Well, you know what they say about preparation and all that,” Killian replies.

“There’s no need to overload your horse. The Queen’s castle is less than a day’s ride from here. We’ll have everything we need once we get there,” Charming reveals.

“Aye. That would be lovely if we were going to the Queen’s castle. Charming looks over to me and I glance at him and shrugs.

“You’re not coming with us?” he asks.

“You’re a perceptive prince, aren’t you?” Killian jokes somberly.

“Where are you two going?” Charming wonders.

“Listen, mate. The Enchanted Forest is your home. Ours is the Jolly Roger,” Killian states.

“Hook, you don’t even know, if it’s…,” Charming starts.

“Regina told me how that bloody thing worked. It returned all of our belongings to this land as well as us. It means that somewhere out there is our ship. All we have to do is find her,” Killian interrupts.

“And what if you can’t?” Charming question.

“We’ll just have to take another one, then, won’t we? That’s what pirates do,” Killian conveys. He finishes his packing.
Charming steps back, “Huh. And here I thought you’re gone and changed.”

Killian mounts his horse, “I tried the hero thing. Didn’t take.”

Snow had come up during our conversation, “So, that’s it? Emma’s gone. You’re gonna go back to be a pirate?”

“Back, my lady? I’ve always been a pirate,” Killian states. He spurs his horse and starts galloping away. I mount my horse and walk him over to Snow and Charming.

“Don’t worry. Killian has taken care of me. Now it is time for me to take care of him. I’ll send you a message soon,” I say and kick my horse catching up with Killian.

After riding for a few minutes Killian says, “There’s still something I don’t understand. In order to cast the curse Pan had to give up the thing he loved most.” I sigh knowing he is asking how Peter didn’t have to sacrifice me.

“Peter was a person whose magic ran on belief. Sometimes what you believe isn’t always what’s true,” I reply.

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