Temptation Falling Chapter 4

Author’s Note: Here is a short chapter 4 for all of you. Hope you enjoy it. A lot of this story has dialog from the show. I don’t own those words and they belong to the people who wrote them. I don’t own OUAT

      Temptation Falling
By: giddyfan

Chapter 4

Peter and I are sitting next to each other watching the lost boys play. I look over and notice Devin and Henry play fight. Grabbing Peter’s hand I nod Peter towards them.

“Not bad. But wouldn’t’t it be more fun, if you had real swords?” Peter proposes when Henry shows some skills.

“I’ve never used a real sword,” Henry admits.

“This is Neverland and you have the heart of the truest believer. You can use whatever you want,” Peter points out. He places a hand on Henry’s shoulder.

“You just need to believe, Henry. Close your eyes and believe you’re holding a real sword,” Peter encourages Henry. Henry closes his eyes. When he opens them again he’s holding a sword in his hand.

“What are you waiting for? Go on,” Peter urges. Henry charges Devin. Watching them Lost Boys cheer. With one stroke of his sword Henry cuts his opponent’s stick in a half.

“Come on, Henry,” I whisper nervously. Charging once again, Henry hits his opponent drawing blood.

“I’m sorry. It was an accident,” Henry apologizes shocked.

“Henry. Don’t you know the best thing about being a Lost Boy? You never apologize,” Peter informs Henry. The lost boys cheer loudly and Henry raises his arm in a victorious gesture.

“Yeah,” Henry cries. Peter sends out some of the lost boys to hunt for food.

“Peter don’t you think it is time for me to go back?” I ask. Peter looks at me confused. “Well I gave myself up. I would think that after a while they would think I would out live my usefulness to you,” I explain.

“What’s the real reason you want to go back?” Peter inquires. I sigh and look at the ground.

“I miss them,” I tell him. It is one of the reasons I want to go back but not the main one. Peter puts his hand on my shoulder causing me to look back up.

“It actually fits well with my plans so don’t be upset,” Peter consoles. We walk into the jungle and then teleport on top of some rocks. I stay out of sight as Peter talks to Killian.

“And just to make it even better I’m going to give you a present,” Peter conveys. He snaps his fingers and I come into view.

“Audrey?” Killian says.

“Killian,” I reply and run up to him. I give him a big hug. When we pull away he notices the bruise on my lip from when Felix hit me.

“What did you do to her?” Killian questions Peter in a rage.

“Oh I didn’t do anything. Think about my offer,” Peter responds and disappears. We hear grunting and heavy breathing. Charming comes up over the edge.

“Audrey? What? How did you get here?” Charming questions.

“Pan dropped me off. Apparently I’ve outlived my usefulness,” I explain.

“Okay well let’s go,” Charming states and starts walking. On the way there Killian informs me what is going on and what has happened since I’ve been gone. We climb higher and higher. As we get to the top there is a big batch of dreamshade. Killian and I inch around it.

“Since you’re already dying from the stuff, you won’t mind if we stand back while you…,” Killian says. We all get past it. Charming unsheathes his sword with a zing.

“I know about your deal with Pan,” Charming exclaims.

“You heard that then?” Killian wonders.

“Yeah. I heard that,” Charming confirms.

“Then you know I didn’t agree,” Killian expresses.

“Yeah, you also didn’t disagree,” Charming points out.

“Don’t you see? This is what he wanted, to turn us against each other,” I comment.

“And you. You have probably been working with Pan this whole time,” Charming accuses me.

“You’re making the poison spread quicker, mate,” Killian states.

“I don’t care. I just have to last long enough to get the sextant back to my family. Now take me to it!” Charming demands.

“My brother didn’t lose his satchel up here. I made that up,” Killian admits.

“What about the insignia?” Charming inquires.

“I dropped it on the path so you’d find it,” Killian tells him.

“Why?” Charming questions.

“Because I knew you’d never make the journey here if I told you the truth,” Killian answers.

“The truth? The truth…you brought me here to die?” Charming wonders.

“I brought you here to save your life!” Killian speaks.

“You’re a liar!” Charming yells and goes to punch Killian. He misses and slumps unconscious. I lower him to the ground and nod at Killian. He covers himself to avoid the dreamshade. Using his sword he cuts the bushes out of the way and fills his canteen with the water. I prop up Charming by having him sit on me a little. Killian uses some of his rum to wake him up.

“Mate, wake up,” Killian calls.

“Hey, get off me!” Charming weakly fights.

“Hey, whoa, whoa! Look. In this canteen is the water that will stop the dreamshade, that will save your life,” Killian explain.

“That’s why you brought me up here,” Charming doesn’t believe. “Yes,” Killian confirms.

“You knew I wouldn’t come on my own, that I wouldn’t leave my family,” Charming follows.

“That you were stubborn? Yes, I gathered that rather quickly,” Killian comments. Coughing Charming goes to reach for the canteen.

“Well, give it to me,” he says. Killian pulls it out of his reach.

“There’s something you need to know first. Because its power comes from the island, once you drink this water, you can never leave Neverland,” I inform Charming.

“It’s a small price to pay for what I get in return…the chance to save my grandson and to help my family get home,” Charming states. He takes the canteen and drinks it. He laughs as the black veins disappear. Killian help him and me up off the ground. “One question, why risk your life for me when there wasn’t anything for you in return?” Charming wonders.

“I didn’t do it for you, mate,” Killian declares. The journey back to the others is much smoother. When we get there Charming right away goes and gives her a big kiss.

“Audrey? What happened?” Emma asks indicating my lip.

“Felix. He never liked me. Pan dropped me off,” I inform them.

“Did you find anything out about what Pan is doing with Henry? Emma inquires.

“All I got is that Henry has the heart of the truest believer. I don’t know what it means though,” I explain.

“That’s all?” Regina complains.

“Maybe I should have pushed Pan farther then I would be dead,” I reply. Killian puts a hand on my shoulder to stop me.

“Hook…he saved my life,” Charming reveals.

“You sure you wanna tell them that, mate?” Killian question Charming.

“On our trek, we were ambushed by lost boys. Pinned down, outnumbered. But Hook, he risked his life to stop me from getting hit by a poisoned arrow. But if it wasn’t for Hook, I wouldn’t be alive,” Charming tells them. “Your flask, please. I thought he deserved a little credit. Thank you,” Charming thanks him and takes a drink of rum.

He goes to hand it to Regina but she refuses, “I don’t do rum.”

“To Hook,” Snow toasts. I grab the flask. They look at me critically.

“My best friend is a pirate and you think I haven’t had a drink before,” I say and take a drink. I hand it to Emma and walk away. When Killian comes back I know something has happened. I decide to ask him later and he goes to get firewood.

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