TF Chapter 7

Author’s Note: WARNING: tears may happen in this chapter. Hope you enjoy chapter 7. A lot of this story has dialog from the show. I don’t own the dialog and it belongs to the people who wrote it. I don’t own OUAT.

Temptation Falling
By: giddyfan

Chapter 7

Eventually they catch up. Killian tells me what happened. “Are you stupid or has all that rum damaged your brain?” I criticize.

“I’m sorry,” Killian apologizes.

“Your the only family I have Killian,” I exclaim.

“Your the only family I have too Audrey,” Killian conveys.

“Just don’t be such a jealous foul next time,” I demand.

“Of course my lady,” Killian teases setting a smile on my face. We stop as we hear someone coming. Blades come out and Snow and I get an arrow ready. Regina comes through followed by Rumple.

“Well if this is your version of a rescue party, you got here just in time,” Regina mocks.

“What are you two doing here?” Snow wonders.

“Well, same as you. Except we actually have a chance. Pandora’s box. It can trap Pan for eternity simply by opening the lid,” Regina explains.

“You didn’t tell me my father was with her,” Bae whispers to Emma.

“I didn’t know,” Emma replies.

“Wait your father is the Dark One?” Tinker Bell asks.

“Yeah, and he’s not getting anywhere near Henry,” Bae answers.

“Bae,” Rumple protests.

“Why? What are you talking about?” Emma inquires.

“There’s a prophecy that says that Henry will be his undoing. He didn’t come here to protect him. He came here to kill him,” Bae reveals.
Regina turns on Rumple, “That’s why you didn’t want to find Neal before you got Henry back? Because you knew he’d spill your secret.”

“Everything I did was to protect Henry, to rescue him from Pan,” Rumple tries to convince us.

“It all makes sense. You left before we even made shore,” Emma states.

“You wanted to get to Henry first,” Snow says pulling her bow back.

“To be on his own,” Charming raises his blade.

“So no one could stop you,” Killian follows also raising his blade.

“So you can kill him,” I finish drawing my bow back.

“It’s not gonna happen, not unless you go through all of us first,” Emma declares.

“You’re making a mistake. I don’t care if the boy is destined to be my undoing. I won’t hurt him,” Rumple begs.

“Because that sounds just like you,” Regina mocks.

“Without me, you will fail. I’m the most powerful amongst you,” Rumple states.

“That’s why we can’t trust you,” Bae says.

“If I could give you my dagger, I would. But I can’t,” Rumple declares.

“But you can give me Pandora’s Box. I don’t have to trust you if I could stop you,” Bae holds out his hand.

“Son…,” Rumple pleads. He looks at the box and then puts it in his son’s hand.

“Look at me, you so much as lift a finger to perform magic, you’re gonna spend an eternity in this box,” Bae tells him.

“Let’s go,” Emma commands and we start off again. After a while Emma comes up to Killian and I. “We need to talk,” Emma starts.

“I’ve found when a woman says that I’m rarely in for a pleasant conversation,” Killian comments. I slap him in the shoulders.

“There has to be a way for David to leave the island,” Emma replies.

“Well there isn’t,” Killian answers.

“He told me about your brother, what happened. I know it can’t be easy to talk about…,” Emma remarks.

“Well, then let’s not shall we?” I snap.

“The water that cured David from dreamshade has connected him to the island. If he leaves, the connection is broken. The poison will kill him,” Killian states.

“What if we take some of the water with us? That way he stays connected. He can stay alive in Storybrooke,” Emma suggests.

“For how long? Once the water runs out, the dreamshade will take his life,” Killian points out.

“Unless there was another cure,” Rumple interjects.

“You suddenly interested in what I have to say? Thought I wasn’t to be trusted,” Rumple sarcastically comments.

“You’re not, but I’ll take my chances,” Emma expresses.

“Well if you remember I too was poisoned with dreamshade by a cowardly pirate. And yet…,” Rumple glances at Killian.

“Yes and we know how you cured yourself with a candle that takes another person’s life. David is not that selfish,” Emma remarks.

“Oh how noble. The point is, after my near-death experience, I discovered much about the poison. I believe I could create an elixir back in my shop,” Rumple informs us.

“What’s your price?” Emma asks.

“Well this is quite the favor. I’d expect one of equal weight in return,” Rumple declares.

“No. When we get back to Storybrooke, you’re gonna save David because it’s the right thing to do. No deals, no favors, understand?” Bae walks up to his father.

“Fine. I’ll do as you ask,” Rumple agrees.

“I’ll go tell David,” Emma replies and goes to leave but Tink comes back.

“We’re here. Pan’s perimeter,” Tinker Bell discloses.

“It’s time. Tink will sneak us in the back like we planned. We grab Henry. In and out, simple. You good with Pan patrol?” Emma asks the last part to Bae.

“Locked and loaded,” he answers patting the bag with the coconut in it.

“You mind if I borrow this?” Rumple inquires taking Killian’s sword.

“You said no magic, I agreed. But I’m not walking in there with nothing but my good looks,” Rumple explains when he sees the look of protest on our faces.

“Now I, on the other hand…,” Killian objects.

“Here, in case your good looks fail you,” Charming throws him a knife. I giggle at the comment and Killian gives me a smirk.

“Thanks mate,” Killian thanks Charming.

“Let’s get Henry,” I say. We can see lost boys as we surround the camp. Regina, not Rumple does magic to knock them out. We rush in weapons drawn.

“Where’s Pan?” Bae asks after looking around.

“I don’t know,” Emma answers. “Henry!” Emma yells.

“He’s got to be here somewhere,” Charming states.

“Where?” Snow wonders.

“Help!” we hear someone shout. Emma, Bae, Rumple and I run towards the sound. Emma kneels in front of the cage. “You’re an…an adult,” the girl in the cage is shocked.

“My name is Emma. I’m looking for my son,” Emma tells her.

“Wendy?” Bae inquires.

“Do I know you?” Wendy asks.

“It’s Baelfire,” Bae answers. He comes over to the cage kneeling beside Emma.

“You two know each other?” Emma asks.

“Bae!” Wendy exclaims.

“Yeah. Yeah, we do,” Bae replies. Emma stands up and away from the cage.

“Can it really be you?” Wendy questions. Bae uses his sword to break open the cage. Wendy jumps out and hugs Bae. “I thought I’d never see you again,” Wendy responds.

“What are you…what are you doing here?” Bae inquires.

“Well, I…I came back to save you,” Wendy conveys.

“You did that for me?” Bae wonders.

“Well, I couldn’t bear for you to be without a family, not after you told us that your mother and father were both dead,” Wendy explains.

“You told her I was dead?” Rumple questions.

“It was easier than telling the truth…my own father abandoned me,” Bae comments. We go back to the others. Bae gives Wendy a drink and wraps a blanket around her. “Hey, Wendy, since you’ve been here, have you seen my son? His name’s Henry,” Bae ask Wendy.

“You have a son?” Wendy wonders.

“Yeah. Pan needs his heart,” Bae states.

“Has he said anything about the heart of the truest believer?” Emma inquires.

“No. I’m sorry. He never mentioned anything about a heart,” Wendy answers.

“She’s lying. Where is he?” Rumple questions and starts to advance on her. Bae and Charming stop him.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. What the hell are you doing?” Charming asks.

“I’ve carried enough lies in my life to recognize their burden. She knows where Henry is,” Rumple declares.

“Is that true?” I inquire.

“Audrey? What are you doing here?” Wendy questions as if this is the first time she’s recognized I am here.

“Henry’s my friend and nobody knows Pan like I do. I wanted to help,” I say. “Now do you know what’s going on?” I prompt.

“You don’t understand,” Wendy defends.

“You’re helping Pan?” Snow can’t believe.

“He’s keeping John and Michael alive, only if I do as he says,” Wendy explains.

“Trust me, whatever he’s promised, he will go back on his word,” Rumple claims.

“And why should I trust a man who abandoned his own son?” Wendy remarks.

“Because your brothers did. They trusted a woman named Belle. They helped her get this box so we can defeat Pan,” Regina tells us.

“They’re okay?” Wendy expresses.

“For now, and only if we succeed,” Rumple voices. Bae goes back over to Wendy kneeling in front of her.

“Wendy…we will save John and Michael, I swear to God. But right now, I really need your help. Please,” Bae begs.

“Pan told Henry that…he needs his heart to save magic. It’s a lie. He needs it to save himself,” Wendy reveals.

“What do you mean?” Killian asks.

“Pan’s dying. He needs the heart of the truest believer to absorb all the magic in Neverland. And once he does…he will be immortal, all powerful,” Wendy clarifies.

“And what happens to Henry?” Snow wonders.

“Well, it’s a trade. When Pan lives, Henry will die,” Wendy discloses. Everyone stands up.

“How do we stop Pan?” Charming inquires.

“Pan took Henry to Skull Rock. But you haven’t got much time,” Wendy communicates.

“Then we stay behind. Someone needs to be here to guard the lost boys when they wake up,” Charming plans.

“You don’t need to stay behind,” Emma exclaims.

“David’s right. You get him home, tell him we love him,” Snow adds.

“Tell him yourself, when you get back from Deadman’s Peak. Gold can cure you back in Storybrooke. We just need to bring some of the water with us,” Emma reveals. Snow walks over and gives Emma a hug.

“And you…you didn’t give up. Thank you,” Snow whispers the last part to Rumple.

“Well, apparently, that’s the only thanks I need these days,” Rumple replies.

“Tink and I will take care of things here. Meet you back at the “Jolly Roger” when you find Henry,” Killian announces. He knows that I need to go to confront Peter.

“Promise me if your father and I don’t make it back, you get him home,” Snow almost whispers.

“We’re all going back home. Together,” Emma states. Emma, Regina, Bae, Rumple and I go out to find Skull Rock. We find a boat and Bae rows us over while Rumple and I sit in the front and Regina plus Emma sit in the back. We all get out when the boat enters the cove.

“These are Henry’s shoes. Wendy was right. They’re here,” Emma points out. She goes to walk up the steps but she hits some sort of force field and gets thrown back.

“Are you okay?” Bae inquires.

“I think so,” Emma answers.

“What was that?” Bae asks while helping Emma up.

“Pan cast a protection spell,” Rumple says as he studies it.

“There has to be a way to break it,” Regina remarks. She magically throws a fireball at force field but it bounces off nearly hitting us.

“Whoa! Careful with that!” Bae shouts.

“Try all you want, but Pan’s magic is too powerful. At least for you,” Rumple states. He walks up and goes through force field.

“Wha…,” Regina utters.

“How did you do that?” Emma wonders.

“The spell is designed to keep anyone who casts a shadow from entering,” Rumple explains. That gives me an idea.

“And you don’t have one. You were telling the truth about ripping your shadow off,” Bae connects.

“And Pan knows it. That’s why he cast the spell he did. This isn’t about keeping you out. It’s about drawing me in. He knows I won’t give up the chance to finish what I came here to do,” Rumple discloses.

“You really did come here to save Henry,” Bae responds. I stroll up and go through the force field as well.

“How? You don’t have a shadow either?” Emma questions.

“Pan thought it would be best for me not to have it when I lived here. So no one could use it against me,” I reveal.

“I gave you my trust with that box. Now I need you to give it back,” Rumple pleads. Bae goes to hand him the box but Regina takes it from him.

“Hey!” Bae protests.

“You better come through, Gold. Or I’ll make whatever Pan has planned for you look like child’s play. You understand me?” Regina threatens.

“Well, a simple ‘good luck’ would’ve sufficed,” Rumple replies and we start up the stairs. When we are out of hearing range of the others Rumple asks me, “What exactly is you connection to Pan?”

“I know everything Rumple,” I tell him. Rumple looks at me shocked.

“You and him?” Rumple guesses.

“Yes. Does that bother you?” I inquire.

“Yeah,” Rumple honestly answers.

“I’ll wait here,” I say. Rumple nods and goes ahead. When I hear Rumple get trapped in the box I run forward.

“Peter,” I call. He stops and turns to face me. “Peter, Peter please. Don’t do this,” I plead with him.

“Stay away Audrey,” Peter warns as I move towards him. I am crying now.

“Please Peter. You, you can come back to Storybrooke with us, with me and we can live the rest of our lives together. No one will hold anything against you. I promise,” I beg. I am only a few steps in front of him now.
“I’m sorry Audrey,” Peter apologizes his face filled with sorrow. He holds out a purple rock. Suddenly everything gets dizzy and then goes black.

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