Chapter 7

Running Away and Staying a While

Chapter 7
It has been weeks since Roxanne had left the Winchesters and the angels. However as Roxanne bent over a filthy motel toilet puking up blood, the last thing she was thinking about was why she was alone. The reason she was puking blood was because she hadn’t killed anyone or anything with the blade since she got to where she currently was a few days ago. Roxanne was currently in her hometown watching the one of the things she ran away from. Her home. After searching for Castiel’s grace and searching for a way to defeat Metatron for a while Roxanne had decided to take a break. Little did she know that this break would be filled with sorrow. Not just because of the sickness but because of seeing her family again. Seeing them without really seeing them. Her family missed her but because of what she had gotten herself into she knew that she could never go back. Flushing the toilet again Roxanne shakily gets up and moves to the bed. She grabs the remote and turns on the news.
“This video was sent in just a few minutes ago. This man has been called the Miracle Worker,” the new anchor prompts. The video shows a woman getting hit by a car. Then Metatron comes along and whispers something in the dying woman’s ear. Suddenly, the woman is completely healed. The thrill of a new hunt goes through Roxanne. After getting the information she needed Roxanne checks out of the hotel and takes her hot-wired car to interview the healed woman. When she pulls up the right RV Roxanne can see Sam and Dean standing there. She gets out of the car and walks up to the brothers.
“Guess we taught you well,” Sam comments.
“You’re looking for miracle lady, right? Yeah, she’s gone. We had a nice chat with her, though,” Dean tells her slightly annoyed.
“Sam, Dean, whatever you two are thinking of trust me, I am not in the mood. I’m not gonna explain myself to you guys,” Roxanne replies.
“Yeah, we sort of got that,” Dean states.
“We just thought you might like to know that while you have been doing who knows what, your real friends, like Cas, and the angels, they’re out there right now risking their asses to help you win this fight,” Sam informs Roxanne.
Confused Roxanne asks, “What the hell are you talking about?”
“A fight, I might add, you made that much more complicated when you leaving and causing the angels to distrust us more,” Dean adds.
“You mean the angels that demanded I get beaten to be able to trust Cas as a leader. Those angels?” Roxanne responds her anger flaring.
“The angels are douches we know. But, please, when you say you don’t want to explain anything to us, don’t. We get it. Denying and not explaining is the Winchester way. And we also get that Metatron has to go. And we know you’re our best shot to do that,” Sam tries to convince.
“I’m gonna take my shot, for better or worse,” Roxanne tells them.
“We know,” Dean understands.
“No matter the consequences,” Roxanne emphasizes.
“We know. But if this is it, you’re not gonna do it alone,” Sam declares. Roxanne looks at them skeptically, trying to figure out whether or not to agree.
“You want to know what he whispered to her, right, in the video? His next stop,” Dean reveals.
“Fine,” Roxanne reluctantly agrees.
They drop Roxanne’s stolen car off on the side of the road and ride to a homeless community in the Impala together. When they get to the community night has fallen. Roxanne goes to the trunk of the Impala. She takes out the Blade and sets it to the side. Roxanne starts digging around in the trunk. Her right hand starts to shake uncontrollably. She lays it on the covered Blade. Roxanne reacts to the power radiating off the blade. Sam and Dean walk up not noticing Roxanne getting high from the Blade’s power. One of them clears their throat and Roxanne whips her hand off the blade.
“Anything?” Roxanne inquires.
“Uh, yeah. He’s up there. About a mile up the road. There’s a homeless encampment,” Sam is hesitant.
“The way the folks are talking, he’s got them convinced he’s some kind of new Jesus or something,” Dean comments. Roxanne nods.
“You good?” Sam wonders.
“Yeah, I’m good,” Roxanne answers. Dean reaches over and picks up the Blade. He hands it to Roxanne in silence. Then Dean goes back up to get something from the front seat of the car.
“Listen, Sam, I am sorry about the last couple of months. But I am not sorry I did this instead of Dean,” Roxanne conveys.
“I know and thank you for that. Before we go in there…tell me…Are you ready to gut this bitch?” Sam thanks and asks. Sam turns to pick up his bag but as he turns back around to face her, Roxanne throws a punch and knocks him out cold.
Looking at Sam laying on the ground she whispers, “Sorry, it’s not your fight.” Dean comes running onto the scene and flicks his gaze from Roxanne to Sam.
“Alright,” Dean expresses ready to be hit.
“You know I have to do this alone or the whole purpose of me getting the mark instead of you will be for nothing,” Roxanne discloses.
“Yeah but when I wake up I am telling Sam you snuck up on me,” Dean replies. Roxanne punches him in the face and he falls to the ground knocked out. Roxanne takes the Blade and heads for the camp.
As she walks up to the homeless encampment a man approaches her, “Can I help you?”
“Take it easy, man,” Roxanne warns.
“You’re the girl,” A woman says.
“Great he doesn’t even remember my name,” Roxanne complains.
“He said you were coming,” the Woman confirms.
“Well, here I am. Where’s Metatron?” Roxanne questions.
“Marv,” the Man corrects.
“Sure. Whatever,” Roxanne rolls her eyes.
“In there…praying for our forgiveness,” the Woman points to the warehouse behind them.
“Forgiveness for what?” Roxanne asks. The Woman’s eyes go to a blood pool on the ground. Roxanne sees it and is surprised. “Oh,” is all she can say. Roxanne goes into the warehouse and starts to search for Metatron. Finally, she finds him. He is siting in a meditation pose on the floor at the back of the warehouse. “You can save the Jesus routine for somebody who cares. By the way my name is Roxanne remember?” Roxanne says as she approaches Metatron.
“The problem with you, Roxanne, is that you got caught in it all and now, you just have all this cynicism. Most people, even the real belly crawlers living in filth…or Brentwood…they aren’t or don’t want to be cynical. They just want something to believe in,” Metatron states..
“And that’d be you,” Roxanne sarcastically responds.
“Why not me?” Metatron inquires.
“You’ve been working those people outside for, what, a day? They’ve already spilled blood in your name. You are nothing but a fake with wings,” Roxanne points out.
Rising to his feet from the floor Metatron turns to her, “So I’m a fake. Do you have any idea how much pan-cake makeup and soft lighting it took to get God to work a rope line? He hated it. And, you know, humans sense that. So they prayed harder and longer and fought more wars in his name. And for what?! So they could die of malaria? Leukemia? And all the while, blaming themselves! “Oh, if only I’d been more prayerful,” God would have loved me! God would have saved me!” You know what?! God didn’t even know their name! But I do. Because I’ve walked among them. And I can save them.”
“You know before I found out about all of this, I use to believe in God. But you will never be God because God never gave up on people. Especially the people that really messed up their lives. Ones like Dean, Sam, and Cas. I guess I am in that category now,” Roxanne admits out loud.
“And? That makes no sense. Are you blaming me for giving the faithful ones them what they want and the unfaithful ones what they deserve?” Metatron questions her.
Unwrapping the Blade in her hand Roxanne answers, “I’m blaming you for the Winchester’s misery. I’m blaming you for taking Cas’ Grace. Hell, I’m blaming you for the Tigers not winning The World Series in the last 31 freaking years. Whatever it is…i’m blaming you.” Metatron sees the Blade and sighs.
“The First Blade. Nasty piece of work, isn’t she? Okay, let’s say you win, Roxanne, and I die. What’s the world left with then, hmm? A herd of panty-waisted angels, the Winchester’s and you? Half out of your mind with lord knows what pumping through those veins?” Metatron brings up.
“Yeah, you see, the only thing you’ve said that went into my ear was that you die,” Roxanne tells him stepping closer.
“Ohh. Fine. We’ll fight. I don’t know what you expect is gonna come of all this. Unless…that’s why you’re stalling. Because you know nothing’s gonna come of this unless your pals succeed upstairs. Well, here’s a news flash, humpty and dumpty are starring in their very own version of “Locked Up Abroad: Heaven” right now,” Metatron informs her. Roxanne turns to the side to hide her flash of sadness for Cas and then throws out his hand to stab Metatron with the Blade. But Metatron blocks the blow and Roxanne punches him in the face with his left hand. Metatron stumbles back. “Wow, that big blade and that… douchy tribal tat sure gave you some super juice. Whoo! Okay,” Metatron exclaims. He motions with his hand to bring it on. Roxanne rushes him but gets thrown in the air and hit the wall about 10 feet up and falls to the ground with a crash. Metatron then flings Roxanne back against the wall and she falls to the floor again. He viciously kicks Roxanne’s right arm and the Blade flies out of her hand. Then Metatron steps on her wrist with all his weight.
“So, you took Abaddon’s scalp, then you figured you’d take on little old nebbishy me. What could go wrong?” Metatron teases. Roxanne groans in pain as Metatron’s foot crushes down on her wrist. “And you’re powered by the bone of a jackass, and it is just awesome, right? Here’s a tip, next time, try to be powered by the word of God,” Metatron continues. He kicks Roxanne in the chest. Metatron continues to beat Roxanne, blood coming out of her from everywhere. She is barely conscious but opens her eyes just enough to see the First Blade sitting on a grate a few yards away. Sam and Dean rush in from the opposite side of the warehouse at a breakneck run. Roxanne, using the little strength she has and wills the Blade into her hand. Just as she goes to swing up and stab the Blade into Metatron, he buries an angel blade deep into Roxanne’s chest with both hands. She gasps horribly at the burst of pain that emulates from the wound.
“No-o-o!” Sam and Dean both shout.
Time seems to slow down as Roxanne gasps for air and Metatron pulls the blade out of her chest. Roxanne’s eyes slowly move to meet the brothers’s across the warehouse. They share a gaze as Roxanne’s life starts to ebb away. Roxanne’s near lifeless body falls over. Time now feeling more normal, Sam and Dean race to their little sister completely ignoring Metatron standing right there. Dean and Sam grab their sister’s upper arm and pull her back into a sitting position against the wall.
“Hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Hey!” Sam yells at her. Roxanne’s eyes shoot open as the warehouse starts to shake. Dean then remembers Metatron and goes to stab him with an angel blade. The angel disappears. Dean comes back over and kneels on the other side of Roxanne. Sam is trying desperately to press a cloth to his sister’s gaping chest wound. Roxanne struggles to talk.
“Guys, you got to get out of here before he comes back,” Roxanne manages painfully and weakly.
“Shh. Shh. Shh. Shh. Shut up. Shut up. Just save your energy, all right? We’ll stop the bleeding. We’ll, we’ll get you a doctor or I’ll find a spell. You’re gonna be okay,” Dean mutters. Sam takes her hand and presses it to her chest to keep the cloth in place.
“Listen to me. It’s better this way,” Roxanne gets out.
“What?!” Sam protests.
“The Mark. It’s making me into something I don’t want to be. Here take this,” Roxanne gasps. She takes out the somehow uncrushed vile of angel grace out of her pocket and gives it to Dean. The brothers realize that it is Castiel’s grace.
“Where did you find this?” Dean asks.
“Where else but, Metatron’s favorite place on earth. A library,” Roxanne answers. Dean puts the vile in his pocket.
“Don’t worry about the Mark or that. We’ll figure out those things later. Just hold on, okay? We’ll get you some help,” Sam disregards. Sam and Dean try to gently lift Roxanne up and carry her. She moans in agony. The boys struggle to keep her upright as they carry her toward the exit. Roxanne is gasping for air and trying to hold the cloth to her chest. One of the boy’s hand’s covers hers over the cloth and the wound.
“Boys. Hold up. Hold up,” Roxanne stops them. They sits her down on a piece of equipment. Roxanne has fresh blood covering his lips and mouth…she can barely breathe. “I got to say something to you two,” Roxanne coughs.
“What?” Dean wonders not believing she should be talking right now. Roxanne takes one of each of the brother’s hands in one of her own. She looks them both straight in the eyes. “Sam do you remember what I told you? Well it’s time for that. Thanks to both of you for letting me run away from my life,” Roxanne thanks. Sam’s eye’s tear up as he looks into Roxanne’s fading eyes. Roxanne dies as her hand falls from the brother’s.

Crowley’s POV
The king of hell appears in the young girls bedroom. There on the bed is the dead girl’s body. He stands and gazes at her body.
“Those boys. they will be the death of me. They have already been the death of you. They are summoning me as I speak. Make a deal, bring you back. It’s exactly what I was talking about, isn’t it? It’s all become so… expected. You have to believe me. When I suggested Dean take on the Mark of Cain, I didn’t know this was going to happen. Of course how was I to know you would step in his place. I might not have told you and Dean the entire truth. But I never lied. I never lied, Betty. That’s important. It’s fundamental. But…there is one story about Cain that I might have…forgotten to tell you. Apparently, he, too, was willing to accept death, rather than becoming the killer the Mark wanted him to be. So he took his own life with the Blade. He died. Except, as rumor has it, the Mark never quite let go. You can understand why I never spoke of this. Why set hearts aflutter at mere speculation? It wasn’t until this moment…that I began to let myself believe. Maybe miracles do come true,” Crowley explains. He moves to the bed and places the First Blade into Roxanne’s right hand and lays them both on Roxanne’s chest.
“Listen to me, Roxanne, what you’re feeling right now, it’s not death. It’s life, a new kind of life. Open your eyes, Roxanne. See what I see. Feel what I feel. And let’s go take a howl at that moon,” Crowley concludes. Roxanne’s eyes open and they are BLACK.

Author’s Note: There will be one more chapter to this story. I hope you liked this chapter. Comment and/or review if you did or didn’t. Thanks for reading.

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