Chapter 8

Running Away and Staying a While
By: giddyfan
Chapter 8

“Glad to have you back Roxanne,” Sam pats her on the back.

Roxanne smiles and nods, “Now all we have to do is get rid of this thing.” Roxanne lifts her arm revealing the Mark.

“Hey do you remember anything from when you were a demon?” Dean asks. Roxanne thinks for a minute.

“No. I don’t remember anything,” Roxanne lies.


Roxanne woke up feeling different in a way she never has before. She could do anything she wanted and the consequences didn’t matter. She was a demon.

“Ready to go Betty?” Crowley inquires. Roxanne looks over to the King of Hell.

“One minute,” she responds. Roxanne gets off her bed and grabs a pen and paper.

On the note she wrote, “Boys, let me go cause I’m running away.” Roxanne places the note on her bed pillow.

“Let’s go,” Roxanne says to Crowley. Both of them disappear. They reappear in the garage of the bunker. Roxanne gets in her into her Mustang car and Crowley gets in the passenger seat. Driving away from the bunker Roxanne’s mind begins to think of all the possibilities.

“You want to do some killing?” Crowley suggests. Roxanne gets an evil smirk on her face and looks over to Crowley.

“Sure,” she agrees. Crowley directs her to an abandoned apartment building. Roxanne cuts the engine and wonders,

“Who are these people Crowley?”

“Don’t worry your pretty head. These are just some demons that are still loyal to Abbadon even though she’s gone,” Crowley explains. Rolling her eyes because of his little flirt, Roxanne grabs the First Blade and gets out of the car. Crowley gets out of her car but stays back. Roxanne goes around to the back of the building and sees about 15 demons. They all look over to her and recognize her as the one that killed their leader. All of the demons charge her at the same time. A few minutes later, Roxanne is standing there panting and covered in blood. Dead demons are scattered all around her.

“Well I couldn’t have done it better myself,” Crowley observes. Roxanne gives him a dirty look as she walks back to her car.

“Come on I need some new clothes,” Roxanne mutters. They drove away looking for someplace to change and have some fun.

A few weeks later…

Roxanne in her normal outfit since becoming free walks into the bar. Her extra short shorts barley covered her butt and her tank top was so tight that it showed some of her toned stomach. Roxanne scans the bar. All the usual people were already there. She spots Crowley at a table talking to one of his lackeys. She sighs. He had been really annoying lately. Crowley always wanted her to jobs for him. They would yell at each other but eventually she would do it. Roxanne found if she didn’t get the high of the kill at least once a week then she would get according to Crowley “a moody crazy chick”. Roxanne’s ponytail swishes back and forth as she walks to the bar. Roxanne puts on her best smile and sits on a bar stool.

“Hey Daren, how’s it going tonight,” Roxanne greeted the bartender. The hot bartender looked like he was around her age with brown hair and gorgeous hazel eyes.

“Not much. Been pretty boring but your here now,” Daren replies.

Leaning over the bar so that her breast were in clear view and almost hanging out Roxanne questions him, “What about Tori?” Tori was Daren’s girlfriend. He had told her that the first time she had shown an interest in him.

“Well I was thinking a taste of her own medicine would be appropriate. Even if she doesn’t know it,” Daren responds leaning close to her.

“I’ll have a beer. Later I’ll give you the tip out back,” Roxanne whispers the last part. Daren smiles and goes to get her beer. Roxanne sits back on the stool and avoids looking at Crowley who she knows is staring at her. Daren sets her beer in front of her and goes to help another customer.

As the night went on Roxanne did her best to have a good time. She had gone on a ‘misson’ for Crowley about 3 days ago so the urge for a killing high wasn’t that bad. In all she had two beers that night. As Daren’s shift came to a close Roxanne could feel she was slightly tipsy in a way that she knew what she was doing but crazy enough to do crazy things. Daren went to take out the trash out back and Roxanne follows him. She pushes him up against the wall and kisses him very roughly and animal like. Daren grabs her waist and molds her to his body.

“So you like it rough?” Daren asks when they break apart. Roxanne rubs herself up and down his body.

“Very rough. Is that a problem?” she replies. Daren flips them and forcefully pushes Roxanne against the wall. Roxanne moans as he kisses her and uses his teeth on her lips.

“Not at all,” Daren exclaims.


Early in the next afternoon Roxanne returns to her and Crowley’s motel room in the same cloths she was in last night.

“Good sleep?” Crowley inquires.

“Great. We hardly did any sleeping,” Roxanne states. She walks to her bag and opens it taking out a new outfit.

“One day you are going to get yourself killed by how your going,” Crowley warns.

Roxanne heads to the small bathroom but sticks her head out, “Please, who do you think your talking to.” Roxanne flashes her black eyes and closes the bathroom door. When she comes back out she is wearing a strapless Jean dress and red high heels with straps.

“You are not indestructible or immortal,” Crowley reminds her.

Roxanne smirks at him, “But I learned from the two best hunters in the world.” Crowley rolls his eyes at her comment.

“I should have a new job for you by the end of the night,” Crowley informs her. Roxanne goes back into the bathroom after grabbing a few things from her bag.

“I don’t know I think I want to stay here,” Roxanne voices after thinking about it for a while. Their system was that they would do a few jobs at one location or one town and then move on.

“Why because of your pretty boy? Please he’ll abandon you at the first sign of trouble,” Crowley comments sarcastically.

“Jealous?” Roxanne questions.

“No,” Crowley replies quickly. Roxanne comes out of the bathroom. She has applied makeup which is most noticeable because of her smoky eyeshadow bringing out her blue eyes. She also has curled her hair into ringlets. Crowley looks up and down her with approval and a little bite of desire in his eyes. “No,” Crowley repeats when he sees Roxanne notice his look.

“Come on let’s go,” Roxanne dismisses him. They leave the motel room and head to the bar. It is very busy tonight because it is Friday night and the bar always gets a better DJ for Friday nights. The dance floor is pretty full when they get there. Roxanne immediately goes to the dance floor when a song with a good beat comes on. She dances with guys but doesn’t get as far as she knows some of them want to. After a few songs she left the dance floor and went to the bar. “Hey Daren,” Roxanne greeted flirting.

“Hey you. Are you ignoring me?” Daren inquires as he gets Roxanne her drink.

“Of course not. Do you want to dance?” Roxanne wonders. Daren looks at the other bartender and the man nods at him. Daren comes around the bar ready to dance. Roxanne takes a few gulps of her beer and takes Daren’s hand. As they walk onto the dance floor a great dance song comes on. Daren wraps his arms around Roxanne’s waist and pulls her close. Her back is against his chest as she wraps an arm around his neck. They start slow, but then the beat and speed of the song influences them along with their bodies being so close. Soon they are moving and grinding to the beat. The two of them dance for a couple of songs and then Daren has to go back to bartending. As Roxanne was starting her second beer someone behind her taps her on the shoulder. She turns around and finds Sam and Dean standing there.

“Well look at what the cat dragged in,” Roxanne states.

“Roxanne you need to come back to the bunker with us,” Sam conveys.

“Oh? Why?” Roxanne questions.

“Because your off the rails and we can fix this,” Dean answers.

“You mean this,” Roxanne flashes her black eyes at them. “I’m perfectly fine.”

Dean goes to say something when, “Are these guys bothering you Roxanne?” Roxanne turns and sees Daren standing there staring down the Winchesters. Even though Daren wasn’t wimpy looking, age, hunting their whole life and probably genetics made the brothers bigger and meaner looking then him.

“Hey buddy stay out of this,” Dean warns. Suddenly a girl comes up to the group. She would be beautiful (which Roxanne considered to be the highest compliment out there) if she wasn’t so slutty and dirty looking with her long brown hair and flawless skin.

“Are you Roxanne?” the woman asks. “Yeah,” Roxanne answers. The woman punches her in the face causing Roxanne’s head to snap back and her black eyes to flash.

“Tori!?” Daren shouts.

“That’s for sleeping with my boyfriend,” Tori states. Roxanne smirks and punches Tori back. A fight breaks out in the bar. During the struggle, Dean and Sam get demon handcuffs on Roxanne’s wrists. They drag her out of the bar and to the Impala. Standing next to the car is Crowley.

“Crowley. I should have known,” Roxanne growls.

“I told you I had a job for you,” Crowley responds. The brothers put Roxanne in the backseat of the car. She watches as they talk to Crowley. He has the First Blade in his hand and then puts it in his jacket. Sam and Dean get into the car and start heading towards the bunker.

“Were trying to help you Roxanne,” Sam says.

“I didn’t ask for your help,” Roxanne replies.

“Well your getting it anyway,” Dean conveys. It is night by the time they reach the bunker. The brothers immediately put Roxanne in the dungeon. The next morning, the boys go to start the process of undemoning Roxanne. Sam walks in with a cooler and opens it. It is filled with donated blood.

“Really?” she questions.

“We didn’t know your blood type so we just got the universal donor,” Dean comments.

“Boys, I know you think you’re gonna try and fix me, but…did it ever occur to you that maybe I don’t want to be fixed? Why do you care?” Roxanne wonders.

“Why do we care?” Sam repeats like it is absurd she would ask that.

“Cause it should have been me. And now your family,” Dean informs her. Sam gets the holy water, splashes it on the floor as he begins chanting in Latin.

“You want me to get all weepy while you shoot me up? I don’t want this!” Roxanne shouts the last part.

“Yeah, We pretty much figured that out,” Sam states.

“You don’t even know if this is gonna work, do you? You know, I got a hell of a lot more running through me than just demon juice,” Roxanne concludes.

“Mark of Cain, got it,” Dean says seeming unconcerned.

“That’s right,” Roxanne confirms. Sam has a syringe of blood in his hand as he walks closer to Roxanne.

“Buckle up,” Sam remarks.

“I hate shots,” Roxanne states.

“We hate demons,” Sam and Dean say together. Roxanne’s eyes go black a second before Dean hits her with holy water. Roxanne yells as her skin sizzles, and Sam plunges the needle into her arm. Roxanne groans as Sam empties the syringe into her arm.

“Look, we got a whole bunch more of these to go. You could make it a lot easier on yourself,” Sam reasons. Roxanne’s eyes widen as she grunts and groans, the blood already taking some effect.

“You could be killing me,” Roxanne groans.

“Or your just faking it,” Dean replies. Sam injects Roxanne with another vial of blood. She groans louder and struggles against the cuffs.

“You want me to get all emotional. Fine, I’ll get emotional. Before I came here my life was pretty good. I had a great job, my family was getting along, I was even engaged to the love of my life. Then just before the wedding he got into a car accident that killed him. So I ran away because I couldn’t deal. But now I am going to fight,” Roxanne tells them. Roxanne uses the power of the Mark to break the demon cuffs. Sam and Dean back up from Roxanne. Dean goes to throw holy water on her but he is all out.

“You shouldn’t have taught me all your tricks,” Roxanne comments. The brothers run out of the dungeon as Roxanne steps out of the devil’s trap. Somewhere in the bunker, Sam has his back to the wall, a knife in his hand. He hears a door open, and he makes his way down the hall. Roxanne is walking through the bunker, opening doors, seemingly looking for Sam and Dean. Dean opens a drawer and grabs a set of keys. Roxanne is in the kitchen and grabs a hammer.

“Come on, boys! Don’t you want to hang out with your little sis? Spend a little quality time?” Roxanne shouts. Dean uses the keys to unlock the door to the control room. Roxanne comes walking down a hall. She kicks a door in, the door to her bedroom. Dean flips a switch and the lights suddenly shut off, leaving red lights flashing as an alarm begins to sound. Sam looks up when the lights go out.

“Smart, boys! Locking the place down. Doors won’t open. Play a little hide and seek. I get it. But here’s the thing: I don’t want to leave! Not until I find you two!” Roxanne announces. Roxanne hears a clatter in the distance and goes walking down the hall.

“Sammy! Deano! You’re just making this worse for you guys! Oh, by the way, you can, uh… blame yourselves for me getting loose. All that blood you pumped into me to make me just human enough. Well, I was human enough to break the cuffs and escape the devil’s trap but demon enough to have the strength,” Roxanne explains. She opens the drawer, sees that the keys are missing. She walks off in the direction Dean had gone. Inside the control room, Roxanne flips the switch, turning the power back on.

“Yeah, that’s more like it,” Roxanne says to herself. Sam rushes over and pulls the door shut, locking it, locking Roxanne inside. Dean comes up and throws the keys on the ground, standing at the door with Sam both of them have a knife in his hand.

“That’s your big move?” Roxanne laughs a little.

“Listen to me, Roxanne! We were getting close, okay? I know you’re still in there somewhere. Just let us finish the treatments,” Dean begs. Roxanne doesn’t answer.

“Roxanne?’ Sam calls. Sam and Dean jump back as the door begins to splinter. They watch as the door begins to break, from the hammer Roxanne is wielding.

“You act like I want to be cured!” Roxanne conveys. She continues using the hammer, until she can look through the door at the brothers. “Personally, I like the disease. I have never felt more free,” Roxanne tells them.

“Roxanne, stop this! Look, I don’t want to use this blade on you!” Dean warns.

“That sucks for you, doesn’t it? ‘Cause you really mean that!” Roxanne mocks.

“Look, if you come out of that room, we won’t have a choice!” Sam pleads.

“Sure you will! And I know which one you’ll make. Isn’t that right?” Roxanne disagrees looking between both of them. “But see …here’s the thing: I’m lucky. Oh, hell, I’m blessed! ‘Cause there’s just enough demon left in me that killing you? Both of you. Ain’t no choice at all,” Roxanne finishes. As Roxanne breaks down the door, the brothers goes running down the hall. Roxanne pushes a hair behind her ear, then walks after his brother.

“Sammy? Dean?” Roxanne yells. She comes walking down the hall, still holding the hammer. “Come on, boys! Let’s have a beer, talk about it. I’m tired of playing. Let’s finish this game!” Roxanne pretends. Sam and Dean are breathing hard and are backed up against the wall. They chance a look down the hall, but find it empty. They turn back around just in time for Dean pushes himself and Sam down, ducking just in time, as Roxanne swings the hammer at his head. It instead lodges into the wall. Dean reacts on instinct, pushing his knife against Roxanne’s throat. Roxanne smiles.

“Well …look at you. Do it. It’s all you,” Roxanne taunts. Sam puts a hand on Dean’s hand that is holding the knife. Dean looks at Sam and lets the knife fall. Roxanne smiles as her eyes go black. She takes a step towards the brothers, grunting when arms suddenly come around her. It is Castiel.

“It’s over,” Cas states. Roxanne struggles against Castiel’s grip. She feels the very powerful presence of Cas’s grace behind her, holding her. “Roxanne, it’s over. It’s over,” Cas repeats.

“I should have never given you back your grace,” Roxanne growls. The three boys get Roxanne strapped to the chair again. After an hour of treatment Sam pulls another needle from her arm. There are needle marks on Roxanne’s arm now, close by the Mark of Cain. Roxanne is slumped over, her head hanging.

“What the hell are we doing to her, Cas? I mean, even after I gave her all that blood, she still said she didn’t want to be cured, that she didn’t want to be human,” Sam questions.

“Well…I see her point. You know, only humans can feel real joy, but…also such profound pain. This is easier,” Castiel answers. Roxanne wakes up, and her eyes are black. The black dissipates, and Dean unscrews the flask in his hand. Roxanne looks up to Sam, Dean, and Cas, groaning and letting out a breath. She looks around, uncertain, while Dean, Sam, and Cas watch her carefully.

“You look worried, guys,” Roxanne states. She looks down at her outfit, “What am I wearing?” Dean splashes holy water on Roxanne’s face, and Roxanne looks up at him when nothing happens. Sam smiles.

“Welcome back, Roxanne,” Sam greets.


Now dressed in just a t-shirt and jeans Roxanne is sitting in the the library of the bunker with Sam, Dean, and Cas.

“So how are we going to get rid of the Mark?” Castiel asks.

“Can we think about it tomorrow? I am really tired,” Roxanne suggests.

“Of course. You are probably exhausted. We can talk about this tomorrow,” Dean agrees. Roxanne gets up and starts to walk out of the room. She stops and turns back around.

“I’m sorry for trying to kill you guys. And for anything I said,” Roxanne apologizes. Sam gets up first and comes over to give her a hug. Roxanne clings to his warmth, and protective body. She feels someone else join them and looks up to see Dean has come in. The three of them hug and then break apart. Cas is standing in front of Roxanne.

“Thank you for finding my grace,” Castiel thanks her. Roxanne smiles, “Hey what is family for.” She goes over to him and gives him a hug too. Cas is hesitant at first then returns the hug.

“Castiel? What is going on?” a voice interrupts. They all look over and see a woman standing there. Hannah.

“Hannah, we’ve cured Roxanne,” Castiel explains. Roxanne walks over to Hannah and takes a deep breath.

“I’m sorry. The Mark’s influence was too much for me. I hope you will forgive me and help us figure out a way to get rid of it,” Roxanne asks for forgiveness. Roxanne holds her hand out for Hannah to shake it. Hannah looks at her offered hand.

“Take her hand and shake her hand if you forgive her,” Castiel informs Hannah. Hannah nods to Cas telling him she heard him. She looks into Roxanne’s eyes and maybe into her scarred soul. Hannah reaches out and takes Roxanne’s hand. The two woman shake and then release.

“Well I insist you two stay here for the night so we can all convene tomorrow about this issue,” Roxanne commands gesturing to the Mark on her arm. Sam goes and shows Cas and Hannah to some bedrooms as Dean and Roxanne retire to their separate room.


Roxanne is sneaking into a room. She has just killed a husband and wife who’s crossroad’s deal was up. Inside the room is a crib and inside the crib is a crying baby. That was part of the deal that the wife had made. The little baby girl in the crib is completely innocent just wanting her mommy and daddy. Roxanne smiles cruelly at the baby and sticks the First Blade into the baby killing it. Roxanne wakes up sitting up in her bed.

“I thought this might happen,” a voice in the dark says. Roxanne turns on the light and sees Dean sitting in a chair across from the bed.

“What are you doing here?” Roxanne inquires.

“You may have been able to convince Sam and Cas that you don’t remember anything from being a demon but I know the truth. You remember everything and it haunts you,” Dean states. Roxanne stares at Dean for a minute.

“Will it get better?” she wonders.

“Maybe, with time and if you solve it,” Dean answers. Roxanne nods and gets out of bed. There is a bottled water on the table. She opens it and takes a long drink.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Dean offers.

“No. Let’s just solve this,” Roxanne responds. Dean leaves the room so that Roxanne can get ready. When everyone is up and ready they all convene in the main room.

“While you were a demon we researched almost everything that there is on the Mark of Cain but we came up with nothing,” Sam tells everyone.

“Well I may have an idea,” Roxanne is hesitant.

“What is it?” Sam wonders.

“You guys said that Cas was able to hold me when I was trying to kill you all and the opposite of demon is angel,” Roxanne starts.

“What are you saying?” Dean questions.

“What if we transfer the Mark onto an angel?” Roxanne proposes. It is silent for a minute.

“It’s as good a plan as any. Plus we don’t have any other plans,” Dean comments.

“Alright give me the Mark,” Castiel stands up and walks over to Roxanne.

“Hold on here,” Sam stops. Everyone is up and gathered around.

“Cas, you can’t have the Mark because you are too important to the angels and to us. I won’t let you do it,” Roxanne reasons.

“I’ll do it,” Hannah declares.

“Hannah you don’t have to do this,” Cas protests.

“Doing this might not only kill your vessel but also you as in your grace itself,” Roxanne tells Hannah.

“I understand,” Hannah replies.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Dean asks her.

“Yes. Another way might lead to more then just my death and I can’t have that on me,” Hannah states.

Roxanne turns to Cas and tells him, “Castiel make sure heaven and all angels recognize and know her sacrifice.” Castiel nods at her. Roxanne turns back and reaches out her arm. Hannah grabs it and twist their arms for the transfer.

Both Roxanne and Hannah groan in pain. The Mark is resisting. Roxanne feels Hannah’s grace reach out and take the Mark onto itself. Roxanne and Hannah fall back. Dean and Sam catch Roxanne and Castiel catches Hannah. Hannah starts convulsing like she is having a seizure. The four of them watch as the convulsions die down and Hannah dies. They look at her arm where the Mark is. It slowly fades away as if it were never there. A tear falls from Roxanne’s eyes. She walks up to Castiel and puts a hand on his shoulder.

He looks at her as she says, “We will give her a proper hunter’s funeral.” Castiel nods. All four of them help to set up the funeral pyre. Dean lift’s Hannah’s body up on top of the pyre and backs away. Sam lights the pyre on fire and backs up to join the rest of them. They silently watch it burn. After the funeral is done they go back inside the bunker.

Roxanne stands in front of the three of them and says, “Thanks for letting me stay a while.”
That’s the end of this story. Here is who I imagined Daren to be. If you know why I picked him without looking it up then you are doubly awesome. Please comment/review, like, and follow me and this chapter.

Chapter 7


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