Running Away and Staying A While Chapter 6

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Running Away And Staying a While

By: giddyfan

Chapter 6

Roxanne creeps into Sam’s room just a couple hours after having gotten back to the bunker. She sees that Sam is dead asleep on his bed. Smirking she puts suddenly turns on the music really loud. Sam jerks awake and pulls a gun on what he thinks is an intruder.

Shutting off the music Roxanne says, “Nice reflexes. Better hair.”

“What’s wrong with you? I could have shot you,” Sam murmurs still half asleep. “Why aren’t you sleeping? We got in like two hours ago,” Sam asks after checking his watch.

“Not tired. And we got work to do, so put on your disco pants, and let’s boogie,” Roxanne replies. Roxanne goes back to the main room and continues packing. Sometime later, Sam and Dean walk in both with a cup of coffee.

“All right. What’s up?” Dean inquires Roxanne having woken him up before she did Sam.

“I called Cas. He said there’s something going down in Missouri,” Roxanne explains.

“What kind of something?” Sam wonders.

“He said he couldn’t talk about it over the phone,” Roxanne relays.

“Why?” Dean questions.

“Because he is a weird guy, okay? I don’t know. But he happens to have an army of angels behind him, and, even though I hate to say it, if we’re gonna take a shot at Metatron, they might be useful,” Roxanne responds. Roxanne goes to put the Blade into his duffel but Sam and Dean notice, concern growing.

“Well, do you think we need the First Blade? Why don’t we just leave that here?” Sam asks.

“We talked about this, and we decided that…,” Roxanne starts.

“No. In all fairness, we didn’t decide. You did,” Dean interrupts.

“Okay, I decided that a stick that can kill anything might come in handy, so sue me,” Roxanne says offended.

“You haven’t experienced these things like we have. Magic that powerful comes at a price, and right now we don’t know what that price is,” Sam lectures her.

“I’m fine. I’m fan-friggin’-tastic,” Roxanne tells them.

“And I’m glad, honestly. I say we just save it for when we really need it. Crowley. Metatron. The big boss fights. You don’t have to have it with you all the time, right? I mean, just leave it,” Dean suggests.

Setting the blade to the side Roxanne agrees, “Okay fine.”

“Thank you,” Sam thanks her. When the boys are not looking Roxanne sneaks the Blade where they won’t be able to find it. The brothers drive to the crime scene. Of course they tell Roxanne to stay in the Impala. Apparently Castiel was there because when they get back they tell Roxanne what happened and that they are going to Cas’s command center. When they get there Castiel, Sam, Dean, and Roxanne enter Castiel’s command center. The place is bustling with angels. A female angel rises to greet them.

“Commander,” the angel greets.

“Oh, it’s just creepy,” Dean mutters and Roxanne cracks a smile.

“Sam, Dean, Roxanne this is Hannah,” Cas introduces.

“The Winchesters and friend, I’ve heard so much about you,” Hannah expresses.

“What can I say? Cas is a fan,” Dean jokes.

A red shirt angel takes the box of evidence that Cas is holding, “I’ll start to examine this evidence.”

Dean looks like he is about to protest when Hannah says, “Sir, this morning, Josiah wasn’t at roll call.”

“Roll call? You hold, roll call?” Roxanne tries not to giggle.

“They like to hear me say their names,” Cas informs them.

“I knew a couple of women who liked that,” Dean comments.

“No one’s seen Josiah since Ezra was murdered. We think that…,” Hannah starts.

“You think Josiah’s the killer, that he is the mole?” Sam follows Hannah’s thinking.

“Well, who else? We searched the grounds, but he’s vanished,” Hannah conveys.

“Not without wings. He’s an angel, but he’s still got to travel like he’s a human, which means walk, drive, means he’s gonna leave a trail,” Dean concludes.

Sitting down at a computer Sam asks, “All right. What was his vessel’s name?”

“Sean Flynn from Omaha,” Cas responds. He must have all of them memorized. An image pops up of a man on the screen.

“This the guy?” Roxanne inquires.

“Yeah, that’s him,” Cas confirms.

“All right. Looks like someone just used his credit card at a Gas-n-Sip in Colorado,” Sam looks through the records.

“And that’s how we do things in the pros,” Dean brags.

“Commander. I have something. This phone’s memory chip has a video time-stamped just before the explosion,” the red shirt angel tells them. They all crowd around the phone and the video begins to play. It is inside the ice cream shop where it all happened.

“And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for,” a customer announces.

“What?” I lady questions.

“No!” a little girl shouts. The man rips open his coat to reveals a sigil carved into his chest.

He rams an angel blade through his heart as he yells, “I do this for Castiel!” The whole ice cream shop explodes and the video goes dead. Everyone is shocked at what happened in the video.

“What the hell was that?” Dean speaks what we are all thinking.

“I don’t know. I didn’t, I would never ask an angel to sacrifice himself to kill innocents,” Cas protests.

“Cas, why would an angel blow up a Colonel Scoop’s in your name?” Sam questions.

“That’s not what he was doing. Roll it back,” Hannah argues. They roll the video back. “There,” Hannah points to the girl in the booth and the video is paused. “That was an angel, Esther. She’s one of Metatron’s,” Hannah points out.

“So, this was some kind of hit?” Roxanne wonders not following.

“I don’t know,” Castiel replies.

“Stop saying you don’t know,” Dean expresses.

“You can’t think I would allow something like this,” Cas says.

“Cas, I know you try to be a good guy, okay? I do. You try. But what you got here, this is a freaking cult,” Dean comments.

“Dean,” Cas tries to interrupt.

“And the last time you had this kind of juice, you did kill humans and angels, and you did nothing but lie to me and Sam about it the whole damn time!” Dean gets angry. Roxanne had no knowledge of this before now.

“Can we take this somewhere else, guys?” Sam suggests. The four of them go into Castiel’s private office.

“Will you stow the baggage, you three. Look, we’ve got a case. Let’s work it. Cas, did you know the other angel in that video?” Roxanne inquires.

“Yes. His name was Oren. He was a new recruit. He worked in community outreach,” Cas informs.

“And what does that mean?” Dean wonders.

“Some of my troops are stationed at a local hospital. They help where they can. Minor miracles, it’s nothing that would attention,” Castiel explains.

“So, what was he doing in that video, with the stabbing?” Sam questions.

“The Enochian runes that were carved in his chest. I think that they were meant to focus energy. When he stabbed himself, it unleashed all that power,” Castiel theorizes.

“So, what about the girl? What happened to her?” Roxanne inquires.

“If she was the target, if the blast was focused on her, then more likely than not, she was atomized. So, what do we do now?” Castiel asks.

“Well, you don’t do jack. Me, Sam, and Roxanne will head to the hospital, see if we can find somebody who knew this…walking nuke,” Dean plans.

“Hold on. These are my people. I can help,” Cas protests.

“Well, that’s sort of the problem. I mean, the Manson girls aren’t gonna give us a straight answer with Charlie in the room, so just hang back,” Dean proposes.

“So, I should just sit here?” Castiel is upset.

“Pretty much,” Dean answers.

“No. If you don’t want my help, then I will follow Josiah’s trail to Colorado. I have to do something, Dean,” Castiel insists.

“All right, fine. But Sam’s coming with you,” Dean reluctantly agrees.

“What?” Sam questions.

“Because you don’t trust me?” Castiel asks.

“Well the least Sam could do is help you,” Roxanne points out. Castiel and Sam go to follow Josiah while Dean and Roxanne go to investigate the exploding angels. They eventually end up at the hospital Oren worked at. Thanks to Cas they know who the other angels working there are. They find a female angel and go to the boiler room to question her. All three of them sit down the female angel across the table from Roxanne and Dean.

“What do we call you?” Roxanne asks.

“My angelic name is 18 syllables long. Let’s stick with Flagstaff,” the angel replies.

“Copy. So, you knew this Oren guy?” Dean inquires.

“We worked together at the hospital. He was a joy, bright, full of life,” Flagstaff answers.

“Yeah, I hear he had a real explosive personality,” Dean sarcastically comments.

“Do you think this is a joke?” Flagstaff questions Dean.

“Do you see us laughing? Is there anything else you can tell us about him? For example, why he’d light his own fuse,” Roxanne says stone faced.

“No. Can I go? I have lives to save,” Flagstaff has an attitude.

“Welcome to the club,” Dean mutters. Flagstaff smirks and Roxanne notices.

“Something funny?” she wonders.

“Not funny “ha ha.” But you two thinking your help people, it’s amusing. I help people. A clogged artery here, a tumor there. I do good in this world. You two, you believe every problem can be solved with a gun. You play the hero, but underneath the hype, you’re a killer with oceans of blood on his hands. I hate people like you,” Flagstaff shares. Roxanne stares at her calmly and then angrily leaps to his feet and throws the table between them aside in one swift movement.  Dean jumps back surprised and shocked at her actions. She throws Flagstaff against the wall and instantly puts an angel blade to her throat. Dean realizes she has taken it from him.

“Girly, there ain’t no other people like me,” Roxanne declares.

Scared out of her mind Flagstaff begs, “Don’t…please.”

“Oren. Friends?” Roxanne demands.

“Constantine…and Tessa,” Flagstaff gives up. Roxanne releases her.

“Tessa? The reaper, Tessa?” Dean recognizes.

“You know her?” Flagstaff voices Roxanne’s thoughts. They leave immediately after that tracking the ambulance that Tessa has stolen. Dean glances at Roxanne a few times but she has seemed to calm down by now.

“Let me talk to her first,” Dean proposes. Roxanne nods her head in agreement Roxanne hides while Dean approaches Tessa outside an auditorium. “Howdy, Tessa. You’re supposed to be working at the hospital tonight, but when I stopped by, you were gone. So was an ambulance. Pro tip, they all have GPS,” Dean comments.

“Good to know. So, you’re here. Why? You just love musical theater?” Tessa replies.

“Only if it’s “Fiddler.” We need to talk,” Dean responds.

“Can’t. Sorta got a date,” Tessa rejects. Getting fed up with the talking Roxanne pops out of her hiding spot. She grabs Tessa’s jacket to pull her back but accidently reveals part of a sigil carved into her chest. Roxanne quickly puts two and two together.

“Not happening,” Roxanne states. Tessa tries to jerk away but Roxanne handcuffs her and pushes her to a wall.

“Where’s the other one? Where’s Constantine?” Dean asks wary of Roxanne. They get Tessa into the Impala and start to drive back to the command center. On the way Dean calls Sam.

“Hey,” Sam answers the phone.

“How is he?” Dean asks about Cas.

“He’s, uh…he’s Cas. What about you two? How’s it going?” Sam inquires.

“Great. Went out, got some air. Met an old friend. Say hi to Sam, Tessa,” Dean replies hold the phone so Tessa could speak.

“Your brother and his friend are psychos, Sam,” Tessa shouts into the phone.

“Ha, ha. Stop,” Roxanne tells Tessa.

“What’s going on?” Sam wonders.

“You first,” Dean says. Roxanne tunes the rest of the conversation out. Dean, Roxanne and Tessa walk in the command center and Hannah approaches them.

“Tessa? What are you doing?” Hannah questions.

“You want to tell her?” Dean asks. Tessa remains silent so Dean pulls back the top of her shirt to reveal the sigil which it has obviously had a gash cut across to mark it out.

“Oh, God,” Hannah exclaims.

“There’s no God. There’s only Castiel,” Tessa expresses.

“Oh, and you’re done,” Dean states. Dean and Roxanne walk Tessa down a hallway and put her in a warded room. Hannah and the others follow.

“You wounded her,” Hannah observes.

“More like “defused,” okay? I cut up that old testament graffiti she carved into herself. I figured that would break the spell,” Roxanne explains.

“And now…what will you do to her?” Red shirt angel inquires.

Pulling the angel blade she had yet to give back to Dean out Roxanne says, “Guess.”

“Torture. Predictable,” Flagstaff insults.

“We need to know if there are other bombers out there,” Dean for once supports Roxanne.

“No. I won’t allow it. I know what Tessa was planning was horrible, but there’s only one person who can punish her,” Hannah determines.

“Let me guess. Yea big, trench coat, sensible shoes?” Roxanne describes Cas.

“You have to understand that Castiel is the only thing holding us together. A month ago, half the angels in this place were trying to kill the other half. Castiel has given us a purpose. But more than that, he has given us a way to live in peace. We have rules. Order. If I let you take matters into your own hands, what’s to stop one of them from doing the same? You can talk to her. You should talk to her. But leave the blade outside,” Hannah negotiates.

“Are you asking or telling?” Roxanne asks knowing the answer already.

“We’re not asking,” the Red shirt angel answers. Roxanne stares evenly at all the angel before her. Then she smoothly flips the blade handle first and hands it to Hannah. Dean and she then walks calmly into the room with Tessa. Dean sits across from Tessa at the table. Hannah and Roxanne stand at opposite sides of the room.

“Okay. Well, let’s start with an easy one. Who are you working for?” Dean asks.

“Castiel,” Tessa answers.

“Liar,” Hannah states.

“People like you, they never understand. Sacrifices have to be made,” Tessa declares.

“So you go after one of the bad guys, and if a few humans get microwaved, no big deal, right?” Roxanne conveys.

“In the grand scheme, they don’t matter,” Tessa confirms.

“Oh, Tessa, you are so wrong,” Dean states.

“When Castiel came to me and told me what I had to do, he said I was chosen because I was strong. Others…they couldn’t handle this. They’re too weak,” Tessa explains and looks at Hannah when she talks about people being weak. Hannah leaps at Tessa but Dean puts his arm up to stop her. He grabs her shoulders and shoves her out the door and into the hallway. He steps out to and closes the door behind him leaving Roxanne in the room alone with Tessa.

“Who are you?” Tessa wonders.

“Just a friend and now it’s just you and me. Let’s talk,” Roxanne gets focused a little anger raising in her.

“I don’t have to say anything,” Tessa declares.

“Here’s the deal. Dean likes you, Tess, okay? For an angel or reaper, whatever. But tell me, why are you doing this?” Roxanne inquires.

“Castiel,” Tessa answers.

“No, forget Cas. Why are you doing this? What would make a person want to pop their top, huh? I mean, look, I’ve been in bad shape. I have. But I have never been that damn low,” Roxanne dismisses.

“I guess I just can’t take the screaming,” Tessa confesses.

“Who’s screaming?” Roxanne questions getting somewhere.

“All of them. The lost souls. The ones that can’t get into heaven now that it’s been boarded up. I hear them. They are so confused. They’re in so much pain. All I want to do is help them. It’s what I do. It’s my job. But I can’t. So I suffered…until death, nothingness. Suddenly, it didn’t seem so bad. It seemed quiet,” Tessa explains.

“So, why don’t you just jam an angel blade in your throat and call it a day?” Roxanne wonders.

“I thought about it. But I was too weak. Till Castiel gave me a reason to die,” Tessa informs.

“Yeah. See, that just doesn’t sound like the Cas I know,” Roxanne comments.

“But you don’t even know him that well. I’ll tell you a secret just between us girls. There’s more out there…like me. So many more,” Tessa taunts. Roxanne gets angry.

“You got names?” Roxanne asks. “That would ruin all the fun,” Tessa mocks.

Really angry now Roxanne says, “No. No, see…the fun’s just getting started.” Roxanne pulls the Blade from his jacket. Tessa steps back.

“Roxanne, what have you done?” Tessa is scared.

“What I had to, to protect them,” Roxanne answers. Tessa sprints at Roxanne and impales herself on the Blade in Roxanne’s hand.

“Thank you,” she thanks Roxanne. Tessa dies in a bright light. Hannah, Dean, and company burst into the room as Roxanne feels the high from the blade kill. Roxanne is handcuffed to a chair in the warded room. He has duct tape over her mouth and her nose is bleeding. Dean is silently guarding her. Hannah opens the door as Castiel and Sam burst in.

“She put up a fight,” Hannah responds when Cas gives a questioning look.

“Get out,” Castiel commands. Sam moves quickly to Roxanne and rips off the duct tape.

“Ah! You should have seen Dean,” Roxanne comments. Sam gives a critical look at Dean who shrugs his shoulders.

“They said you killed Tessa?” Cas inquires.

“Not so much. She knifed herself,” Roxanne informs them.

Removing the handcuffs Dean wonders, “Yeah? Why would she do that, Roxanne?”

“I don’t know, Dean. She was saying all kinds of crazy stuff,” Roxanne responds.

“So that’s why you brought out the First Blade?” Sam questions her.

“They told you about that, huh?” Roxanne feels kind of ashamed.

“We had a deal,” Dean protests.

“Yeah, well, it was a stupid deal,” Roxanne gives her opinion.

“Really? ‘Cause if you’d stuck to it, Tessa would still be alive. Without her, we ain’t got jack,” Sam points out.

“Yeah, you think I don’t know that? You think I wanted that to happen?” Roxanne exclaims.

“I don’t know, Roxanne. Did you?” Dean wonders.

“All right, that’s enough. Stop it,” Castiel stops them.

Suddenly, Hannah opens the door, “Commander, I’m sorry, but you have a call…from Metatron.” Castiel, the brothers, and Roxanne walk into the war room as Metatron waits patiently on a video call.

“Castiel. Bet you’re not happy to see me,” Metatron announces.

“Is anyone ever?” Roxanne replies.

“Roxanne, you have been spending too much time with Dean,” Metatron insults.

“What do you want, Metatron?” Sam asks.

“Just to tell ass-tiel, there, that I’m still alive. His bomber failed,” Metatron answers.

“My bomber?” Cas questions.

“The crazy guy. Big knife. I’m fine, thanks for asking, but Gadreel is wounded, and Tyrus may he rest in peace. His followers are not your biggest fans, by the way. They’ve all come over to my team,” Metatron reports.

“I didn’t send anyone to kill you,” Cas declares.

“Oh, stop lying, Castiel,” Metatron lectures.

“Who are you to lecture me on lying? Your deception led to the fall,” Castiel accuses.

“I did what I had to do. I have always done what I have to do, for God and for the angels,” Metatron excuses.

“Sure. Yeah, you’re mother Teresa with neck beard,” Dean mocks.

“What I did was neither good nor bad. It was necessary, a small hardship to make us all stronger, to make us a family again,” Metatron explains.

“Yeah, except for the angels you had Gadreel kill,” Sam points out.

“Okay, yes. Maybe I got a little carried away at first, but those days are over. A near-death experience makes you re-evaluate. So, one time only, I’m offering amnesty. Every angel, no matter what their sin, may join me and return to heaven. I will be their God, and they can be my heavenly host,” Metatron preaches.

“Why would we follow you?” Hannah inquires sarcastically.

“Well, look around. You’ve seen earth. You’ve had a taste of free will. I got to ask you, do you like it? I mean, the way you’ve flocked off to follow Castiel tells me you need to follow someone. It’s in your DNA. But Cas, he’s not what you think he is. He sends angels out to die. Have you told them about your stolen Grace, Castiel? How it’s fading away, and when it burns out, so will you? So…No, then. I’m not the best, but I’m the best you’ve got. You want to stay with Castiel, fine, but he’s playing you, because at the end of the day, the only thing he cares about is himself, the Hardy boys and their new little chick there. You’ve got a choice to make. Make the right one,” Metatron proposes and clicks off.

Turning to all the angels Castiel says, “He’s lying.”

“About the Grace?” Hannah asks.

“It’s complicated,” Cas replies confirming to everyone that that part is true.

“So he wasn’t lying,” Hannah concludes.

“He was about everything else. He…you believe me, don’t you?” Cas looks desperate.

“I want to believe you, but I…we need proof,” Hannah conveys.

“Name it,” Castiel agrees desperate for their approval.

“Punish her,” Hannah declares point at Roxanne. Roxanne is genuinely surprised.

“What?” Dean is shocked.

“She murdered Tessa. She broke our rules,” Hannah explains.

“Y’all can all go to hell,” Roxanne comments.

“Roxanne,” Castiel says.

“Hey, wait a sec…,” Sam starts. Him and Dean are subdued by the angels.

“You gave us order, Castiel, and we gave you our trust. Don’t lose it over one human. This is justice,” Hannah exclaims handing Castiel an angel blade. Castiel takes the blade and holds it as he considers. Roxanne stares at him in shock. She can see Castiel struggle with this.

“It’s okay Castiel. It’s not like I am Sam or Dean,” Roxanne finally speaks.

“No. I can’t,” Castiel murmurs.

“Do it. Just don’t kill me. Then I will leave and try to find a way so that you won’t fade away,” Roxanne commands.

“Not here,” Castiel determines. The brothers look like they are about to protest more but Roxanne gives them a look and they back down. They go into one of the interrogation rooms and lock the door. Reluctantly Castiel “punishes” Roxanne. A half hour later Roxanne walks out with bruises on her face. She stands in front of the group of angels to show that Castiel has fulfilled his part of the bargain.

As Roxanne stands there everyone staring at her she voices, “Just remember why God created you. To protect humans. Or at least that’s what I was told in Sunday school. Out of all of you, Cas is the best. You are all concerned with just yourselves, when Cas is only concerned about you angels and humans.” Roxanne leaves taking Castiel’s car. Running away from another situation.


Hey everyone. Did you enjoy it? Have any comments, questions, reviews, concerns? Put it in a comment below. I will try to respond to it. This chapter took a different turn then I thought it would when this ending struck me. I think there will be two max three more chapters to this story.

Here is an actress (Britt Robertson) that I imagine Roxanne would look like.

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