New Friends

Author’s Note: Warning there is violence, swearing, and smut in this chapter. I decided I am defiantly doing the third story. Remember Sook = human Sookie and Sookie = Vampire Sookie. Hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 5: New Friends

Sookie didn’t like dying for the day in one place and raising for the night in another. However, Eric insisted they got to his area as soon as possible. She got out of the travel coffin and took in her surroundings. They had been taken to Eric’s main house which she and Godric would be staying at until they found their own place. It was a couple of minutes before sundown, but Eric had light tight shutters on the house which automatically raised and fell with the sunset and sunrise. The room she was in was big and lavish. There was a huge king sized bed in the middle of the room, yet still room for their travel coffins. There was also a bathroom and a walk-in closet. Sookie rolled her eyes at the excessiveness of it all. If this was the room they were staying in, then Eric’s room was most likely ten times more extravagant. Sookie turned when someone opened the door, it was her mate coming in with a glass of blood in his hand. They smiled and moved towards each other. Godric put the glass of blood down on one of giant dressers as they wrapped their arms around each other and shared a kiss, Sookie melted into her mate and forgot the world for a few moments.

“Hello my love,” Godric greeted.

“I hate not raising next to you,” Sookie complained. Godric kissed her again to calm her.

“I know you do. I do as well. Now that we are here we don’t have to be apart,” Godric reassured her.

Sookie pressed their foreheads together and smiled, “I like that.” Godric reached around Sookie and grabbed the glass of blood.

“Apparently, people here are less enthusiastic about being bitten so, Eric has a supply of donor blood. I heated some up for you,” he explained.

“Well at least it isn’t that synthetic shit. Thanks,” Sookie commented and took the glass. She backed up a little so that she could down the glass. It was still warm and not completely terrible, but she still preferred to drink straight from the source. After she set the glass down, Sookie took Godric’s hand and asked, “Do you want to take a shower with me?” Godric looked up and down Sookie, and his fangs came down.

“Absolutely,” he answered. Sookie let go of his hand and started to undress as they strolled into the bathroom.

Godric turned on the shower just as Sookie finished undressing. He turned, and in what seemed to be an agonizingly slow pace, unbuttoned his shirt and peeled off his pants and underwear, letting his erection spring free. Seeing her mate naked and aroused made Sookie’s fangs came down faster than when she was desperate to feed. As soon as Godric had finished getting rid of his cloths, Sookie pulled him towards her and pressed her lips to his. He grabbed her hips hard and started to grind his erection against her wetness. Sookie was pushed against the bathroom counter. One hand gripping it tight, and the other in Godric’s hair. She pulled his head away, separating their lips for a moment. In the next second she bent his head to the side so his neck was exposed and bit into him. Godric roared as Sookie swallowed a few mouthfuls of her mate’s blood. She wrapped her legs around him as he pushed her up onto the counter. Then he moved them into the shower and almost slammed her into through the tile wall. The water washed away the blood from Godric’s neck while he bent down and sucked on one of Sookie’s nipples. Sookie moaned loudly, feeling Godric’s fangs brush her nipple.

Not wanting to leave her mate unpleasured, Sookie reached down and gripped Godric’s stiff shaft tightly and started to move her hand back and forth as quickly as she could. That broke Godric’s control: He stopped suckling Sookie’s breast and released her legs from around him. He then turned her around so that her front was facing the glass wall of the shower. He spread her legs as far apart as he could and slammed into her in the most satisfying way. Godric started sliding in and out with a fast and brutal pace. But it wasn’t enough for Sookie.

“More!” she screamed. Godric complied and went faster and harder. Sookie was almost there. “MORE!” She shouted again. Godric put his hands over hers, interlocking their fingers and started kissing Sookie’s neck as he went at a pace and force only vampires could take. “Yes! Godric!” Sookie cried out. Very soon she was on the edge, and Godric was too. He stopped kissing her neck and bit into it, drawing from her as she had done to him. It was exactly what they both needed and they tumbled over the edge together. They used the warm water to help them calm down as they washed their recent exploits from each other’s bodies, trading sensual kisses and erotic touches as a promise that there would be more once they were done with their business for the night. They quickly dried off and got dressed: Sookie wore dark wash jeans that sat low on her hips and a tight red halter top that showed off her figure nicely. Godric just put on some jeans and a black t shirt. By the time they were ready, the shutters had raised and it was fully night. They walked into the kitchen holding hands and saw Eric drinking a glass of warmed blood.

“Well you two have had a good night so far,” Eric teased. Sookie just rolled her eyes as she went to heat up another glass of blood for herself and Godric.

“What needs to be done tonight, Eric?” Godric changed the subject.

“I need to go to Fangtasia and do some sheriff work, but mostly Pam has kept the area well maintained,” Eric reported. The blood had finished heating up so Sookie gave one to Godric.

“Well there is much to be done with our transition here. May we work at Fangtasia with you?” Sookie inquired.

“Of course,” Eric responded. Fangtasia’s parking lot was empty when they got there, which surprised both Eric’s maker and his maker’s mate until he explained that the bar was closed on Monday so he could tend to Sheriff’s business of a more sensitive nature and do rounds if he needed to. Eric offered Godric his desk but the older vampire refused and took a booth in the main area. Godric and Sookie worked quickly to get all the details of their move done quickly. It was a couple of hours later when they finally finished. They went into Eric’s office to speak with him, but before any of them could say anything Sookie’s phone rang. She looked at the caller ID and was surprised to see who her caller was.

“Sook,” she said by way of a greeting, “I didn’t expect to hear from you so soon.”

“I know but I need your help,” Sook replied.

“Is something wrong?” Sookie asked. Godric and Eric came closer, even though they could already the other end of the conversation.

“Yes, there is some sort of creature terrorizing Bon Temps,” she explained, sounding anything but happy with the current events in her home town.

“What kind of creature?” Sookie inquired.

“We don’t…,” Sook started. In the background of the call the three vampires could hear,

“Sookie! What are you doing? I told you not to call them!” Then the call went dead.

“That was definitely Bill speaking to Sookie that way,” Eric commented.

“I agree. We should go over to Bon Temps to check things out. If this thing is supernatural then it is your duty as sheriff, Eric, to investigate and possibly eliminate the creature,” Godric agreed.

“Plus, that idiot Beehl,” Eric said mockingly, “will probably put Sookie in more danger,” he concluded.

“Let’s go now, then. If we need to spend the day there we can always bury ourselves,” Sookie said, sounded concerned for her descendant. Eric and Godric quickly agreed: They were soon in one of Eric’s other cars since the Corvette was only a two seater and zooming away from Shreveport. Since he could sense Sook’s location they all agreed that it would be more expedient. They arrived at a small house where there were several people inside. After Eric knocked on the door a black man opened the door.

“Aw hell no. I don’t need no vampires here,” the black man complained.

“Well hello sweetheart,” Eric replied with a teasing tone and smile.

“Lafayette let them, in they are here to help,” Sook told the black man as she came into view. The man stared at Sook for a few moments and then nodded.

“Come in,” Lafayette invited. They all walked into to small living area. A black woman came from another part of the house and immediately started yelling.

“What the fuck are they doing here?” She screamed.

“Tara, calm down. I called them, they are here to help,” Sook explained.

“No! I ain’t dealing with no vamps!” The woman, Tara, said quite loudly. She then started storming towards the door.

“Tara! Wait it isn’t safe out there!” Sook cried.

“Well I ain’t staying here!” She yelled back and left the house. Sook sighed and turned to the vampires.

“Sorry about Tara. Thanks for coming,” she apologized.

“Don’t worry about it Sook. We get that stuff all the time. Now what is going on?” Sookie asked. Godric and Sookie sat down, and Eric leaned against the wall, as the young woman explained what had happened since she had gotten back home.

“And she has control of the entire town,” Sook finished her explanation. Sookie turned the information in her mind.

“I believe the creature is a Maenad,” Godric said after a moment.

“A Maenad? I thought they were all extinct?” Sookie wondered.

“That is what I thought as well, but Sook’s description fits,” Godric replied with a nod of his head.

“What’s a Maenad?” Sook asked curiously.

“A bull like creature who worships a horned god and looks for a perfect vessel so that her God can come to this earth,” Eric explained in as simple terms as possible.

“Well how do we get rid of her?” Sook questioned.

“Usually a sheriff like myself, or the presiding Supernatural creature in the area, would give the creature an offering of money, alcohol or an animal sacrifice to get her to move on, but now I think it might be too late for that,” Eric replied.

“Sook you said a light that came from your hands affected her?” Sookie asked.

“Yeah it made her stumble backwards,” Sook confirmed.

“Then that might be the key to defeating her,” Sookie proposed.

“But I don’t know if I can do it again, or if I can control it,” Sook pointed out.

“Eric, work with Sook on her new powers. Sookie and I will go and see if the Maenad will take our offering and leave the area,” Godric said as he planned what they would do.

“Yes master,” Eric straightened up.

“Where is your Bill Compton?” Sookie asked of the telepath.

“He went to visit the Queen of Louisiana to find out how to kill Marianne,” Sook answered. All three of the vampires in the room glanced at each other with suspicion on their faces.

Sook noticed their faces and wondered, “What is it?”

“Sook, has Bill ever told you about what he did before coming to Bon Temps?” Eric asked, hoping he was wrong in his assumption.

“No. I have asked, but he always seemed uncomfortable talking about it so I dropped the subject,” Sook replied. Eric eyed Sookie, who nodded her head.

“Before Bill came to live here he worked as a procurer for the Queen of Louisiana,” Eric informed her.

“A procurer?” Sook was confused.

“A procurer in terms of a vampire is someone who goes out and finds humans who have unusually tasty blood,” Sookie explained plainly and flatly. The vampires watched as Sook processed this new information, her face went through a multitude of emotions.

She seemed to come to a conclusion and inquired, “So you suspect that Bill is still working for the queen. That he is procuring me?”

“You smell divine which means that you probably taste even better. Taste combined with your telepathy would make you most desirable to the queen,” Eric interjected. Sook continued to wait for a definite answer to her question.

“Yes. That is what we believe. Vampires usually don’t give up a life in court to mainstream and live in their ancestral homes,” Godric imparted. Again, the vampires waited for Sook to absorb the information they had just given her. Sook contemplated the vampires in front of her and came to a new decision.

“I will deal with Bill after we get rid of this Maenad,” Sook declared. Sookie thought that was very mature of her many times great granddaughter.

“Okay so we have a plan. Eric, you stay here with Sook and help her with her new powers while Godric and I go confront the Maenad,” Sookie reviewed. Everyone nodded and went their separate ways.
Godric and Sookie arrived at the old farmhouse and took in its dilapidated state. It seemed that the maenad had infected every inch of the house: It looked like it could fall down at any moment. On the front lawn, there was a structure that could only be described as a tree made of meat, vegetables, bones and other rotten elements. The vampires’ presence was noticed quickly and a woman in a wedding dress came out of the house.

“What are you doing here? Leave. I am no threat to vampires,” the woman declared. The maenad walked off the porch and closer to the couple.

“You have caused a lot of chaos in this area for quite some time. This isn’t what the vampires of the area want. We are willing to offer you a substantial offering for you to go do your worship elsewhere,” Godric proposed.

The maenad laughed and then seriously told them, “I don’t want your money. I have everything I need right here.”

Sookie walked closer to Sook’s house, “You know, my descendants built this house and still live in it today. I would appreciate it if you would leave and never come back,” she stated.

The maenad got an amused look on her face, “Are you threatening me?”

“We are saying that if you don’t take our offer,” Godric started.

“We will do whatever it takes to have you not be a problem anymore,” Sookie finished.

“Well then I shall enjoy destroying you as well,” the maenad challenged. The creature was very confident because she just turned around and went back into the house. Godric and Sookie glanced at each other and they both knew that to the maenad they were like flies that she could just squash later. Having said and done what they needed to, they left to go back to where Eric and Sook were working.
The scene they came upon was a curious one. Eric was trying to make the fairy mad so she could shoot out that light. The thought had barely crossed their minds when Sook stomped her foot, thrust her hand forward, and Eric went flying through the air as he was pushed by Sook’s light powers. Sook was both excited about being able to use her light and concerned as she ran over and helped Eric up.

“How did it go?” Sookie asked as they all gathered together.

“She can blast that light, but only when she is angry,” Eric reported.

“How did it go with you two?” Sook inquired.

“As we suspected, she didn’t take our offer,” Godric informed. Sook sighed in defeat.

“Well we better be prepared. It will be dawn soon so all of you should go find someplace you can rest for the day,” Sook said. Sookie smiled at her and nodded her head. Godric started to walk away but turned to see Eric talking to Sookie quite intensely. They heard Eric make her promise not to go after the maenad without them: Only when Sook had looked Eric in the eyes and promised him did he accept it. Godric and Sookie didn’t say anything to Eric or each other about that, but Sookie knew that Godric was thinking the same thing she was. Eric called his dayman right before sunrise and asked him to bring clothes for all of them. The three vampires buried themselves close to Lafayette’s house and died for the day.

Sookie had never liked going to ground. It was disorienting and she was dirty and uncomfortable when she rose. Once night had fallen, the three vampires crawled out of the ground. When they got to Lafayette’s, all three of them quickly showered and changed into their new clothes. Sook was sitting on the porch and looked nervous and anxious.

“Are you ready to do this?” Sookie asked. Sook looked at all three vampires, her eyes landing on Eric last, and they seemed to linger on him longer.

“Yes, I am ready,” Sook answered.

“We will be there the whole time in case something happens,” Eric reminded her. Sook nodded and stood up to leave. Sook took her car and Sookie insisted on riding with her in order to protect her. In reality Sookie wanted to get to know Sook more. Godric and Eric flew above them keeping a eye just in case.

When the group got to the old house, the scene was very different from what Sookie and Godric had seen the night before. The tree was still there, but now the whole town seemed to be gathered around it. They seemed to be under the maenad’s spell: Their eyes were completely black, and their behavior was chaotic and savage. There was also, a shifter tied to the tree and Sookie assumed that he was Sam who Sook told them was her boss and the intended sacrifice. The vampires kept to the shadows, not wanting to alert anyone to their presence. The maenad came out of the house wearing the same wedding dress she’d had on when they had seen her the night before. Her followers cheered and rejoiced as she continued towards the tree.

“Stop!” Sook shouted. The crowd parted as Sook came through and the maenad stopped her walk down the aisle, “I want my house back bitch,” Sook demanded.

“And what, exactly, are you going to do to get it back? Even if you could control that little light of yours, it would be useless against me,” the Maenad mocked. She started to circle Sook as if she was her prey. Sook then noticed what the Maenad was wearing.

“That’s,” Sook started. The Maenad stopped circling and was now standing between her and the tree offering.

“Yes, do you like it?” The Maenad inquired.

“That was my Gran’s wedding dress!” Sook shouted. She thrust her hands forward and light came out of both of them. The force was so strong that the Maenad was pushed back into the tree offering, and even knocked the whole tree over. The crowd of townspeople seemed to be frozen with uncertainty, fear, and shock. The Maenad got up, looking disheveled and angry. Her hands formed into claws and she screamed.

Sook turned and ran off her lawn and down the driveway; the creature started to chase her. They were quite a way down the road when the Maenad caught up, Sook acted on the adrenaline and instinct as she turned around and again blasted the Maenad across the road. Godric and Sookie sprang into action as they held her against a tree. Eric appeared from seemingly nowhere and his arm surged forward into the Maenad’s chest, grabbed the creature’s heart and tore it out of its chest. The Maenad’s eyes widened and then it died. Godric and Sookie dropped the creature to the ground as Eric dropped its heart.

“It’s dead. It’s done,” Sookie declared.

Author’s Note 2: If you read the books you know that the maenad situation went quite differently than in the show. I also wanted Sook to be stronger in this than she was in the show. Let me know what you think with a comment. Thank you all for reading. Only the epilogue is left in this story. Thanks go to my beta tj6james. I don’t own True Blood or the Sookie Stackhouse book series.





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