Getting to Know You

Warning: M rated stuff (lemons and a swear word) are in this chapter so it is NSFW.

Chapter 3: Getting to Know You

Sookie and Godric raced together towards the city in search of a good feed. As they got to the edge of the city they slowed down to a human pace. Sookie scanned the area for something acceptable. On a bench nearby, waiting for the bus, was a woman who looked to be in her mid-thirties. Sookie looked over to Godric to see if he wanted to taste her himself or if he wanted them to move on to someone else. Godric nodded with a small smile and Sookie approached the woman: She went around and sat on the bench next to her while Godric stayed in the shadows behind the bench.

“Excuse me Miss.,” Sookie said to get the lady’s attention. The woman turned to Sookie and was immediately caught in her glamour. “Don’t make a sound. Everything is going to be alright,” Sookie told the woman in a soft, neutral voice.

“Everything is going to be alright,” the woman repeated dreamily. Sookie slid up next to the woman and moved her shoulder length hair out of the way. Sookie leaned in and smelled the woman’s neck. They smell of her blood made her close her eyes in pleasure. When she opened her eyes again she saw that Godric was enjoying watching as much as she was enjoying feeding: His fangs were down and his eyes were wide with dilated pupils.

Sookie’s fangs came out and pulled slightly away from the neck. She motioned with her head for Godric to join her. He continued to stare at Sookie as he stalked over and sat on the other side of the woman. Godric leaned in to the woman’s neck but waited for Sookie to move into position and bite. As she sunk her fangs in Sookie felt the impact of Godric sinking his fangs in. As they drank from the woman Godric put a hand in Sookie’s hair and started to caress her head.
They both pulled away when they felt the woman’s heartbeat start to slow down. They stood at the same time, Godric took one step forward and forcefully kissed Sookie. Both their lusts, sexual and blood, were high as Sookie kissed Godric back with just as much force.

Godric’s senses returned quickly; he turned to the woman and finished glamouring her, “Forget everything that happened here tonight. Go home after buying some orange juice and vitamins which you will take once you return home.” The woman got up and left.

Godric groaned when Sookie bit his neck, drawing a little blood. They sped back to the nest and had just gotten inside when Sookie pushed Godric up against the wall. She tore his shirt open and ran her hands down his chest. She payed particular attention to his nipples as she gave them a little twist.

Godric growled and sped them up to his bedroom. He shoved Sookie up against his dresser causing it to shake with the impact. He assaulted her with his mouth as he tore her clothes off.
Sookie just managed to get Godric’s pants off when he threw her on the bed. As Godric crawled up the bed, Sookie moved all the way up it. They kissed again as their bodies slid together.
Godric’s dick was hard and ready for action but Godric had other ideas. He moved his mouth down to Sookie’s neck and nipped her skin, continuing lower, leaving love bites in strategic places and continued to move lower. Sookie whimpered and mewled as Godric continued to pleasure her.

He took one nipple into his mouth and used his hand to pleasure the other breast. Godric used his tongue and fangs as Sookie groaned loudly. His fingers pinched her nipple hard and Sookie’s hips bucked up towards his.

Sookie was impatient, wanting what Godric had to offer her; she grabbed his erection and guided it toward her entrance. Godric lifted his head from her breast and braced himself with his hands on the mattress on either side of Sookie’s head and slowly pushed his way into her.

The tight, wet, heat combined with the friction of movement almost overwhelmed both of them. When Godric was all the way inside he stopped for a moment, a bewildered look on his face. Something felt…different.

Sookie had the same bewildered look on her face. She didn’t know if Godric felt it too but she felt like this time was different. In that moment she knew that this wasn’t just sex, it was a true connection.
She wrapped her legs around Godric’s hips and he started to move. They moved slowly at first but gained speed quickly. Soon Godric moved Sookie’s legs from around his waist and put them on his shoulders. When he pushed in now he was deeper than ever. Sookie knew Godric had hit her G spot when she let out an uncontrolled cry. He then proceeded to hit that spot every time, now going almost as fast as vampire speed.

Sookie felt her orgasm approaching, “Oh Godric, I’m close. I’m going to cum!” She cried out. A couple more thrusts and Sookie was cumming harder than she ever had in her very long life. Godric was right behind her as he reached his peak a few thrusts later.

Godric slowed down and eventually withdrew from Sookie. He rolled over onto the other side of the bed. Sookie wasn’t sure what he wanted to happen, whether she should leave his room or stay with him, until he pulled her to him. Sookie had been snuggled up into his side for several minutes when she looked up at him. He looked down at her and smiled. The smile was so beautiful and pure that the thought Sookie had had before about whether Godric had felt the connection was answered. Yes, he had. Sookie smiled back and stretched up to kiss him. This was different from the kisses they had shared before. This kiss was more romantic and strangely it felt right. They broke apart and just laid on the bed for a few minutes.

“Did you feel it too?” Sookie asked. She needed to hear the words to confirm what she thought she already knew.

They stared at each other for a moment, “Yes I felt it,” He answered.

“May I ask you something about your past?” Godric inquired after another minute of bliss.

“Yeah,” Sookie answered.

Godric shifted to lay on his side while Sookie was lying on her back, “When I went over your file it was blank in a lot of places. Why? How did you become a vampire?” Sookie took a deep, unnecessary breath before she spoke.

“I never knew my maker,” Sookie admitted.

“How is that possible?” Godric wondered.

She shrugged, “I must have been a mistake, either in turning me or killing me. My human village was raided and even though I wasn’t supposed to go out into the fight since I was a healer and I was suppose to be tending to the soldiers wounds. I was already injured in the fight, not mortaly though, when someone came at me from behind and bit my neck. Everything went black and the next thing I remember is waking up and crawling out of the dirt,” Sookie informed him.

She began to cry as she continued, “I looked around for anyone but there was no one around. Then I felt the thirst for the first time. The first few years were very hard for me but I learned how to survive.” Sookie didn’t regret how she became a vampire but she was still sad that she didn’t know who her maker was.

Godric leaned down and licked Sookie’s blood tears off her cheeks. She not only thought that it was incredibly romantic but the fact that he had tried to comfort her made her even more excited. She growled as her fangs extended and flipped the two of them so that she was straddling him.

Sookie leaned down and kissed the one who just might be the man of her dreams. She lay down on top of Godric and rubbed herself against his stiffening cock.

The new sensations caused Godric’s fangs to run out: They kissed again but like the kiss after they’d had sex earlier, everything was more about how much they cared for each other than the actual physical act of sex.

Sookie nibbled on Godric’s earlobe before he forced her head to the side so that he could lick and bite her neck. As Sookie sat up she reached back to make sure Godric was ready: He was more than ready and she slid down along his length and moaned as she took her pleasure. Godric put his hands on her hips as Sookie put her hands on his chest to balance herself and she began to ride him, hitting that place deep inside her every time. It didn’t take long before they both were on the edge.

“Oh Godric! Yes, Yes, Yes!” she screamed.

“Sookie, fuck! Your so fucking wonderful,” Godric growled. Three more thrusts and they both peeked. Sookie collapsed on top of him as he slipped out of her. Sookie rolled off so she was laying on her side facing him. Godric craweled over her as well and wrapped his arms around her as he spooned from behind her. Dawn was approaching which meant they would soon be dead to the world.

“Good day Godric,” Sookie whispered.

“Good day my Sookie,” Godric replied. Or had Sookie imagined the ‘my’ part?

Sookie woke up the next night and only had a moment of bliss before sensing something was wrong. She turned to see Godric’s side of the bed was empty. It still wasn’t dark so he could rise but he shouldn’t have left the room with the risk of being exposed to the sun. Sookie got up and quickly checked the attached bathroom. He wasn’t in there either. Sookie tried not to panic. There was nothing she could do until the sun completely set. After what seemed like hours, Sookie was able to leave Godric’s room. At vampire speed Sookie found Isabel and Stan.

“Do you know where Godric is?” Sookie asked them.

“I thought he was with you?” Isabel said.

“He was, now he isn’t,” Sookie replied.

“Where is he then?” Stan inquired.

Author’s Note: Hope you loved this chapter. If you did or didn’t leave me a comment. Do you want me to extend this? If not there will be one more chapter and then the epilogue. I have ideas for if you want to extend it but it is up to you all. Also, please let me know about upgrading my site. I will only do it if you guys continue to support me. Lastly, if you see any grammatical or spelling errors my beta and I didn’t catch please tell me. Don’t just say “You have errors,” be specific. Thanks to my beta tj6james6. I don’t own True Blood.




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