Plan of attack

Warning: Violence and a swear word are in this chapter.

Chapter 2: Plan of Attack

Sookie woke up the next night a short time before the sun was to set and thought about what had happened the previous night. Stan had come back shortly before dawn and she got the impression that he didn’t like the fact that she was staying in the nest.

“Oh great another wimpy little vampire,” Stan had said when they met. His mouth was covered in blood and his fangs were still down, implying he had just fed.

“You want to find out how wimpy I am?” Sookie challenged the younger vampire angrily.

“That’s enough,” Godric commanded. The tone of his voice indicated this was not uncommon.

“Stan, Sookie is part of our nest for the moment and she is older than you so I expect you to behave,” Godric commanded.

“Yes sheriff,” Stan answered, shifting his eyes to look at the floor and sulked out of the room. The encounter had left Sookie with the impression that Stan was a man who gave into his impulses more often than not. She was like that but in a less violent way, unless someone made her angry.

After the sun set Sookie left her standard sized room (which had light blocking shutters) in search of something to do. She came across Eric who was zipping around his room packing his stuff.

“Come to wish me goodbye,” Eric smirked cockily.

Sookie rolled her eyes, “Please! Never gonna happen.”

“Never is a long time for a vampire,” Eric pointed out and sped over to Sookie.

“Not long enough,” Sookie retorted. Eric cocked an eyebrow in challenge, a smirk still on his face. “You know I used to know guys like you when I was human. I still don’t like it,” Sookie told him.

“Impossible! There are no others like me,” Eric declared.

Anger rose up in Sookie, “Not every woman wants to fuck you,” She growled. Sookie reached up with both hands and snapped Eric’s neck; he fell limply to the floor. Seconds later Godric rushed in at vamp speed. He quickly surveyed the situation and checked on Eric.

“What happened?” Godric asked, anger clearly hidden behind the calm facade.

Sookie shrugged, “I was just exploring the house and came upon Eric getting ready to leave. He then tried yet again to get me in bed in a not so flattering way. So I snapped his neck to shut him up,” Sookie explained quickly, knowing she was probably in trouble.

“I suppose it is my fault that he is this way. Which is why it is good that he is leaving,” Godric said as he looked down at Eric as Sookie remained silent. “If we ever reveal ourselves to the humans I fear impulses like this will be one of our downfalls. Now, I have some area business to attend to but there are matters we need to discuss,” Godric stated as he briefly glanced at her.

“Of course Godric,” Sookie replied, surprised he was no longer angry. She decided to go out for the night so that she was out of everyone’s way. She sped away and once she was out of the house started walking at a human pace.

Sookie had fed the night before so she wasn’t really thirsty. Since she hadn’t been to Dallas in a very long time she went into the city to see how it had changed. While taking in the sights Sookie thought about her encounters with the sheriff. He could have rightly punished her for what she had done to Eric but he hadn’t. ‘What was that about?’ she wondered. Whenever she was with him she found her eyes were drawn to him and her thoughts tended to linger on Godric when they weren’t together. Maybe she should leave before whatever this was got worse. ‘Yes I’ll leave tomorrow night’ she decided and nodded her head.

Sookie was almost back at the nest after several hours out when she heard and smelt Weres. Using her vamp speed, she raced back to the house but remained in the shadows where no one would see her. Weres were guarding the entrance of the house and Sookie heard more in the back. Using the dark and her speed Sookie climbed up onto the roof of the house and looked at what was happening in the back yard. She could see Stan, Isabel, and Godric tied up in silver and Weres all around them. Eric must have had to leave right after she left because he was nowhere in sight. There was one wolf who was clearly in charge since he was in his human form and most of the others were in their wolf form. The Were in charge was tan, tall, and had large muscles. There were ten other Weres there, seven of which were in their wolf form.

“You fangers have thought yourselves superior for far too long,” the wolf leader said.

“Blaze, I have treated you with respect and allowed your wolves to exist here so long as you don’t interfere in vampire business. So tell me why do you attack us?” Godric asked, sounding quite reasonable but Sookie could feel the anger which was hiding just beneath the surface.

Blaze signaled to one of his wolves, “Because you attacked us first.” One of the Weres who was in human form brought forth a dead woman and put her body in front of the vampires. “One of my wolves was attacked by a fanger last night. More specifically by him,” Blaze growled and pointed to Stan. Isabel and Godric turned to Stan and glared at him.

“She got in the way of my feeding last night,” Stan tried to explain and shrugged.

“Blaze I apologize on behalf of Stan but if you let us go I promise you can have a hand in punishing him,” Godric offered.

“No! This incident was the last straw. You fangers have to die,” Blaze yelled. Sookie quickly made a plan in her head. It was risky but there was no other option. She jumped down from the roof with a soft thud and crept to the corner of the house. Knowing there wasn’t much time Sookie sped over to the nearest wolf and snapped its neck. Everyone turned to her at the sound.

“Hello everyone. Sorry I’m late,” Sookie commented. She raced over to Godric and tore the silver off his wrists. The silver burned her hands with pain so intense that after she let go of them she stumbled back a little. Godric was able to get up and fend off the other Weres while Sookie healed quickly. Together they were able to tear most of the rest of them apart. When only three of them were left they surrendered.

“I suggest that next time we be civil about things?” Godric said to the remaining Weres. They all nodded their heads quickly, afraid not to. “Good now go,” Godric commanded. The wolves transformed and left immediately, scared of the force they had unleashed. Having gotten gloves from the house Sookie and Godric unchained Stan and Isabel.

“Thank you Sookie,” Isabel said and gave Sookie a little bow.
Stan came up to Sookie and slapped her on the shoulder, “Guess you are tougher then you look.”

“Yes, I am,” Sookie replied knowing that was his form of an apology and a thank you.

“I think we all need to feed so let’s go but we will discuss what happened later,” Godric told all of them. “Isabel, don’t let Stan leave your sight until I am able to punish him,” Godric instructed. Isabel and Stan nodded and sped off the find humans to feed from. “Sookie, I greatly appreciate what you did for us,” Godric said, sounding just as grateful as Isabel had.

“Godric we are in a nest right now and to me that means we watch each other’s backs and help each other out,” Sookie explained.

“Well not every vampire shares that view,” Godric responded. Sookie knew some young vampires who thought that way. However, even when she was human Sookie was taught to respect her elders and other people around her especially if they helped her. Even if Godric looked the same age as her, he was still an older vampire.
Sookie thought for a moment, “Would you like to feed with me?”

“I haven’t fed with anyone since I taught my youngest,” Godric stated sadly.

”Is that a no?” Sookie wondered, confused.

Godric was silent for a moment and seemed to come to a decision,” I would be honored to hunt with you,” He said with a small smile. Sookie returned the smile and they raced off.

Author’s Note: I have never had such an enthusiastic response. I think in the future (after I write the other stories I promised) I will write more True Blood stories. This story is planned to be four chapters and an epilogue. However, if you guys want me to I will extend it. I know you all are curious about Sookie’s past and that will be revealed in the next chapter. Thank you to my wonderful beta tj6james6 who puts up with my (probably sometime horribly confusing) writing. I don’t own True Blood.

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