Reunions and Meetings

Author’s Note: I am so sorry about the last chapter. I did a lot of editing without consulting my beta. Whoops. Thank you for all the support in spite of that. It seems when I make mistakes everyone is more inclined to comment. Please show that enthusiasm even when I don’t make mistakes.

Chapter 3: Reunions and Meetings

The next night came quickly and not quick enough for Sookie. She, Eric, and Isabel were waiting outside the church. Sookie wondered why Bill was not here concerned about his Sookie.

“You have got to be joking me. This is the Fellowship of the Sun? That’s their army? Scared little boys bibles and crosses?” Eric exclaimed.

“Don’t underestimate them. They captured Godric, so they obviously know what they are doing,” Sookie replied. They were silent again for a few moments. “You don’t feel anything from Hugo, Isabel?” Sookie asked.

“No, he is calm now. I felt something earlier but it has past,” Isabel responded.

Having thought about this for most of the night Sookie instructed, “Isabel go and survey the area around the church again.” Isabel nodded and sped off.

“What is going on in there?” Eric grumbled. Sookie looked at Eric out of the corner of her eye before she focused back on the church.

Suddenly Sookie felt a surge of the bond from Godric. Faster than ever Sookie sped through the church to the basement: She surveyed the situation quickly. Her descendant was about to be raped by a taller than average, apparently middle aged, beefy man who looked like at one time he had been quite muscular and fit. Now, he looked like most of the muscle had turned to flab and the look of hatred he was giving the scared telepath only amplified her feeling that it was the humans who were the monsters: Godric was further into the basement.

Sookie ran up and grabbed the man off the young woman who had so graciously offered to help them recover her bonded, and Eric’s Maker, without a thought to her own wellbeing and with no thought as to what was in it for her. She lifted him up so his feet weren’t touching the ground and looked at human Sook to make sure she wasn’t severely injured. There were a few scrapes and bruises and her dress was a little ripped up but the human was otherwise uninjured. Sookie then turned back to the would-be rapist: She didn’t hesitate and snapped his neck, killing him instantly. After Sookie dropped the dead human man she sped to her mate. He was chained up with silver shackles. She and Godric locked eyes and it took everything in the telepath’s power not to go to him. His mate couldn’t do anything but drop to her knees. Sook came over and handed the female vampire some gloves that she must have found in the storage room where she had been caged. Sookie put them on and yanked the shackles off Godric and threw them across the room. She helped Godric get his balance before she took off the gloves. Not caring that they had an audience, Sookie cradled Godric’s face and kissed him with all her might. Godric gave it right back as he wrapped his arms around her, though he was still a bit weak.

“My love,” Godric whispered to Sookie as they broke apart. They heard someone moving very fast, too fast for a human.

“Bill?!” Sook exclaimed.

Godric closed his eyes and shook his head, “No. I’m here my child. Down here.” Eric came through the doorway and stopped. He came in front of Godric and kneeled before him. Godric addressed Eric while he kept an arm around Sookie’s waist. He put a hand on top of Eric’s head as he looked up at his maker. “Take this woman and leave the church. Spill no blood on your way out,” Godric instructed. Sookie was surprised about Godric’s command to not kill anyone.

“Master?” Eric began to protest.

“We will join you shortly,” Sookie confirmed. Eric nodded once and led the human in his employ up the stairs. Sookie turned back to her mate. They touched foreheads and Sookie held back blood tears.

“We don’t have much time,” Godric reminded her. They separated slightly and Sookie held up her wrist. “You are weak also,” Godric protested.

“I am not as weak as you are. The sooner we deal with this, the sooner we can have a proper meal,” Sookie insisted. Godric took Sookie’s wrist in his hands and extended his fangs. With one more nod, Godric bit into Sookie’s skin and swallowed a few mouthfuls. Sookie fangs came out despite the circumstances. A few more swallows and Godric licked the wound. A drop of blood was falling out of the corner of Godric’s mouth and Sookie leaned in and licked it off. She kissed the spot where it fell and then retracted her fangs. Their eyes locked and Godric retracted his fangs.

“Let’s go,” Godric whispered and took Sookie’s hand. They heard Eric whisper in pain, “It’s going to be all right.” This made them go faster as they sped up the stairs and saw that Stan had gotten all the vampires in the area to attack. They must have heard Eric or something else that made them think something was wrong Floating up to the ceiling beams of the chapel Godric projected, “Stan!” Stan and all the vampires he had gathered stopped and looked to where the voice had been projected from. Sookie saw her human descendant run up to the alter and remove silver chains from a prostrate Eric. He got up and stood menacingly over Steve Newlin.

“Do you intend to harm these people whose only crime is following a misguided, angry man?” Godric posed the question to Stan. At that moment, Bill burst through the front doors and yelled for Sook, sounding more angry than concerned. Sookie rolled her eyes at the vampire, wondering how certain vampires managed to stand the test of time even though they were not worthy, when others who were above reproach were ended far too soon.

“Go ahead, Jesus will protect me,” Steve Newlin proclaimed as he knelt in front of Eric and exposing his neck.

“I am actually older than your Jesus. I wish I could have known him, but I missed it,” Godric said sadly. Sookie had enough and sped down to the chapel. Coming up next to Steve she grabbed him around the neck and slammed him to the ground. Eric had to back up towards the rest of their party to avoid being hit.

“You know, if you were a vampire I could legally kill you for hurting my husband,” Sookie told Steve, extending her fangs which made Steve jump in fright. Sookie heard a quiet gasp: She looked up and saw her almost perfect look-a-like almost hiding behind Eric. For some reason, seeing Sook’s reaction made her stop and let Steve go. Godric sped down from the beam and joined his mate: He stood Steve up but Godric still had him in his grasp.

“How many of you are willing to die for this man’s madness?” Godric asked of the church members: None of them responded. “That’s what I thought. You see, we can coexist,” Godric concluded.

“Everyone go home,” Sookie announced. Everyone started leaving except the main nest and Eric’s group. Sookie watched as a young blonde man hugged young Sook and then Bill attempted to have a conversation with her. However, Eric asked Sook how she was. Bill attempted to get his human pet away from Sookie’s step-progeny. Sookie turned her attention away from the drama with her human relative and to her mate. “Let’s go home,” she suggested. Godric smiled at her and they walked away at human speed. Once outside the church they both took to the sky arriving at the nest a short time late and immediately went to their room.

The bloodlust had settled down but the buried need for each other came out as soon as they were alone. After using vampire speed to rid each other of their clothing however, they slowed down. Sookie and Godric didn’t make it to the bed, their need to confirm for themselves that the other was perfectly fine was too great, so they were on the floor when Godric crawled on top of her. Their lips were locked together when Sookie boldly licked one of Godric’s extended fangs. Without wasting time, Godric entered her with one powerful but slow thrust. The two leaned their foreheads together and watched each other as they brought each other to the pinnacle of pleasure. After, they just stared at each other for a while.

“We should probably feed and get ready for our guests,” Godric said.
Sookie turned them so she was on top now.

“Yeah, we probably should,” she agreed with a nod. Sookie squeezed her vaginal walls, squeezing her muscles until Godric groaned and grabbed her hips.

Author’s Note: Changes are coming soon. Thanks for reading. Please review, comment, share, like, etc. Thanks to my beta Tj6james6. I don’t own True Blood or the Sookie Stackhouse series. They belong to their respective owners.




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