Chapter 2: Planning

Sookie got up off the floor and braced herself Isabel came rushing back in with her cell phone. Sookie nodded at Isabel and dialed Eric as Isabel took her leave.

“I have felt it also,” Eric said in greeting.

“So, Godric has cut off his connection with you as well?” Sookie asked in order to clarify what she was being told.

“It has been reduced since he bonded with you so that I would not feel certain things when he is with you, but now it is almost completely cut off,” Eric explained.

“My bond with him is the same. Just before it was cut off, I felt a burst of pain from him,” she told him. More blood tears started to fall.

“Tell me everything,” Eric demanded gently. Sookie realized that she wasn’t doing as good a job of hiding her emotions as she thought, and that Eric could tell that she was distraught.

“He went to a meeting with the local Fellowship of the Sun church. I insisted that I go with him but he assured me that going by himself was best,” Sookie reported almost angrily.

“They have him then. Go track him and I will be there as soon as I can with help,” Eric stated.

“We don’t need a vampire army Eric. Godric will not want the humans hurt… much,” Sookie warned him.

“Mistress how could you think so little of me?” Eric joked, at least Sookie thought he was joking, and put down the phone. She put down the phone and walked into the main room where she found Isabel and Stan quietly arguing.

“Isabel, Stan, listen,” Sookie commanded. The two vampires gave her their full attention, “Godric has been captured by the Fellow of the Sun. Stan, you and I will track Godric to see if he is still at the meeting place, or somewhere else. Isabel, you will stay here and take care of everything. Eric is coming as soon as he can with help,” Sookie dictated. Both vampires nodded and Stan moved to stand beside her.

Using their vampire speed they sped to the meeting place. It had been agreed that the meeting would be held at a neutral place, so neither party would have an advantage over the other. The place chosen was a convention center which was often used for popular social events. They walked at human speed while searching the place so they wouldn’t miss anything or stand out to any who might be watching. Sookie could smell Godric’s scent in the conference room but it was a few hours old.

“He’s definitely not here,” Stan exclaimed. She nodded and caught the trail of her bonded’s scent.

“Follow me,” Sookie ordered. She sped off, and in the back of her mind she heard Stan following behind. They came to a stop at a large ornate church. They kept to the shadows when they saw humans with stakes and silver.

“This is the first of the many Fellowship of the Sun church buildings,” Stan said.

Sookie nodded her head in acknowledgement and to show that she remembered what Godric had told her of Dallas’s history, “Godric is in there.”

“Then let’s go get him!” Stan was ready to charge in.

“No! If they captured Godric, then they could probably capture us,” Sookie reasoned. “We wait until we have a better plan.” Stan reluctantly agreed and they went back to the nest.


Two days later…

Sook had to bargain with Eric to save Lafayette’s life. She listened to the vampires argue about approaches. Bill had warned her that these vampires would be more strict and not to speak unless spoken to. There was an Hispanic vampire named Isabel and a big cowboy, Stan. They were both part of this vampire’s nest or something. Honestly, Sook didn’t understand all that much of vampires even though she was dating one.

“We should charge in there and kill them all until we find Godric,” Stan insisted.

“Yes, and then an all-out war breaks out between the humans and vampires,” Isabel argued back. Sook glanced over at Eric and she could tell he was frustrated.

“All this arguing is pointless!” someone’s voice yelled out of nowhere. Everyone looked and Sook saw a beautiful young vampire enter the room. Her hair was a blonde that could only be achieved if you a vampire and her blue eyes seemed to gleam against her unblemished pale white skin. The vampire’s hourglass figure was complemented by her dark jeans and t-shirt.

“Mistress, we just can’t sit here and do nothing,” Stan replied. Sook wondered why they were calling her mistress.

“I am not suggesting that we do nothing. I am suggesting we come up with a plan that doesn’t involve killing all humans,” the female vampire responded. Sook looked over at Eric and saw him look at this Mistress as if he was concerned about her. She came over so that she was standing with the rest of the group.

“I can go to the Fellowship of the Sun and pretend to want to join. They will probably let me walk around or they will give me a tour. This can give us a better idea of where Godric is or I could even let him out,” Sook suggested.

“Sookie no!” Bill ground out and grabbed her wrist. Mistress regarded Eric for a moment but returned her attention to the situation after Eric gave her a nod.

“It’s the best way to find out what they are planning to do, and where specifically Godric is,” Sook insisted. Bill tightened his grip on her wrist.

“It isn’t such a bad idea,” Eric agreed. This surprised Sook but she kept that to herself.

Bill gave a scathing glare towards Eric and growled, “Can I speak with you alone.” Bill let go of her arm then he and Eric went away to talk. Stan left the room to go to get some blood and Mistress left the room without saying a word.

Isabel walked up to Sook and asked, “So how goes your vampire human relationship?”

She smiled hesitantly and then thought, “May I ask you something about vampires Isabel?”

“Yes,” she answered.

“Why do you call that vampire Mistress?” Sook inquired.

“She is pledged to our Godric, our sheriff. Although it is not a typical pledge,” Isabel informed her.

“Pledged?” Sook asked curiously.

“Has Bill not told you anything?” She asked, sounding a mite disappointed and perhaps more than a mite upset. “Being pledged is like your human marriage. There are two types. The first type is usually for political reasons and only lasts a hundred years. The second one is eternal and very rare. Mistress and Godric have an eternal pledge because they are mates,” Isabel informed me. Sook understood everything except the part about mates. Isabel must have seen her confusion on her face because she started again with a shake of her head, “Mates are so rare that I thought they didn’t really exist until I saw Godric and Mistress. Two vampires are mates if they are meant to be together. It is like your soulmate.” Sook thought that was so romantic and so unvampire like. Bill and Eric came back and Eric had a heated whispered conversation with Isabel.

“We are going back to the hotel,” Bill insisted and almost pulled Sook away.


Sookie sat in a chair in their bedroom and tried to distract herself from the situation by reading a book. Every so often she would test the bond with Godric just to make sure. There was a knock on the door; Sookie looked up to see Eric enter the room.

“Mistress, please you need to eat something,” he nagged.

“I’m not hungry,” Sookie lied. Eric shook his head, knowing it was pointless to argue. “So, that is her?” she questioned.

“Yes, that is Sookie Stackhouse, the human,” he confirmed.

“And you approve of this plan of using her as bait?” Sookie wondered as she watched for Eric’s reaction.

“We don’t have much of a choice. It is the best plan we have. I will monitor her at night, and Beehl will wake up if she is in danger during the day,” he reasoned. Sookie actually smiled for a second when Eric pronounced Bill’s name. There was a knock on the door which interrupted their conversation.

“Come in,” Sookie called. Isabel came in and stood in front of her.

“What is it Isabel?” she inquired.

“I have an idea about our plan to send the human in to rescue Godric, Mistress,” Isabel started. Sookie nodded for her to continue.

“I would like to send Hugo in with her. They can look after each other and it would be less suspicious if they both went instead of one woman by herself,” she finished. Sookie looked to Eric for his opinion. He shrugged his shoulders but she could see the skeptical look in his eyes. Both of them were wary of Hugo. He had proved loyal so far, but Sookie had always watched him since he represented Stan in court.

“Alright Isabel, Hugo can go,” Sookie agreed reluctantly. What she said made sense. A young couple presenting themselves to the Church would be less suspect than a young, single woman and Sook would be less likely to have to put up with advances from any men she found there if she were with another man.

“Thank you, Mistress.” Isabel bowed her head slightly and left the room.

Eric turned back to her and commented, “Well tomorrow night should be very eventful.”
Author’s Note: So even though this is a “True Blood” I have read all of the SVM books so the part about Hugo is from there. From now on”Human Sookie” will be Sook and “Vampire Sookie” will be Sookie. Please comment, review, share, like, etc. I don’t own True Blood or SVM they belong to their respective owners. Thanks for reading. Thanks also to my beta Tj6james6 for making sure this isn’t so confusing for all of you.




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