Author’s Note 1: Since this is technically a True Blood fanfiction story I am going by the shows timeline. In the first episode in 2008 Sookie says she has wanted to meet a vampire since they came out two years ago. So that would mean they came out of the coffin in 2006. I am telling you this in case you got confused. Enjoy.

Chapter 1: Suspicions

Sookie had her suspicions about this coming out for some time. “Do you really think this will work?” She asked her mate as they lay in bed.

He turned her to face him before he said, “I believe that if we don’t do it now that it will never happen.” Godric leaned in and gave her another kiss that Sookie absolutely revelled in. Snuggled up into Godric a little more, Sookie laid her head on his bare chest.

“We need to put a plan together in case this revealing ourselves to the humans goes to shit. I won’t have us separated,” Sookie urged. Godric started to rub Sookie’s back with one of his hands. His hand and thumb moved in circles.

“Of course My Sookie,” Godric replied.

Sookie’s phone rang as she was about to go find something to eat. She looked at the phone and saw that it was Eric. Curious to see why he would call her she answered the call.

“To what do I owe this pleasure?” Sookie inquired as she answered.

“Mistress I have something interesting to report to you and Godric,” Eric responded.

“Okay let me just find him,” Sookie told Eric. She wondered what this strange information could be. She entered Godric’s office without knocking. Since they are mates what is his is hers so there was no need for formalities. Godric looked up and smiled at her. Sookie smiled back before she relayed, “Eric is on the phone and has something he wants to tell us.”

“Alright,” Godric voiced and put what he was working on aside. Sookie walked over to Godric’s desk and, after putting the phone on speaker, placed it in the middle of the desk.

“My child, what is it that you wish to tell us,” Godric acknowledged.

“Master, tonight while at my club I came across a discovery which I felt both of you should be informed of,” Eric started.

“What is it my child?” Godric repeated.

“I met a human girl tonight who had the name of Sookie Stackhouse,” Eric reported. Godric and Sookie looked at each other, both shocked and fascinated. “She looked similar to you Mistress, and definitely had the same spunk,” Eric continued.

“Don’t lay a finger on her until we know the full picture Eric,” Sookie reprimanded.

“There’s more. She was with another vampire and she has the psychic power of mind reading,” Eric finished. Sookie’s mind started going into overdrive.

“Eric keep an eye on her and start to do some research on what happened to My Sookie’s human line,” Godric took control.

“Yes Master,” Eric agreed.

“Eric this vampire she was with, what was his name?” Sookie wondered.

“Bill Compton. Other than when he came to check in to my area, I have only met him once when he was still with his maker Lorena,” Eric informed her. Sookie knew who Lorena was, most vampires did. Back when she was a young vampire she had a few bloody parties with Lorena. Godric grabbed Sookie’s hand which brought her back to the moment. Sookie stared down at Godric who had a look of concern on his face.

“Eric keep us informed of any progress on your research or observations of the human,” Godric commanded without breaking the gaze with Sookie.

“Will do Master,” Eric affirmed and hung up. Godric pulled Sookie down so she was kneeling, straddling him in his chair.

“My mate, I don’t want this to bother you,” Godric pleaded.

“I know I shouldn’t care but I never had a good relationship with my family when I was human, so to think that I could help my descendent is intriguing. However, I also know Lorena and if her child is involved then I may never get the chance to meet this human Sookie,” Sookie lamented.

“Do you know that you allow yourself to feel more than any other vampire I have met,” Godric complimented.

“Only with you Godric,” Sookie whispered. She reached up and grabbed his face in both hands. Sookie brought Godric’s lips down to hers in a clash.

Godric wrapped his arms around her and lifted her so she was closer in his lap. She could feel his hardness against her center and it made her moan. Godric stood up and broke the kiss for only a moment but enough time to sweep everything off his desk and place Sookie on top. At vampire speed, they both shed their cloths and began kissing again. Godric had gotten a bigger and sturdier desk after the last time this happened in his office. Both of their fangs had been extended since the first kiss had turned heated so when Godric went for Sookie’s neck he bit and drank some of her divine blood. Sookie almost came right then but held on. Violently she grabbed his head and kissed him again, tasting her own blood because of it. She jerked his head to the side and bit Godric as well, knowing it revved him up even more. Indeed, Godric growled and immediately slammed into Sookie. His thrusts were short, hard, and fast, much faster than any human could ever move. That was just what Sookie wanted right then and couldn’t stop groaning louder and louder.

She could feel her orgasm approaching and screamed, “More! I’m almost there!” Godric gave her exactly what she asked for, despite the desk becoming severely damaged. Sookie came in an all-encompassing explosion that most likely would have killed a human. Godric felt her release and followed right after and almost collapsed onto Sookie. They took a moment and reveled in the glow of their connection. Sookie looked up at Godric and got an idea. She used vampire speed and flipped them over so she was on top. “My turn,” Sookie threatened. Godric smiled almost evilly.

A few months later:

“I still don’t see why you are going to this fucking idiotic meeting?” Sookie asked impatiently.

“If we can show The Fellowship of the Sun church that we are not the monsters they think we are then that will be a big step forward in having the humans accept us, you know that,” Godric replied.

“I know. What I meant was why do you have to go to this meeting alone?” Sookie inquired. Godric came out of the closet and had on a white long sleeve shirt and white sweatpants. Sookie thought it almost made him look regal and yet it showed how young he was when he was turned. She stood up from their bed and strode over to stand in front of him.

“If too many vampires show up they will be intimidated or be provoked to attack,” Godric answered.

“Then just let me come with you. I don’t trust them,” Sookie suggested nervously.

“I don’t trust them either my mate but I will be fine,” Godric reassured Sookie. He cradled her face in both his hands as he made Sookie stare at him. Sookie could feel Godric sending her reassurance and calm. She accepted them gladly and leaned in. Godric closed the rest of the distance and they kissed briefly. They separated and left their bedroom. “Now you are in charge while I am gone but I have taken care of all the paperwork so unless something comes up you should have nothing sheriff wise to do,” Godric informed her.

“Alright, maybe I will just hang out with Isabel tonight,” Sookie added. They had gotten outside the house now and the night was clear.

“I will see you soon Sookie,” Godric declared. Sookie nodded and backed away from Godric. Godric looked up at the night sky and launched into the air. Sookie watched as her mate flew away.


Sookie was inside the house reading some time after Godric had left when she felt it. There was a blast of pain from the bond. Sookie dropped her book and fell to the floor. Then Godric’s end of the bond shut down completely.

Sookie heard the door to Godric’s office slam open, “Mistress?! What happened?!” Isabel rushed over to Sookie.

“Godric! He’s hurt…he shut off his end of the bond,” Sookie stammered out.

“What?!” Isabel mused.

Author’s Note: Hope you all like it. Don’t forget to review, like, comment, share, favorite, etc. Thanks to my beta tj6james6. I do not own True Blood or SVM. They belong to their respective owners.



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