Epilogue: One Last Surprise

Epilogue: One Last Surprise

Nora’s POV

I’ve been waiting to see my maker for too fucking long! Godric had asked me to come and visit him. I’ve been hesitant because of my position as Chancellor with the Authority. Godric had said it was important though. Thinking back on it, there have been some strange emotions running through our child/maker bond lately. I usually keep the bond closed but I do check in every so often. After being told that he was not ready yet by that insufferable Spanish vampire I waited. And waited.

I turned my head as a blond female vampire came into the room. “Nora, how nice to…,” the vampire started. I didn’t give her a chance to finish before I lunged at her.

Holding her to the ground by her throat I yelled, “Where is my maker? Why have you kept me from him?” I was suddenly grabbed and thrown off the other vampire and into the wall. I fell to the ground but got right up ready for a fight. What I saw made me pause: My maker was the one who had thrown me. I watched as he helped the other vampire up. I took a long sniff of the air; they smelled like each other?

“I guess that wasn’t the best way to approach things,” the blonde vampire said to him.

“Are you alright?” Godric asked the vampire. He had the strangest look on his face.

“Of course,” she responded, smiling at Godric. He caressed her cheek for a second before he turned back to me.

“Nora, child, how dare you attack my bonded mate and future pledged!” Godric growled at me. I couldn’t believe my ears.

“Your what?” I questioned, shocked.

“I asked you to visit so I could introduce you to your mistress, my bonded mate. Yet you behave childishly,” he said. I had never really believed that the concept of mates was true. I thought that Godric had felt the same. However, I did know that my maker wouldn’t bond with anyone unless he was planning on turning them or if the person was his mate.

“I am truly sorry master. Please forgive me,” I apologized as I bowed to him.

“You didn’t know and since you are my child I wish not to see you in pain so there will be no punishment. This time,” Godric replied.

I lifted my head from the bow, “Thank you master.” I could sense that the blonde vampire was only around my brother’s age which would make her older than me, and she looked to be in her late teens or early twenties when she was turned. I was not really satisfied that this vampire was worthy of my maker. Godric had told me the legends of mates when I was a young vampire so I knew that once you found your mate that meant that was the person made for you. It seemed too much like a fairytale. Even though my maker told me that this was his mate I was still skeptical.

“Nora, this is my mate Sookie Stackhouse. Sookie this is my second child Nora,” Godric formally introduced us.

“Nora it is very nice to meet you,” Sookie greeted me.

I bowed my head for a moment and said, “Mistress.” There was an awkward silence after that.

“Why don’t I let you two talk alone for a while. I will go out and get a snack,” Sookie finally broke the silence. She kissed Godric on the cheek and sped away, he gestured to the couch and we both sat down.

“I can feel that you have questions so go ahead and ask,” he stated.

“How long have you been bonded?” I started.

“Just a few months,” my maker answered.

“Does Eric know?” I asked. Surely Eric wouldn’t have been pleased with this.

“Yes he knows. He was actually there when Sookie and I met,” Godric provided. Why hadn’t Eric told me about this?

“Why did you wait to tell me?” I wondered.

“With you being a chancellor with the authority I know you need to be somewhat detached from me so I thought it best to wait until it was official,” Godric explained. I didn’t know what to think but I love my maker. Being in the same room with him, I could tell something in him had changed. At one point not so long ago, Eric and I had been worried about Godric’s wellbeing. This is why Eric had spent some time with him before taking the position in Louisiana. Now I didn’t sense anything like before or anything to be concerned about. Is this because of this Sookie? It must be. I didn’t like the fact that I had to share my maker’s affections with yet another person but if he is happy with this Sookie then I will be happy for him.

“Sookie seems good for you and I am glad you have her,” I said confidently.

“Thank you my child,” he replied.

Author’s note: The only reason I included Nora was that I like the actress who plays her. I saw her in a BBC show before she was in True Blood. Hope you loved this story!!! Leave me a comment below if you did or didn’t. Thanks a ton to my beta tj6james6. I don’t own True Blood.



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