Warning: This chapter changes POV’s a couple of times but hopefully it is not too confusing. Plus violence in this chapter.

Chapter 5: Revelations

It had been one month since Russell kidnapped Godric and things were oddly normal. Or at least normal for a vampire. The last moth had been the happiest in Sookie’s life, and undead life, that she could ever remember. She had decided to move into the nest permanently, much to the disapproval of Stan. Eric had to return to Louisiana but Godric had promised to keep in touch with him. So the nights went on.

The relationship between Sookie and Godric was strange. Sometimes they would act like school children sharing glances from across the room, others they would be passionate lovers and barely leave the bedroom, or they would just act like friends. It was confusing for Sookie and she knew it couldn’t last long but she didn’t know how to approach the subject and a part of her was afraid to. She hated being afraid. These emotions made her weak, or at least that was what she had been led to believe. She didn’t know what to think anymore.


It was just a regular day, Sookie was sitting with Godric in his office. She was reading and he was doing his sheriff’s work. Every once in a while Sookie would look up and she and Godric would catch each other’s gaze for a moment before going back to what they were doing. Isabel knocked on the door and then entered.

“Yes what is it Isabel?” Godric asked without looking up from his work.

“We have a visitor,” she announced.

“Who is it?” Godric inquired, again not looking up.

“I don’t know sheriff. The only thing the vampire told me was that he insisted on speaking with Sookie,” Isabel informed them. Godric’s head shot up and he looked at Sookie. She gave him a confused look. She had no idea who it was so she stood up and indicated with her head that he should come with her.


The vampire standing in the room was tall and slender. His dark hair and sharp features made him have an image that said distinguished but wild.

“Sookie, finally. When I heard about a female vampire who stood up to Russell I had to find out more. It was unexpected when I found out it was you so I came to find you,” the vampire said his accent somewhat Latin, moving towards her.

“Who are you?” Sookie wondered, taking a step back.

“Ah yes, how rude of me. My name is Appius Livius Ocella and I am your maker,” the vampire replied. Sookie was immediately skeptical of this revelation. There was a silence while she processed this. “Who is this?” Appius said, indicating Godric.

Seeing that Sookie needed a moment, Godric stepped forward, “My name is Godric. I am the sheriff of this area and the leader of this nest,” Godric introduced himself. Appius looked at the vampire before him in a way that was full of hidden messages and thoughts.

“How do I know you’re not lying?” Sookie finally asked.

Appius turned back to her, “Well we shall just do a maker’s command shall we.” Sookie didn’t like the sound of that. “As your maker I command you to bite into your own wrist,” Appius commanded. As if her body had a mind of its own Sookie immediately lifted her wrist, her fangs came out and she bite into her own wrist. Godric tried to hide the reaction her blood caused him to have but his nostrils still flared. They had taken little sips of each other’s blood during sex and Godric thought her blood tasted better than most human’s. Sookie stared at her wrist in shock. This vampire was indeed her maker.

The years of anger and rage built up in her and she snapped, “How can you come to me now and expect me to just welcome you with open arms? You abandoned me the first chance you got. I had to learn everything on my own because you weren’t there to fix your mistake. I hate you, you fucking bastard!!!” Sookie was about to lunge at Appius when she felt a hand on her shoulder. In her agitated state Sookie turned to knock the person out of the way. The person grabbed her hand before she could though. “Godric,” Sookie came back to herself. He gave her a reassuring look and then turned to Appius.

“We shall be right back, Sir,” Godric told him. Still holding Sookie’s hand he pulled her away and down one of the hallways. Once they were out of sight of her maker Sookie relaxed a bit. Godric lifted her wrist and watched her wound close. There was still much blood on her arm though. Lowering his head Godric began to lick the blood off her arm. Sookie suppressed the moan that threatened to escape from her at Godric’s actions. When he had finished he put his forehead against hers. Sookie closed her eyes and focused on Godric’s calming presence.

“Better?” Godric asked. Sookie nodded without her forehead completely breaking contact with his. “Are you ready to go back out there?” Godric inquired.

“Yes, I think so. Thanks,” Sookie answered quietly. Godric just smiled at her as if to say that it was no big deal. Sookie straightened up and walked back into the living room looking confident. She was just thankful she hadn’t started crying. When they got back into the room Appius was looking around at the decor. His eyes immediately went to his child when she entered the room. “I shouldn’t have reacted that way. I apologize for my behavior Master,” Sookie stated.

“It is in the past now,” Appius responded although is body language said just the opposite. He was confident in himself and his abilities but certainly not confident that Sookie could, or would, make the best choices for herself.

“You are welcome to stay here if the sheriff doesn’t have any objections,” Sookie replied and turned to Godric.

“Of course he may,” Godric agreed and indicated that they should follow him. Godric led them to the bedroom which was right next to Sookie’s. Of course she hadn’t really been using it lately but that would change. “This room is right next to Ms. Stackhouse’s,” Godric explained.

“Thank you, sheriff,” Appius said and stepped into the room.

“If you’ll forgive me I have some other duties to attend to and I am sure you two would like to talk in private,” Godric excused himself.

“Of course sheriff. Please don’t let us keep you from your work,” Sookie expressed. Godric nodded formally at her.

“Welcome to the area Mr. Ocella,” Godric welcomed him and then left. Things were about to change in his nest.


Appius’s POV

Russell was right about my child in many ways. The fact that she had the guts to stand up to both of us was impressive but foolish considering we are both three times her age. What was also foolish was the strange relationship she had with the sheriff, Godric. I had heard many things about the vampire named Death but the one I had been introduced to seemed like a washed up imitation of the once ferocious vampire. I had spied on their private moment in the hallway: He was making my child weak and I would not stand for it. I am glad Russell sent me here to shatter Godric but now it is more personal than he had thought. Now I am going to make sure Godric is dead myself so my child and I can be great together.


Godric’s POV

It has been a week since Sookie’s maker arrived. As a result, we have not had the opportunity to spend as much time together as before. I understand that she needs time to get to know her maker but why does it make me feel this way? Whenever they were together they acted very strangely towards one another, as if they didn’t know if they were supposed to act like friends, lovers, or strangers. They only time we had been alone together Sookie told me that Appius had told her why he had abandoned her before she had risen. Then Appius had shown up and she had gone hunting with him. I have this longing feeling when I’m not spending time with her. I sometimes even feel jealous of Appius because he’s getting all her attention. I, of course, stomp these feelings down as they are not appropriate. I just hope Sookie is okay.


Sookie’s POV

I was standing at the window in my bedroom, looking out into the dark Dallas night. I missed Godric. I’d been spending so much time with my maker that I’d only really had one conversation with Godric in the last week. My Maker is cold and firm with me most of the time and I have this feeling that he doesn’t approve of me.

Appius had explained that right after he had made me his Maker, who had met the final death years ago but not in time for him to be there for me, had called him to his side and he had been unable to bring me with him. I accepted the explanation but that didn’t explain why he never came looking for me: I really wanted to know why he came looking for me now instead of years ago when I actually needed his guidance. But he is my Maker so I don’t question him.
I miss the warmth and happiness of spending time with Godric. Having made up my mind, I got up and went looking for Godric. He was outside staring up at the same sky I had been looking at from my bedroom.

“Hello,” I said cautiously. Godric turned around and faced me. I strolled over and stood in front of him.

“No plans with your maker tonight?” He asked. That comment stung, or maybe it was the cold way he said it.

“Not right now,” I answered without looking directly at him. There was another silence. “I miss you,” I revealed as I peeked up at Godric slightly through my lashes. Godric’s eyes widened at my reveal.

“I miss you too,” he admitted. I lifted my head so that I could look at him directly. Godric reached his hand out and caressed my cheek. I closed my eyes and leaned into his hand. Then I felt his other hand on the other cheek and opened my eyes. Slowly we leaned in and kissed each other for the first time in over a week. I wrapped my arms around Godric’s shoulders which pulled me right up against him. When Godric licked my lips with his tongue I immediately opened my mouth and moaned at the feeling.

Just as we were about to take it to the next level we heard, “What is going on back here?” I jumped back and out of my embrace with Godric and saw my Maker marching towards us. Appius grabbed me by my wrist painfully and threw me away from Godric. I landed hard on the ground but didn’t show my pain. “You are not to touch him again. This pitiful excuse for a vampire is not worthy of a child of mine,” Appius raged.

“Your wrong! He is a remarkable vampire and it is I who am not worthy of him,” I defended.

“Oh child you don’t know everything. If you knew everything that Russell has told me he has done you would see how despicable he is,” Appius stated.

“Russell? I don’t understand?” I wondered and started to cry blood tears.

“Russell and I have been friends for quite some time. After your little incident with him he called me up and told me what had happened. He sent me here. You were a mistake that I have never really cared about but I couldn’t have my bloodline disgraced by the likes of you. I was to tear you two apart and bring Godric to him. But now I think a new plan is called for.” Appius’s lips turned up in a smile which was pure evil.

“What?” I cried, tears continued to slide down my cheeks. Appius turned to Godric who was on high alert.

“As your maker Sookie, I command you to take this stake and kill Godric,” Appius commanded having pulled a stake from his pocket.

“No!” I screamed as I got up from the ground. My body started shaking as I tried to resist the command. As I grabbed the stake from my Maker’s hand, it looked like Godric was trying to think of a way not to be killed without hurting me in the process. Stalking towards him at human speed my shaking got worse. “I don’t want to do this! Don’t make me do this!” I yelled as blood tears flowed heavily down my face. Using speed I didn’t know I had my body stabbed Godric. However, I was only able to get him on the opposite shoulder. Godric fell to the ground from the impact. I then straddled his waist and raised the stake to finish the command. My arm was shaking uncontrollably as I continued to fight with all of my power. “NO I won’t do it!” I screamed. I was able to get control of my body long enough for me to throw the stake far away from us. I flopped down onto Godric as I felt the command lose its hold on me. Then a thought occurred to me.

“No that’s not possible!” Appius shouted, voicing my thought. I helped Godric up from the ground even though his shoulder was healing.

“What’s going on?” I wondered. My curiosity made me cry a little less.

“There is a legend that if a vampire can find his or her mate that any command to end them can be fought. Even a maker’s command,” Godric said. He held my hand and squeezed it tight.

“And I just resisted a maker’s command to kill you. Does that mean that you are?” I hypothesized.

“That means we are mates,” Godric agreed. We wrapped our arms around each other and kissed in a way that was new but also familiar. Appius, unable to accept this turn of events, charged us. Godric pulled me behind him and faster than human eyes would be able to see, tore Appius’s head from his shoulders. My maker exploded into a big puddle of blood and guts in front of us. I stared at the pile for a minute before I realized Godric was trying to get my attention.

“What?” I shook myself and looked up at him.

“I asked if you were alright,” Godric repeated. Sensing his caution I replied to both of his questions, “I’m alright. You had to do that or he was going to kill you or report back to Russell.” Godric pulled me closer and tighter knowing both of us needed the reassurance. Just than Isabel and Stan came running out.

“What happened?” Isabel asked after observing her surroundings.

“I am afraid Ocella was sent here to assassinate me. Obviously he was unsuccessful,” Godric started. Stan’s fangs came down in anger and we could all see that Isabel was just as angry.

“Stan clean up this mess. Isabel, I am going to call the Authority and tell them what has happened but then I will be done for the night. See to any other duties,” Godric commanded. Both vampires nodded and answered with a “Yes Sheriff,” then went straight to work. I let go of our embrace, only to wrap my arm around one of Godric’s so we could go inside. As we walked to his office I had a thought.

“Are you going to tell the Authority that Russell sent Appius?” I asked.

“No, I won’t. I wish to give my brother a chance to rethink his revenge. Perhaps two failed attempts will be enough for him to reconsider. It is doubtful and we will plan for him to try again but the opportunity will still be there,” Godric explained. I nodded, feeling that that was the right way to go. After some long phone calls that went better than I expected, and some cleaning up for both of us, we retreated to Godric’s bedroom. Laying on the bed, we just stared at each other for some time. “Will you bond and pledge with me?” Godric asked. A blood tear fell from my eye in joy.

“Yes, of course my mate,” I answered. We shared a heated kiss and started the bond that night.

Author’s Note: Hello, please comment/review this chapter. There will be an epilogue after this and then the story will be over. So you have limited time to tell me what you think. I have decided to write the sequel to this story. Of course I have two other stories that I have promised first. Thanks a ton to my beta Tj6james6. I don’t own True Blood or SVM books.




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