History Lesson

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Chapter 2: History Lesson

It isn’t long before Godric and Eric arrive at the house. They had taken Eric’s convertible, which meant that he probably broke every speed limit to get there so fast. Godric immediately goes over to Sookie and embraces her, she breathes in his scent to help calm herself. Over his shoulder she can see Eric and Sook in a tight hug, with Eric petting Sook’s hair. Godric pulls back a little, but Sookie’s grip tightens on him: Godric’s gaze hardens a little.

“Do you need some time with just us?” Godric asks. Sookie isn’t scared, but she is still a little hyped up; she’s been drinking too much Royalty and not enough fresh blood. Sookie nods, so Godric turns to Eric and commands, “Eric clean everything up. Don’t dispose of the body though, because I want to look it over. Sookie and I will be back soon.” Eric nods, still holding Sook. Godric takes Sookie’s hand and leads her out the back door and into the woods.

Eric holds Sook for a little while longer before he whispers to her, “Darling, do you want to wait upstairs while I clean up?”

She backs out of his hug and shakes her head, “No, I want to help,” Sook responds as she looks up at Eric. He nods and smiles as he caresses her cheek. “So, you should probably put the body on the back porch so we can clean up in here. I’ll get the cleaning supplies while you do that,” Sookie suggests. Eric nods again and reluctantly pulls away from her. At human speed, so that Sook has enough time to gather everything, he picks up the body and hauls it over his shoulder. When he gets outside he realizes that the back porch is too small to put the body down without obstructing the entrance. So, he takes it outside and puts it next to the steps leading up to the back porch. When he comes back in, Sook has set up everything they need to clean up the mess.

“Sookie, please let me do this for you?” Eric asks, giving her his most innocent look, with puppy dog eyes. He knows that she has had to clean up messes not of her making many times before and he doesn’t want her to go through that again. Sookie, who is on her knees getting ready to scrub the floor, glances up at Eric’s face and giggles slightly. “I can get it done quickly and then we can sit down and talk about your day. I will even rub your feet” Eric recommends, trying to put a lighter twist on evening.

Sookie reluctantly stands up, but giggles again at the hopeful look lighting up Eric’s face. “Alright,” she agrees. “And those puppy dog eyes have absolutely nothing to do with it, either!” She denies, admitting to herself that she is rather tired, and he is just so darned cute when he looks like that! Eric takes her hand and leads her back into the living room where he sits her on the couch, props her feet up on the table, after removing her shoes. He leaves the room, presumably to clean the mess, but is soon back with a glass of her preferred iced tea which he sets on the end table then zooms back to the kitchen to complete his task.  Eric uses his vampire speed to clean up the mess of blood so it only takes a few minutes.

Eric sits down next to Sookie and asks, “So my Darling, tell me what you did today,” as he has Sookie turn so she’s sitting sideways on the couch. He leans back against the cusions and puts her feet in his lap and starts massaging them.

Meanwhile Sookie and Godric have found a small clearing in the woods behind Sook’s house. Is seems peaceful with some wild flowers growing along a small stream. They lay down on the soft grass with their heads among the roots of one of the trees. Godric doesn’t waste any time and dives in with his lips. Their arms are around each other as Sookie moans when he hits a sensitive spot on her neck. The sound vibrates through them and Sookie pushes Godric off so that she can remove his shirt. She has just enough control to not rip it off, knowing that they have to go back to Sook’s when they are done. Godric has the same thought because he removes Sookie’s shirt as well.

Not wanting to wait, Sookie sheds the rest of her clothes while Godric removes his. When there are no more barriers Godric climbs on top of Sookie and lowers his mouth to her breasts. One of Sookie’s hands goes into Godric’s hair while the other grips the ground. While still biting and sucking her breasts Godric thrusts into her. They both growl as the pace that is set is brutal. Godric moves his mouth to Sookie’s neck as she wraps her legs around his waist. As the heat and friction builds, Sookie’s grip on the ground causes some of the grass to be uprooted and the dirt to be flung around. Sookie and Godric bite each other as they go over the edge together. Finally sated, the mates just lay together for a few moments.

Godric gets up first and reaches out a hand to Sookie. She rolls her eyes as she thinks about how he is always the more responsible one of the two. Sookie grabs his hand and they go over to the stream to wash off before they get dressed and present themselves back at the house. When they get there, they see that Eric has finished cleaning up the mess and is sitting with Sookie’s feet in his lap and rubbing them as they talk. Sook smiles when she sees them enter.

“Can we please figure out what is going on here?” She asks, eager to get the ball rolling so they can get to the bottom of the current round of problems.

“Of course,” Godric answers with a nod. They go outside to look at the were’s body. Eric crouches down and seems to be looking at something around the collarbone/shoulder area.

“Master, look here,” Eric indicates a symbol that looks like a sideways Z with a line through the middle burned onto the body. It’s clear that the symbol has been there for a long time and it looks ‘clean’ in that it was put there willingly.

“What is that? What does it mean?” Sook wonders.

Eric looks a little pensive, not wanting to bring his sunshine into a situation which is much older than her, and could actually harm her. He finally decides that the Master of the dead were had already brought her into it. The knowledge he and Godric could give her just might save her life if another one of them should show up when one of them couldn’t be. “Back in World War Two some werewolves and other supes got involved in the war, trying to turn it to their favor. One of the more prominent organizations was called Operation Werewolf and they had this symbol,” he explains.

“They were also quite a bit stronger than regular werewolves because they fed on vampire blood,” Godric informs her while still studying the symbol.

“What does an operative from World War Two want this long after the war? It’s been over for a long time now,” Sook questions.

“I don’t think it’s the operative, but the leader who wants something,” Sookie states, slightly nervous as she realizes something. Eric stands up fully as they all look at her. “Russell Edgington is the commander of these Weres,” she reveals. Godric and Eric straighten up further and stiffen at this new information.

“Who’s that?” Sook inquires, clearly seeing the change in everyone’s demeanor.

“Godric, Eric, you should get rid of this body since we probably won’t learn anything else useful from it. I will explain it to Sook,” Sookie commands. They nod and take the body away. Sookie leads her descendant back inside and they sit down in the living room.

“Russell Edgington is the vampire king of Mississippi. He is also Godric’s older vampire brother,” Sookie starts.

“Then why would he send a Were to attack us?” Sook asks, confused.

“Because none of us are good terms with him,” Sookie answers. Sook looks even more confused, although she can certainly understand not being on good terms with someone. Sookie takes a deep breath and continues, “I was once a very different vampire. Before I met Godric I was ruthless, wild, and didn’t care what or who I killed. I didn’t have my maker to control me since he abandoned me, but my ferociousness caught Russell’s eye a long time ago. He took me under his wing, if you can call it that, but that only made me worse because he was the same way, and now I had one of the oldest vampires as a sort of surrogate maker. We were friends for a long time. Until I found Godric in fact.” Sook shakes her head in denial, and opens her mouth to let Sookie know that she can’t believe that of her, but Sookie continues her monologue, without giving her friend a chance to speak.

“Godric’s maker was cruel, so Godric managed to do the impossible and kill him. Russell has never forgiven him for that since he has never seen their maker as wicked or cruel.” Sookie pauses to give Sook time to assimilate what she’s heard so far, and to steady her own nerves; the next part is the hardest for her. “Shortly after I met Godric, Russell captured and tortured him: He had planned on killing him, and he would have if it hadn’t been for me, Eric, and the vampires of area nine. Russell now sees me as weak for loving Godric and has vowed vengeance on us.” Sookie just stares at Sook after she finishes: Sook hasn’t said anything by the time Eric and Godric return.

“We need to give Russell the true death now,” Eric declares, anger bubbling just under the surface: He hasn’t forgotten the shape his maker was in when they rescued him from Russell. For that, alone, he deserves the true death

“That won’t be easy since Russell is older than all of us,” Godric tells him. Sook’s eyes go wide when she realizes just how old Russell must be since she knows how old Godric, Eric and Sookie are.

“If we don’t take care of him he will never leave us alone. We need to either find a way to make him stop or stop him ourselves,” Sook remarks standing up from her seat at the same time Sookie does.

Eric turns to Sook and puts his hands on her shoulders, “Lover, you don’t have to be a part of this.”

“Russell is after my family, and it seemed like the Were knew who I was, so he is after me as well. I can’t just sit here and do nothing. Besides my fairy powers could help,” Sook reasons hopefully. Sookie smiles at Sook’s courage and determination.

“Well then, the first thing we should do is go to Mississippi,” Sookie asserts.

Author’s Note: What do you think? Let me know with a comment. The first person to comment get a special shout out from me!!! Thanks to my beta tj6james. I don’t own True Blood or Sookie Stackhouse. They belong to HBO and Charlaine Harris.

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  • Hi Giddyfan. I’m newish to the SVM/TB fandom and I found your site a couple days ago, jumping from the AmericanAndroid site. I loved the Vampire Sookie trilogy and I was wondering/hoping that you might still consider finishing the third and final part. Feel free to tell me to fly a kite if you have moved on. Either way, I’m grateful you shared your talent and imagination with us. Best wishes, always!


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