New Threats

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Chapter 1: New Threats

Sookie walks into Merlotte’s Bar and Grill about an hour before closing time. The place isn’t too busy, but that’s most likely because of the time and the hours of operation. Despite that fact, every human stares at her for a moment before going back to their food or drink. The fact that she and her descendant look very much akin to one another, and the fact that she is a vampire, makes her relationship with the people of the small southern town tenuous to say the least. Thinking of Sook, she comes around the corner and smiles when she sees Sookie. Sook strolls over and gives her a hug.

“Hey, how are you?” She asks, smiling, clearly happy to see her. Unlike most vampires Sookie, along with Eric and Godric, has learned how to be more human. This is mainly because of Sook, although Sookie is only really comfortable acting more human with Sook.

“I am well Sook. How are you today?” Sookie greets back.

“Glad we’re closing soon. Go ahead and sit at a table in my section. You’re in luck because we just got some Royalty Blended in. Do you want one?” Sook replies.

“Yes, thank you,” Sookie answers as she sits at a booth in Sook’s section. Sookie looks around and sees that most of the people at the bar have gone back to doing what they were doing before she walked into the bar.

A minute after Sookie had sat down Sook brings her drink and rushes off to help other customers. Tonight, after Sook gets off, they are going to spend the rest of the evening together just talking. It’s been a couple of months since Godric and Sookie had moved to Louisiana, and the two women periodically get together. Of course, Sook did most of the talking since she had more going on in her life then Sookie did. Sookie sips her drink and watches Sook move around the place. At one point, she notices her shifter boss, Sam, pull Sook aside and talk to her. Because of her enhanced hearing Sookie can hear everything, even though it’s clear that Sam is trying to keep his voice down.

“I told you a friend was coming,” Sook defends.

“You didn’t tell me it was going to be a vampire,” Sam mutters angrily.

“It shouldn’t matter whether she’s a vampire or not Sam Merlotte,” Sook declares angrily and walks away. Not wanting to cause trouble, Sookie gets up from her spot and goes over to Sook.

“Would it be better if I left?” Sookie inquires.

“No, of course not. Sam is just being an asshole,” Sook responds. Following her lead, Sookie nods and heads back to her seat. Finally, it’s time to go, so Sookie puts some money on the table (with a generous tip of course) and leaves to wait by Sook’s car. About ten minutes later, Sookie comes out the back of the place. Sookie scans the area with her vampire sense to see if there is any threat to Sook. There is nothing in the immediate area so Sookie relaxes slightly. It is in her nature to be on guard always, especially when it concerns someone she cares about. Sook gets to the car and unlocks it so Sookie could get in. The car ride to Sook’s house is short and filled with Sook talking about her day. Despite several arguments, Sook agreed to let Sookie, Godric, and Eric fix up the house after the Maenad all but destroyed it. According to Sook, and the pictures she has shown them, it looks just as it did before the Maenad blew through, but freshened up, and with some modern conveniences. So, when they come up on the house, it looks bright and new.

“I just want to shower and change. Do you mind waiting a little while longer?” Sook asks Sookie.

“Of course not. Go right ahead,” Sookie encourages. They quickly get out of the car and go into the house. Sookie goes into the living area as Sook rushes upstairs. A picture on the side table catches Sookie’s attention and she picks it up. It’s a picture of her and Sook laughing about something: It’s a misconception, started centuries ago, that vampires disappear in photographs. Vampires themselves started the rumor so they would be able to prove that they were human when someone thought they had stumbled on a den of devil’s spawn. Sookie remembers when the picture was taken. She and Godric had invited Sook over to see their new house. Their house had a huge backyard with a pool installed. In the picture the two of them were sitting on the edge of the pool with their feet in the water: Godric had taken the picture. Sookie was still looking at the photo when Sook came back down the stairs.

“That was such a fun night,” Sook comments when she sees Sookie looking at the photo.

“Yeah, it was,” Sookie agrees as she puts the photo back on the table.

“So how is Godric?” Sook wonders.

“He’s good. Godric is helping Eric with his sheriff duties and running Fangtasia. Although, he and I are thinking about opening our own business,” Sookie informs Sook who is sitting in a chair across from the couch Sookie is sitting on.

“What kind of business are you thinking about?” Sook continues to question.

“That’s one of the problems. We don’t know. Opening a club would put us in competition with Eric’s bar, and we don’t want that, and most other kinds of establishments are closed at night,” Sookie explains.

“Well if I think of any good ideas then I’ll tell you,” Sook assures Sookie.

Sookie smiles before she asks, “So how has it been with Eric?” Sook blushes and looks at the floor. Sookie wonders why she would be shy or embarrassed to talk about it. They are both women, and Sookie gets the impression that women now a days are more willing to speak to each other about their relationships and their sexual encounters. Maybe she got that wrong?

“Well it’s been great. We’ve gone on a couple of dates as you know, and he has been the perfect gentlemen,” Sook tells Sookie. Sookie senses some hesitation in Sook’s tone.

“But…?” Sookie prompts. Sook just shakes her head and shrugs her shoulders.

Deciding to be blunt Sookie inquires, “Have you slept with him yet?”

“No,” Sook replies vehemently and doesn’t elaborate.

“Why? Is this another human thing or is it something else?” Sookie tries to understand.

“I don’t know. I guess I am worried,” Sook expresses with a sigh.

“What could you possibly be worried about?” Sookie asks curiously.

“That I might be bad. Meaning I won’t be good enough in bed. I mean Eric has been with so many women and I have only been with one other person before. How could I possibly measure up to all the experiences he’s had?” Sook rambles.

“Sook, that won’t happen,” Sookie states.

“How could you possibly know that?” Sook wonders as a tear tracks down her face.

“Because I have seen how you affect Eric. I have never seen him act like this with any woman except maybe Pam, and it’s even different from that. Godric agrees with me, too. If there is love between you two, then you will be perfect no matter what experience you have or don’t have,” Sookie advices her descendent.

Sook looks up at Sookie and wipes her tear away, “You think so?”

“I know so, from my own experience,” Sookie responds confidently.

“Alight, now I just have to wait for the right moment,” Sook declares.

“Well the right moment might not be what you expect it to be, so be open about it,” Sookie informs her. Sook nods and suppresses a yawn. Sookie is about to get up and say that she should leave Sook to rest when she hears something. She turns and looks out the window onto Sook’s front yard.

“What is it?” Sook asks, noticing a change in Sookie’s behavior. Sookie turns back to Sook and places her index finger to her lips to tell Sook to be quiet. Looking back out the window Sookie gets up off the couch and slowly walks to the window.

Suddenly a Were bursts through the back door and into the house. Sook screams and gets up and behind the chair she was just sitting in. Sookie’s fangs go down as she prepares to attack.

The Were attacks her first though, lunging at Sookie. Sookie is tackled to the ground because the Were is much bigger than she is. However, Sookie is able to wrestle the Were so that she gains the upper hand, ending up on top of it. The Were’s head turns and it sees Sook. It is clear that the Were is there for her since it goes crazy when it sees her. With bloodlust rushing through her, Sookie follows the beast’s line of sight and realizes the werewolf’s intentions: Sookie quickly wraps her arms around it‘s neck so that she is choking the dog. Not wanting to wait, Sookie snaps the creatures neck and lets go. It falls to the ground with one last whimper. Stepping away from the creature, Sookie checks herself over. There is little blood from only a few scratches.

“Are you alright Sook?” She inquires. Sook slowly comes out from around the chair and nods her head at Sookie’s question as the werewolf transforms back into his human form: A marking on the man’s shoulder catches Sookie’s eye. It is a sideways Z with a line through the middle: She knows this symbol.

“What is that?” Sook asks, seeing the symbol too. Sookie’s phone rings and she knows it’s Godric wondering what was going on, having felt the bloodlust through their bond.

Sookie picks up the call, “Godric.”

“My love what is going on? Are you alright? I thought you were with Sook, is she alright?” Godric questions.

“We’re both fine but I think you and Eric better get over here. We have a situation,” Sookie replies before hanging up the phone.

Author’s note: Sorry it took so long but I finally found a song (which was buried deep in my library) that seemed to make me want to write. What do you think? Let me know please. Next chapter: Eric and Godric come to Sook’s house. Information is revealed and the mess of the attack is cleaned up. Thanks to my beta tj6james. I don’t own True Blood or the Sookie Stackhouse books.

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