The Battle or The War?

A special tribute to a writer who is amazing and has supported me for a long time: Kittyinaz. I listened to the song I’d Come For You by Nickback. Cough Alice and Hatter cough. Go check her stuff out.

Chapter 4: The Battle or The War?

Everybody had immediately started searching the entire area. After about an hour they all came back to the house. “Did you find anything?” Sookie asked.

“Nothing,” Stan growled in anger.

“I found some tracks. They lead out of the city to the east but then the trail is lost,” Isabel told everyone.

“Okay here is what is going to happen. Isabel you are going to be running the area. We don’t tell anyone we don’t have to that Godric is missing. Stan you need to gather a list of our allies in case we need numbers. We should call Eric and tell him what is going on. If Godric is towards the east then maybe he is in Louisiana,” Sookie took charge.

“And why should we listen to you?” Stan questioned Sookie.

“Stan, Sookie is the oldest vampire here so you should show her some respect. Let’s go inside and call him,” Isabel argued. Sookie smiled and nodded at Isabel in thanks. Sookie had the feeling that Isabel at least had a hint about what happened between her and Godric last night. They all went inside to listen to the call.


Sookie took an unnecessary deep breath feeling tired for the first time since she became a vampire. Eric had insisted that he help with the search and would be on a plane as soon as he was confident that his child could run his area. After Isabel and Stan had another argument the three had gone there seperate ways to look for Godric. Isabel said something about some area business she had to take care of first though. Stan was still angry and was most likely going after every supernatural creature in the area. Sookie just needed some time to think. She put her head in her hands and just sat for a minute. Suddenly Sookie felt a new presence in her mind. She had never felt this before but yet it felt strangely familiar.

Sookie suddenly remembered hearing a story from another vampire. If you give your blood to another creature, then you can track them and feel their emotions. Sookie sort of poked at the new sensation and felt an echo of pain and anger. Sookie quickly texted Isabel and Stan that she was following a lead and sped away in the direction it was telling her. Sookie commandeered a vehicle so she could go faster. As she continued to go east the presence in her mind got stronger. Sookie had no doubt now that this presence in her mind was Godric. The connection must have happened when Godric licked her blood tears. Sookie was just entering Louisiana when dawn was approaching. She stopped and looked around. She was in the more wild part of the state so there were no vampire friendly places to sleep for the night. So she had to dig a hole and go to ground. Texts were exchanged between Sookie, Isabel, and Stan before she dug a hole and crawled inside.


Sookie crawled out of the dirt after the sun had gone down. She needed to get some new clothes and shower so she could be on her way. Before that though she called Isabel. “Isabel it’s Sookie. What is going on in the area?” Sookie inquired when the vampire answered the phone.

“So far all is calm,” Isabel reported.

“Good. Tell Stan to gather the allies and have them be ready to move when I contact him,” Sookie commanded.

“Of course. Contact us if you find anything,” Isabel agreed and hung up the phone. Sookie took her vehicle and was soon able to find a house to clean up. It didn’t take long for Sookie to glamour the people in the house to invite her in and give her what she needed. After that she is back on the trail to find Godric. It was the middle of the night when Sookie crossed into Mississippi.

Fortunately, or unfortunately Sookie was on good terms with the king of Mississippi. Russell was a vicious kind and he saw the raw beast within Sookie when she was last there. She didn’t know how he was going to take her now but she had to try. Sookie texted Isabel and Stan to get the troops to Mississippi as fast as they could. Before going to the King’s home Sookie acquired some nicer clothing and made herself presentable.

Coral outfit

Finally wearing something appropriate Sookie approached the mansion. There were vampire guards standing in the main hall.
“Tell the king that Sookie Stackhouse is here to see him,” Sookie told one of the guards. Sensing that she was older than him the guard walked into the room behind him. A few minutes later the King came out of the room.

“Sookie, so nice to see you,” Russell said and kissed Sookie on each cheek.

“Your majesty it has been too long,” Sookie stated.

“What brings you to Mississippi?” Russell asked.

“Well unfortunately it is not for pleasure. I was in an area in Texas when the sheriff went missing. Being the oldest vampire there and to be honest the smartest I felt obligated to help. I am here to ask permission to search in your state,” Sookie explained, partially lying.

“Oh that is tragic. Well of course you have my complete permission to search in my state for…?” Russell started.

“Godric,” Sookie provided.

“Godric. First though you have had a long journey so rest tonight and then after a dinner with Talbot tomorrow night you can start the search,” Russell concluded.

“You flatter me your majesty but I left in such a rush I don’t have anything with me, certainly nothing nice enough to wear to dine with you,” Sookie said, not wanting to impose.

“Sookie, you are like a daughter to me please call me Russell and I will provide whatever you need,” Russell insisted.

“Alright Russell. Thank you,” Sookie said sincerely. One of the vampire guards escorted her to a room and she gave him a list of things she needed. Sookie sat on the bed while she waited for a meal to be sent to her room. Something was off here. Was it Russell or maybe it was her? Sookie decided to think on it tomorrow when there was a knock on the door. When she opened it there was a handsome man there. He was obviously glamoured and ready for her. Sookie took no pleasure and drank only a little considering she would be dining tomorrow. Shortly after she had sent the man away the items she requested arrived. After another hour the sun was about to come up. Sookie quickly texted Stan and Isabel before dying for the day, “At the King of Mississippi’s house. Godric is in this state somewhere. Meet me here tomorrow night so we can start the search.”


When Sookie rose the next night her worry was even more intense than the last night. Pushing it aside until later when she could search Sookie got dressed in the new dress that she knew Talbot had picked out.

Dark purple dress

Preparing herself emotionally and mentally Sookie opened the door. The mansion was a bustle with activity. Sookie walked down the steps and saw Russell and Talbot standing whispering about something. When they spotted her they both stopped and turned their attention to her. Sookie smiled and walked over to them. Russell took one of Sookie’s hands and kissed it.

“Good evening my dear. You look quite splendid tonight,” Russell complimented.

“All thanks to your Talbot I am sure. Thank you,” Sookie said. She turned to Talbot and they kissed each other on each cheek. “Talbot you are looking as wonderful as ever,” Sookie complemented.

“Of course. And yes I knew that dress would look fabulous on you,” Talbot responded.

“Dinner is ready,” Russell informed them. They sat down at a long, large table with Russell at one end, Talbot at the other and Sookie in the middle on one side. They were served a variety of blood dishes that tasted divine. “Sookie, I wish to help you in your search of Godric but first I would like to know what this sheriff means to you?” Russell inquired at one point during the meal.

Sookie faked a smile and replied, “I told you he means nothing, I just decided to pity the poor fools in his area.”

“Well in that case,” Russell stated and snapped his fingers. Some of the vampire guards left.

“What is going on?” Sookie wondered. A minute later the guards came back holding a bloody, tortured Godric. Sookie forced herself not to react. The guards threw him on the floor and backed up. Godric made a groaning sound which somewhat comforted Sookie.

Russell got up from his chair and told Sookie a story, “Did you know that Godric is my vampire brother? We used to travel the world with our maker. That is until my brother killed him.” Sookie hid the shock from her face and briefly glanced at Talbot who was looking at her. “I have been waiting a long time for the right opportunity to get my revenge on him. With him as sheriff and the vampires soon to reveal themselves to the humans I knew I had to do it now, before it was too late. And since you say he means nothing to you I can continue with my justifiable revenge correct?” Russell questioned Sookie.

Knowing that her response was vital to her life Sookie looked at Russell directly and said, “Go right ahead.” Russell smiled an evil smile and nodded first at her and then at one of the guards. The guard left the room and came back in the next second with something in hand. Russell started to kick and beat Godric. Sookie barely kept her composure as she heard Godric’s moans of pain. She put her hands in her lap so that Russell and Talbot couldn’t see her clench her fist. Next the guard gave Russell some gloves and then a silver stake. Glancing at Sookie briefly, Russell plunged the stake into Godric’s stomach. His scream echoed through the room and caused Sookie to break: One blood tear fell from her eyes.

“Ah you see there. That’s the truth,” Russell revealed. He sped over and grabbed Sookie. He threw her so that she landed on top of Godric on the floor. “I knew from the moment you mentioned Godric that something was different. So I watched the recording of your room which further made me suspicious,” Russell started. Sookie criticized herself for not checking the room because she thought she was among friends. “I gave you one last chance when I asked you here at the dinner table however you denied it again,” Russell continued. Sookie pushed herself up to look over Godric. Blood tears continued to fall from her eyes. “Now you have condemned yourself,” Russell declared.

“Please I love him,” Sookie begged Russell.

“Ah the Rebel and the Gaul,” Russell mocked. Godric stirred and saw Sookie next to him. He weakly raised his hand to Sookie’s face and wiped away one of the blood tears. Sookie closed her eyes and put her forehead to Godric’s.

“So romantic,” Talbot whispered.

“You said I was like a daughter to you. I guess your words meant nothing,” Sookie spat out at Russell.

“I meant what I said but the vampire I see before me is not the same one I knew before,” he responded. Russell raised the silver stake and

Sookie covered Godric. Noises came from outside and Russell paused. Suddenly, Stan, Eric, and an army of vampires burst in. Vastly outnumbered, Russell didn’t stand a chance despite being so much older.

“Your alarm has been disabled, your army taken out, and your outnumbered. Give up,” Eric demanded.

Stan had Russell by the throat, “Let them go.”

Russell laughed histrionically, “Well played Sookie.” Sookie looked over at Eric, who was focused on her and Godric and motioned her head towards Talbot. Eric got her message and using his vampire speed was able to grab Talbot and get a finger on one of his fangs.

“If you don’t let us leave with Godric and Sookie then your lover will lose one of his fangs,” Eric threatened. Russell straightened as much as he could in Stan’s grip.

“Very well,” Russell agreed. Sookie got up and put her shoulder under one of Godric’s arms. As they walked out they heard Russell yell, “I will find a way to get my revenge on you two even if I have to wait for an eternity.”


Godric rose feeling much better than he had when he had gone to bed. He was in his bed at his nest. He turned his head to see Sookie lying beside him. He had heard her those few days before when she said she loved him. Was this love he was feeling? As a human although he was married and even had a child the marriage between him and his wife was arranged. There was friendship between them but not love. All he knew was that he hated when she cried, loved to see her smile and wanted her safe with him. This must be love and he must love her. He turned onto his side and reached over to caress Sookie’s cheek. Almost as if she were still human Sookie woke up.

“Godric. Are you okay?” She asked frantically, upset that she was dead to the world when he woke.

Godric smiled and replied, “Just a little hungry but otherwise I am fine.” Sookie presented her wrist to him.

“Take some of mine at least until we can get something else,” Sookie explained. Godric looked at her for a moment then took her wrist. His fangs came down as he smelled her. Instead of biting her wrist however, he kissed it. Godric started kissing and licking her wrist and then up her arm. Sookie moaned at his actions. Godric positioned himself over her and focused on Sookie’s neck for a moment. Sookie put her hands in his hair, encouraging him further. Godric moved up and kissed her cheek and then finally her lips.

When he pulled back Godric whispered, “Sookie, you have brought new life to my undead existence. I don’t know how else to describe it.”
Sookie’s eyes got bigger and she said, “Yeah, I get what your saying. That’s what I meant when I said I love you at Russell’s.” Sookie wasn’t sure where those words had come from but she knew that she would have to continue to examine these feelings. She just hoped nothing would interfere.

Author’s Note: I have decided to extend this story at least one chapter. Please look at my Coming Soon page and comment on which 2 possible story you would like me to do. Also, I wish you would comment more on my chapters. Thank you to my beta Tj6james6. I don’t own True Blood.



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